March Trophy Series – 3M at Crown Hill – Sunday March 4

Our March Trophy Series on Sunday March 4 runs three miles around the bike paths at  at Crown Hill.  March means varying weather; who knows if it will be snowy or nice?  No matter…regardless of the weather, we’ll run!

For over 25 years Janet Gold and Ken Applegate have delivered excellent race set up and course directions at this location..and we expect nothing less this year!  We start the race by Wheat Ridge High School, so park in the lot there to register and get ready.

As always, all runners are welcome.  Members free, and guest runners pay $10.  Join us!

Runners, please remember:  no dogs or strollers in our races, please…our insurance doesn’t allow it.  Thanks for helping us with this.

Race Day Details

Date:   Sunday March 4
Time:   9am start
Course:  Start westbound on Crown Hill Trail, wrap around park to south and east, then one lap around the lake and back down the hill to the finish
Google Link


2017 Results if you’re interested….

Race Directors:  Janet Gold and Ken Applegate

Fast Female  Jayme Brindle                   Fast Male   Eric Greene

TS Racewalkers

  1. Mike Blanchard
  2. Jan Hill
  3. Reinaldo Rosario

TS Runners

  1. Jay Holmes
  2. Deserae Juarez
  3. Jessica Aguiniga



March Photos on Facebook!


Full Results



1Holmes, Jay420:000:26:150:26:158:45399712010056.57142435
2Juarez, Deserae0:320:27:370:28:099:122410311899.1862.45242435
3Aguiniga, Jessica360:320:27:390:28:119:132610311898.3559.18242435
4Chesbro, Mitch57-2:270:31:510:29:2410:376312012997.5329.14342435
5Smith, LaSalle3:030:26:470:29:508:56469910896.748.57242435
6Shaklee, Nicole522:480:27:280:30:169:092310210995.8864.08342435
7Johnston, Melissa266:420:23:490:30:317:567859295.0590.2242435
8Navarro, Alex434:280:26:050:30:338:42379610294.2358.86142435
9Baca, Peggy Sue510:160:30:180:30:3410:063811411993.439.59242435
10Olson, Matt8:570:21:410:30:387:1416748192.5882.86342435
11Finch, Jack652:190:28:270:30:469:295610611191.7537.14242435
12Johnson, Kathy553:460:27:030:30:499:012010010590.9368.98242435
13Maurer, Kortney292:190:28:330:30:529:313010711190.152.65342435
14Gibbs, Anne462:190:28:340:30:539:313110711189.2851.02242435
15Coleman, Rich586:290:24:270:30:568:0928889388.4569.14142435
16Heslinga, Tina4:000:26:580:30:588:591810010487.6372.24242435
17Lee, Adam438:570:22:020:30:597:2118768186.880.57242435
18Thurman, Patti643:460:27:140:31:009:052210110585.9865.71142435
19Kuck, Kerry584:000:27:030:31:039:014910010485.1545.14242435
20Maurer, Joe56-1:040:32:070:31:0310:426612112484.3325.71342435
21Finch, Emily312:040:29:100:31:149:433410911283.5146.12242435
22Reddy, Heather46-3:010:34:270:31:2611:294112913182.6834.69342435
23Wobbema, Greg5610:160:21:210:31:377:0712727481.8687.43142435
24Cheek, Brian3713:500:17:500:31:405:572505281.0398.86242435
25Cunningham, Dave559:090:22:320:31:417:3120798080.2178.29342435
26Martinez, Christopher3512:000:19:410:31:416:348626479.3892142435
27Tripp, Charles6:420:25:070:31:498:2231919278.5665.71342435
28Mather, Carl5113:150:18:370:31:526:124565677.7396.57242435
29Look, Harley6:030:25:500:31:538:3736959576.9160342435
30Mitchell, Joe5:100:26:460:31:568:5545999976.0849.71342435
31Mitchell, Krista5:100:26:470:31:578:5616999975.2675.51242435
32Mott, Kristin393:170:28:420:31:599:343310710774.4347.76342435
33Beebe, Kerry611:480:30:120:32:0010:043711311373.6141.22342435
34Novak, Louis5:370:26:240:32:018:4842979772.7853.14242435
35Kumpf, Howard740:470:31:160:32:0310:256111711771.9631.43342435
36Sushinsky, Jonathan4212:090:19:560:32:056:399646371.1390.86242435
37Applegate, Ken676:420:25:280:32:108:2935939270.3161.14342435
38Daly, John307:330:24:380:32:118:1329898869.4868242435
39Greene, Eric3515:320:16:390:32:115:331403968.66100342435
40Gunzner, Andrew278:090:24:030:32:128:0126868567.8471.43242435
41Preisinger, Sabine4711:090:21:040:32:137:013706967.0196.73342435
42Hogg, Scott4711:090:21:050:32:147:0211706966.1988.57342435
43McFarlane, Scott645:230:26:530:32:168:5848999865.3646.29342435
44Baylis, John544:280:27:490:32:179:165410410264.5439.43142435
45Scott, Nikki6:550:25:230:32:188:2813929163.7180.41242435
46Look, Susan4:280:27:510:32:199:172710310262.8957.55342435
47Johnson, Keith5413:060:19:150:32:216:255585762.0695.43242435
48Hasseman, Mark606:030:26:190:32:228:4640969561.2455.43242435
49Sanchez, Robert436:160:26:070:32:238:4238959460.4157.71242435
50Daniels, John529:090:23:160:32:257:4522818059.5976342435
51Tuttle, Cory8:330:23:560:32:297:5925868358.7672.57142435
52DeFelice, Paul4210:480:21:430:32:317:1417747157.9481.71142435
53Kanieski, Robert3810:590:21:330:32:327:1113717057.1186.29342435
54Harvey, Maureen584:280:28:050:32:339:222810310256.2955.92342435
55Koster, Maranke408:330:24:030:32:368:019848355.4686.94342435
56Kukel, Scott4214:230:18:160:32:396:053534854.6497.71142435
57Wheelock, Renee3110:270:22:120:32:397:244747353.8195.1342435
58Hopkins, Michael469:200:23:220:32:427:4723807952.9974.86342435
59Robinette, Ric632:190:30:240:32:4310:086011211152.1632.57342435
60King, Ed639:430:23:030:32:467:4121807751.3477.14142435
61Hogg, Stacy50-14:250:47:140:32:4915:454617016750.5226.53142435
62Rothenburger, David4713:330:19:200:32:536:276555449.6994.29342435
63Carter, JoEllen534:140:28:410:32:559:343210410348.8749.39342435
64Preisinger, Sebastian5911:190:21:370:32:567:1215696848.0484342435
65Cunningham, Deb5410:160:22:420:32:587:345757447.2293.47342435
66Hensley, Jim645:230:27:370:33:009:12511019846.3942.86142435
67Sushinsky, Faith7-26:310:59:330:33:0219:514820219945.5723.27142435
68Mair, James6:420:26:210:33:038:4741939244.7454.29242435
69Shea, John586:160:26:490:33:058:5647959443.9247.43342435
70Hill, David658:570:24:180:33:158:0627828143.0970.29342435
71Lenyo, Jim616:030:27:140:33:179:05501019542.2744142435
72Sushinsky, Jacob108:090:25:130:33:228:2432928541.4464.57142435
73Jockers, Theresa549:540:23:290:33:237:506787640.6291.84242435
74Champeau, Lisa461:180:32:080:33:2610:433912111539.7937.96142435
75Youngberg, Ed735:230:28:040:33:279:21551009838.9738.29242435
76Halverson, Andrew2713:580:19:310:33:296:307525138.1493.14342435
77Steller, Larry4911:090:22:310:33:407:3019796937.3279.43142435
78Tibert, Robyn347:450:25:550:33:408:3814888736.4978.78342435
79Edrich, Rick558:570:24:540:33:518:1830828135.6766.86342435
80Hnizdil, Olga71-12:420:46:370:33:5515:324516816234.8528.16142435
81Spree, Ed3710:050:23:510:33:567:5724767534.0273.71342435
82Steller, Suzanna467:080:26:500:33:588:5717999033.273.88142435
83Bennett, Steve644:560:29:250:34:219:485710110032.3736342435
84Cecere, Matthew3813:330:20:490:34:226:5610555431.5589.71342435
85Duran, Tom682:330:31:590:34:3210:406411311030.7228142435
86Rodgers, Bill589:320:25:160:34:488:2533807829.963.43242435
87Stevens, Angela456:290:28:200:34:499:2729949329.0754.29242435
88Akin, Tina544:560:29:530:34:499:583610110028.2542.86242435
89Lake, Courtney25-7:290:42:290:35:0014:104414714627.4229.8242435
90Petersen, Dale595:100:29:590:35:0910:00581009926.634.86342435
91Martinez, James607:330:27:390:35:129:13531038825.7740.57142435
92Olson, Jeffrey565:100:30:140:35:2410:05591009924.9533.71342435
93Gersabeck, Bob499:090:26:270:35:368:4944838024.1250.86142435
94Cosper, Michael448:330:27:380:36:119:1352848323.341.71342435
95Rosario, Reinaldo-0:480:37:090:36:2112:236812412322.4723.43242435
96Casner, Jared2510:270:32:020:42:2910:4165847321.6526.86142435
97Sushinsky, Ann Marie39-16:121:00:250:44:1320:084918017220.8221.63142435



1Blanchard, Michael54-0:480:32:300:31:4210:501221231003
2Hill, Jan58-1:040:33:200:32:1611:07125124803
3Fairs, Janet72-4:450:37:480:33:0312:36138137603
4Gussie, Ed74-9:230:44:420:35:1914:54153152403


Trophy Series Guests

Matt TomfordR0:29:186:160:23:027:41
Jennifer DroletR0:29:463:460:26:008:40
Nicole McNealR0:30:278:450:21:427:14
Kerry`s GuideR0:31:024:000:27:029:01
Jadie SimonR0:33:036:550:26:088:43
Bill SmithamR0:33:074:140:28:539:38
Barb SimpsonR0:35:101:480:33:2211:07
Giselle WittperR0:41:204:560:36:2412:08


Trophy Series New Members

RStevenson, Coit0:30:194:560:25:238:2834936062.29
RPraska, Jessica0:31:036:550:24:088:0311876083.67
RGersabeck, Gina100:31:404:560:26:448:5515996077.14
RSimmons, Cat0:31:487:450:24:038:0110866085.31
RGuevara, Alicia0:31:556:420:25:138:2412926082.04
RHays, Kaitlin320:31:564:560:27:009:00191006070.61
RThurman, Garland670:31:580:160:31:4210:34621196030.29
RLyons, Nathan0:32:155:500:26:258:4843976052
RBrindle, Jayme0:32:1612:190:19:576:3916460100
RRowe, Jim0:32:240:000:32:2410:48671226024.57
RTuttle, Karolina270:32:288:330:23:557:588866088.57
RLutz, Kelly0:32:334:560:27:379:12251036060.82
RAyers, Sydney0:32:4812:190:20:296:502676098.37
RZavala, Sarah0:32:595:500:27:099:03211016067.35
RBickel, Denise630:33:040:000:33:0411:01401246036.33
RDuenas, Llanira0:34:404:560:29:449:55351116044.49
RSteller, Lisa430:35:300:000:35:3011:50421336033.06
RLyons, Philip0:37:520:000:37:5212:37691416022.29
RJarecke, Adam0:41:550:000:41:5513:58701546021.14
RRelford, Ashlee0:42:060:000:42:0614:02431546031.43
RTrevino, Sam0:45:5124:150:21:367:1214746085.14
RLinares, Nuria0:49:330:000:49:3316:31471766024.9


Female Scratch

SEXNameTotal PointsRacesAve Points
FSabine Preisinger296.73398.91
FDeb Cunningham282.03394.01
FRenee Wheelock277.53392.51
FMaranke Koster266.81388.94
FRobyn Tibert241.28380.43
FSusan Look188.69362.9
FTheresa Jockers182.95291.47
FMaureen Harvey178.37359.46
FJoEllen Carter177.97359.32
FMelissa Johnston173.65286.83
FNikki Scott169.37284.69
FNicole Shaklee158.74352.91
FKristin Mott156.62352.21
FKrista Mitchell153.44276.72
FStephanie Struble148.51274.25
FKortney Maurer143.94347.98
FTina Heslinga139.65269.83
FAngela Stevens134.98267.49
FKerry Beebe127.2342.4
FKathy Johnson122.08261.04
FTina Akin115.27257.64
FRuth Serafini115.2257.6
FAnne Gibbs100.65250.33
FJayme Brindle1001100
FSydney Ayers98.37198.37


Male Scratch

SEXNameTotal PointsRacesAve Points
MEric Greene3003100
MAndrew Halverson288.72396.24
MDavid Rothenburger285.45395.15
MMatthew Cecere267.51389.17
MScott Hogg260.5386.83
MSebastian Preisinger252.85384.28
MRobert Kanieski243.34381.11
MMatt Olson229.56376.52
MJohn Daniels228.58376.19
MMichael Hopkins226.03375.34
MDave Cunningham221.86373.95
MEd Spree216372
MBrian Cheek194.33297.16
MRick Edrich191.58363.86
MCarl Mather189.3294.65
MKeith Johnson186.7293.35
MJonathan Sushinsky183.31291.65
MKen Applegate170.71356.9
MDavid Hill169.84356.61
MBob Basse168.8284.4
MCharles Tripp167.85355.95
MScott Newman166.05283.03
MStefan Kazmierski161.47280.73
MMichael Cosper155.7351.9
MAdam Lee151.89275.95


Runners YTD

R/WNameExpr1Total PointsRacesAve PointsMEMNUM
RMitch ChesbroM284.73394.914386
RCharles TrippM256.98385.666772
RMaureen HarveyF248382.676305
REric GreeneM234.03378.015008
RJoe MitchellM232.88377.636923
RHarley LookM227.31375.776921
RKen ApplegateM226.9375.630038
RScott HoggM220.73373.585078
RSebastian PreisingerM220.39373.466671
RScott McFarlaneM219.99373.334395
RSabine PreisingerF214.5371.56672
RDave CunninghamM209.89369.963846
RSusan LookF209.02369.676920
RMatt OlsonM208.84369.616922
RKerry BeebeF208.79369.63209
RDavid RothenburgerM204.32368.114700
RHeather ReddyF203.91367.974679
RMaranke KosterF203.36367.796568
RRobert KanieskiM202.88367.635876
RDeb CunninghamF201.19367.063847
RJohn DanielsM197.06365.696891
RNicole ShakleeF196.43365.486577
RKristin MottF192.22364.076411
RJoEllen CarterF189.67363.226903
RKortney MaurerF188.61362.876467
RAnne GibbsF188.05294.026792
RMichael HopkinsM182.51360.846477
RAdam LeeM178.19289.094264
RHoward KumpfM175.14358.380815
RCarl MatherM167.07283.535121
RAndrew HalversonM166.1355.376857
RBrian BergevinM161.11280.554398
RRenee WheelockF160.03353.346474
RJessica AguinigaF159.95279.986219
RDeserae JuarezF159.18279.596969
RStefan KazmierskiM158.97279.495330
RLaSalle SmithM156.7278.356976
RJohn ScheidM153.6276.86924
RJohn DalyM151.35275.686414
RScott NewmanM149.46274.735261
RRic RobinetteM147.8349.271196
RTina HeslingaF147.63273.816913
RJoe MaurerM147.47349.166198
RBob BasseM145.93272.964886
REmily FinchF140.43270.214020
RPeggy Sue BacaF140.07270.036833
RMelissa JohnstonF139.58269.796442
RKrista MitchellF135.26267.636986
RRick EdrichM134.01344.670392
RLouis NovakM132.78266.396914


Racewalkers YTD

R/WNameGenderTotal PointsRacesAve PointsMEMNUM
WMichael BlanchardM260386.670133
WJanet FairsF260386.671686
WJan HillF200366.674656
WEd GussieM1203406546


February 2018: Platte River Bar and Grill – Trophy Series 7M and 5k

Come join us for one of our most fun race days!  Our February 7M and 5k races happen on February 11 at the Platte River Bar and Grill on S Santa Fe.  This is a club favorite because we can stay warm inside before the race, run on a nice course, then come back to great food and drink at PRBG.  And this year there’s more – a great raffle to follow the race.  RDs Jeff Hesse and Michael Blanchette are planning quite the day!

Our course goes north on the South Platte bike path, then turns around and comes back on the opposite side of the river.  It’s a nice fast course that’s easy to follow and well-marked.

After the race we’ll have awards and some club-sponsored food and drink inside the bar.  That’s where the raffle will happen as well, so stick around after you run to get a chance to win something.  You can also get a beer and your lunch –great way to finish up the morning and thank our hosts at the Platte River.

Race Day Details

Date:   Sunday February 11.
Time:   9am start.  Show up at least 45 minutes early to get your tag and warm up.  Don’t make the volunteers wait for you – they want to run, too!
Course:  race runs on the South Platte concrete bike paths.
Location:  Platte River Bar and Grill in Littleton on Santa Fe south of Bowles.
You’ll find registration and bathrooms inside, race start west of the parking lot
in back of the bar.
Google Link:

We’re always looking for running and non-running volunteers, so please help out if you can!


RMRR Board Jan 14, 2018

RMRR Board 2018
January 14
Infinite Monkey Theorem
Lisa, Ang, Deb, Rick, Scott, David K, Dave C, Mike B
Decision:  eggplant for veggie, meatballs for meat
Award Presentations
Lisa – overall MC
TS – Deb and Ang
>> Deb will write up some comments for each winner
Scott – Resolute Runner
Records – Dave C
Scratch Women – Lisa
Scratch Men – Dave K
Racewalkers – ??
Volunteer of the Year – Dave C
>> Deb will email people who will win and have NOT RSVP’d for the banquet
Spero’s – big room with a bar.  People can start wine tasting once they arrive.  Bigger pours at dinner.
Volunteer of the Year
determined, announced at banquet
Jan Race
Race went well, course well marked.  Many liked the idea of two distances (5k and 10k) starting in different diorections.  Still lots of people starting at 0:00, not sure how we should handle that.
Need more volunteers – chronically short.
VOM January
Jesus for coming when hurt and running the finish line.
Feb Race
Jeff and Mike lots of raffle stuff:  race entries, running books, Jeff H getting more, gift cards.  should be great.  Jason R can’t come speak, but is donating a book.
>> Dave C send Frankie info to Michael Blanchette
>> Michael set up signs on course one week prior
March Race
March – gear swap?
Agreed to move to April for better weather.  Encourage everyone to bring something
income flat, fairly good shape
Year End awards
  • glasses coming  for volunteers – Deb and Dave will bring
  • towels coming for RDs – Deb and Dave will bring
  • shirts ordered for TS winners – Lisa will pick them up
$250 from Pearson courtesy of David K for local clubs – way to go David!
Lisa – Marketing
MailChimp – volunteer and mailchimp emails set for the year
Co Runner – all entered
Facebook – race and other updated created for the year
Encourage sign in each race into new book
Scoring –
>> Dave and Dave and Scott will meet and discuss how to manage better
>> Rick R will send what he’s done in Excel
>> Dave C will send Adam the Dec DB and ask him to determine how to fix YE results.
Agreed to say no to club glasses as raffle prizes – too expensive, 1 color is no good.  Maybe look for another source?

December 2017 Board meeting

Leslie Mitchell, Deb Cunningham, Lisa Wilson, Ang Hamell, Michael Blanchette, Rick Edrich
Sunday Dec 17  4pm
Leslie – financials
roughly flat for 2017
more race expenses, but more membership $$ make up for it
surprised that we were this close to a balanced year.
Homestead harder to work with this year, but Deb is figuring it out.  Banquet will be on Sunday Jan 28.
Mugs for TS – decided.  Deb will manage this.
Volunteers – Pint Glasses.  Deb will order, and we will decide later what to put inside them…$10 Amazon or Target cert?
RDs – want to try backpacks
What about…Orange Mud towels?
Leslie will check with Orange Mud to see if we could get a big discount.
Deb said the glasses would be good for general giveaway or purchase.  Plan is to get 24 glasses for volunteers, 24 without engraving for raffle prizes through the year.
January – Trailhead park, location change
>> Create web page with this info and publish.
foulup in the chutes and scoring.  Resolved, but took lots of time.
frustration about people volunteering but standing around talking
need to have more instruction to volunteers
Dave frustrated trying to do this and lots of other stuff.  Not enough people volunteering time.
Things that could help
Make 0:00 starters help at the finish or some other way.
Set up longer chutes – agreed
Lisa will manage volunteers for now
need to send email two weeks ahead…Dave’s been sending out too close to the race.
Calendar – update on the web with this info.
Race Locations
  • Sept move to Carpenter Park?  No – PR Trailhead on same day as MTS, 1oM
Sept / october
Sept – Westy, 10M
Oct – Thornton, 8M
VOY award
  • Ken – where is trophy?
    • could be in office or at trophy company.  Deb/Dave check the office, Lisa will call Crown Trophy.
  • nominees
    • Ed Gussie –
    • David – lots of work, MTS
    • Rick E – coaching
      Lisa will manage voting
VOM for December – Jeff Hesse
Sandra Pirano – ask Ric to call her
Referrals – Dave update the membership form on RunSignup to add a referral coupon.  We can then announce how this will work.
Problems with current system – year end results not coming out.  Dave C has sent email to Adam Feerst asking for any knowledge of how to help.  2017 year end all done manually by Dave.
Banquet – Jan 28, Deb managing