November 2017 Board meeting

Good meeting in Scott Newman’s Jeep at the racecourse today!    Here are the minutes with action items in red.  I will also put them online.   Attendees, please reply all if you disagree with anything summarized below.
  1. Attendees – Dave C:  1 hr of volunteer time for Leslie Mitchell, David Rothenburger, Deb Cunningham, David Kahn, Scott Newman, Rick Edrich
  2. November race recap – For next year, the start/finish line needs to be on the south side of the path.  With it on the north as it was today, there is a conflict between those starting and those finishing the 5k.
  3. December race – Deb & Dave C are RDs.  Deb has the permit.
  4. Volunteer of the month = Ed Gussie because of his help at all of the fall MTS and his help at the November TS (traffic control + setup & clenan up)
  5. 2018 Race Calendar
          We agreed that we WILL host all 12 races next year.
          The September TS will be run on 9/9.  It will be a 10 miler and will be combined with the MTS that would normally be on that Sunday.
          The October race will be the 8 miler to accommodate this plan
          Rick Edrich will look at Westminster City Park to host the race b/c we know the course out there.  If Westminster is not an option, Trailhead Park is the backup.
          Note – Westminster gave us our last race for free under the condition we park on the opposite side of the park.  Many members did not follow these directions and that could make Westminster less inclined to cut us a deal going forward.
6.  2018 Board members – the following current board members will continue:  Leslie Mitchell as Treasurer, David Rothenburger as Race Committee Chair, Deb C wherever needed, Dave C Volunteer Coordinator, David Kahn, Scott Newman, Rick Edrich.  
Lisa, can you confirm that the following people will continue?  Lisa as Pres, Michael Blanchette as VP, Sandra LeBlanc as Membership Chair.
Two new potential board members:  Scott will ask Cori Diekmeir and Rick will ask Angie Hamel.
7.  Next board meeting – the board assembled did not like the idea of meeting after the TS.  The concensus what that it was already a long day and we just wanted to go home.  The next meeting will be on Monday, 11/27 at bar/restaurant near I25 and either Colorado or University.   Lisa, No one volunteered to find a venue.  Would you select a place?
8.  End of year banquet, awards & gifts
– Homestead golf club.  Because of the club’s financial situation, we agreed to charge $5 to everyone attending the banquet except our four non-running volunteers (Tom, Sharyl, Rosalie and Rochelle).   The $5 price applies to those w/ 15 volunteer hours or more.  Those w/ fewer than 15 vol hours will be charged $15.  We need to do a facebook post about the banquet.  Deb to coordinate post w/ Lisa.
– Michael B was not at the meeting, so no decisions on gifts.  David will look into Polo Shirts and Dave C had an idea on socks.   We’ll decide next month after hearing from Michael B, David and Dave C.
9.  Track – North HS worked well.  We want to continue there next year.  Rick Edrich will get the permit for 2018.  Leslie Mitchell will ask the Columbines if they would be willing to welcome RMRR members to their Tuesday night track sessions.  These are down south, so would offer an option for those who do not want to drive up north.   Leslie also raised the point that we should expect those at track to become RMRR members if they regularly participate.  The first time free is fine, but this is a valuable benefit.  We didn’t have a formal vote on this, so Lisa, pls add to the next agenda.
10. Colfax water stop check.   Leslie has not received a check.   Lisa, please follow-up.
11.  Michael Blanchette’s idea for a referral bonus.  The board loved this idea and agreed to a $5 referral deduction on one’s annual membership dues.   For example, Michael’s single dues would be $25 instead of $35 because of the two members he referred.   We need to do two things to formalize this:  1) Dave C add a line on the next printing of the app to show a referral name.   Lisa – publicize with a FB post.  We will rely on the member to deduct their referral bonus at the time of their renewal.   The name box on the app is more for the board’s info about how well this is working.
12.  Treasurer’s report.  The situation is not as dire as Leslie thought, but it is worse than last year.  We have lost $800 through 11/4 and still have our RRCA renewal to pay.   We will likely lose $1500-$2000 this year.  We discussed options like increasing membership dues, charging a fee to attend the banquet, and asking Track attendees to become members.  We agreed to look at the financials in January and talk about what to do with dues.  Lisa, pls add the budget to the agenda for the next board meeting.

December 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

RMRR Board Meeting

November 28, 2016


Present:  Dave Rothenberger, Dave Cunningham, Deb Cunningham, Rick, Jim Mair, Lisa Wilson, Stephanie

  1. Treasurers Report- Leslie Mitchell was out of town but sent in an email report, which is as follows:

“I’ve attached current financials, bank statement, authorized van roster, and an app for Joy Norris.


Quicken updated their software and they finally have added year-to-year comparisons for Macs.  Hopefully you don’t mind that I spent $44 to get the update.  Sure made me happy. Our gross income is up $1,700 YTD over last year.  Mostly due to membership, but all categories showed an increase (including both MTS events).  Expenses are down $3,700, mostly due to Membership Benefits, Race Expenses, and Club Events.  Overall, our Net Income is $2,000, compared to a $3,400 Net Loss last year at this time.

Bank Statement

I like to send this out a few times a year so that someone else compares the statement to the balance sheet I prepare.  This is a check to make sure I’m reporting accurately and not embezzling.  You will see the bank accounts balances are almost identical to the balance sheet figures.

Authorized Van Drivers (Attachment)

This is a list of driver insured while driving our van.  Please review and make sure that all Race Directors and volunteers who might drive the van are listed.  In order to add someone, I need their name, DOB, and driver’s license number.

Joy Norris App

This was in the mail.  I’m afraid I don’t know who is handling the data base these days, so please make sure she gets added.


I’ve received the renewal notice for our auto insurance.  The premium is increasing $132 over last year, due to a statewide rate increase.  Our new premium, paid in January, will be $761.

I received a check for $230 from Compass Montessori.

I am sorry to miss the Board meeting, but especially sorry to miss the Wash Park run.  I hope everyone has a great time!

Leslie Mitchell


  1. November Trophy Race- Rocky Mountain Arsenal- There were no major concerns with this run and generally it went well. Next year we should use larger directional indicators on the course due to one or two runners that went the wrong way.  There was discussion about re-doing portions of the course to make it easier for people to negotiate, especially as it related some larger rocks present on a portion of the course. The 2 or 3 complaints were from the race-walkers.  There were no other complaints from the runners that were raised.
  2. December Trophy Race- December 5- Wash Park- Dave C. & Deb C. are now the race directors for Sunday’s event.  Weather should be good.  Stephanie will put out the volunteer email tomorrow.  Racers are allowed to use both sides of the road but it is best to stay in the walker’s lane to avoid any conflicts with bicyclists.
  3. Volunteer of the Month- November- Deb C. nominated Jesus Diaz-DeLeon for his amazing job with the photos. 2nd by Dave C.
  4. 2017 Trophy Series Calendar- There was discussion about conflicts with the race schedule. September 9, 2017 is a Saturday race due to a conflict with the marathon training series (MTS) run on Sunday September 10.  Do we want to stay with the Trophy Series Race (TSR) on Sunday September 10 and run the MTS at the same time, with TSR being a 10-miler?  That way the MTS runners could run the course twice.  Dave R. raised concerns about MTS runners going out fast for the 1st 10-miles in order to be competitive in the TSR then having to do another 10-miles.  How about doing the Trophy Series Race the week-end before?  That is Labor Day week-end, but the September TSR is our lowest attended race of the year so why not try running it over Labor Day?  Logistics both pro & con were discussed.  Dave C. suggested emailing the membership and get input, however Deb C. reminded the board that it is our decision to be made on behalf of the membership.  In conclusion– the decision was made to hold the race on Sunday September 3 (Labor Day Weekend).  An email will be sent to the membership advising of the change and prompting responses about any serious concerns with the date change.  The October 1 TSR also has two major conflicts with the Hot Chocolate and the Bear Chase events. The board decided to move this race to Sunday October 8.  So….THE TWO MAJOR CHANGES ARE:  September’s run will be changed to Labor Day weekend and the October race will change to October 8.
  5. Voting of 2017 RMRR Board Members – Lisa W. led the discussion ref: the Board of Directors for next year. Lisa advised the board that we will be looking for location(s) to host the monthly Board meetings.  It was suggested by Lisa W. that we move the meetings to Sunday afternoons, possibly 4:00, 5:00 or 6:00 p.m. to accommodate a better turn-out of Board members.  Jim M. and Lisa W. will start looking for locations to meet.

2017 Board members are:  Dave C. and Deb C. will continue to be involved as ‘At-Large’ members; Leslie Mitchell will remain as Treasurer; Lisa Wilson will serve as RMRR President; the VP position is open but we will check with Steve Bennett- he had expressed interest at the September 6 Board meeting but his status has not been confirmed;  Dave Rothenberger will head up the Race Committee (Committee to be formed?) and Rick will continue with Permits;  Jim Mair will continue as Secretary;  Krista Mitchell was nominated for the Membership position but she has not been contacted yet;  Stephanie will continue as Volunteer Coordinator;  Dave C. will reduce his involvement but will stay active in scoring in a back-up role.  Scoring will be passed off to David Kahn, Kristin, and one other (name temporarily not known).   As of now, Membership & Website are the only open positions.

  1. Marketing- We will continue advertising with Colorado Runner. Email Lisa W for additional.
  2. Track- We are finished with track workouts until the Spring but Dave R. will meet informally in the next couple of weeks to hold training for those planning on a Spring marathon. Dave R. will also lead long training runs along the Bear Creek trail.  The trail is maintained with snow removal, unlike the Platte River Trail.
  3. End of Year Gifts- Dave C. got information back from the woman at the Cherry Creek Chamber of Commerce that Mike Blanchette referred the Board to. Dave C. has prices on sweatshirts and polo shirts and will send an email out to the board for input.  Polo’s and sweatshirts are the two choices.  These will be for race directors and volunteers, typically 25 of each.
  4. Anything Else- Next Meeting- January 1 5:00 or 6:00 pm at a pub TBD.


February 8, 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

Attendees:  Michael Blanchette, David Rothenburger, Rick Edrich, Lisa Wilson, Ken Shimada, Deb Cunningham

Treasurer’s Report – no comments

Year End Banquet
– How did it go?   Shorter than prior years.  Weather made people want to leave early.  Those who don’t win an award probably aren’t bored.
– Next year Tentative Sun Jan 29, 2017 –  Homestead.  Don’t need to book it until October 2016.  Rick Edrich – we used to have a race out there.  Masters have a race there.

Trophy Race – Feb 10, 2013 – Platte River Bar and Grill

  • Course is the same as last year except for a construction detour
  • Super bowl Sunday race on the path is the reason we delayed.
  • Ken contacted Pancho and we’re all set.  $120 for food.
  • Volunteer
  • Race Course 7M and 5K

Volunteer of the Month – Brent and Theresa Jockers

Volunteer of the Year for 2015 Leslie Mitchell

Marketing – Lisa
– Living Social – how did work – How many signed up ??

  • 72 new signups.
  • Get print out from Dave C for registration in case they forgot to go to run signup.  Score them as members if in doubt.
  • David will welcome them in the pre-race announcements.

– How can we promote RMRR in other ways

  • David will print race schedules.
  • David will email the word doc race schedule to Rick Edrich & Michael Blanchette

Working with the Colorado Masters
-Joint Poster??  David doesn’t know if they want to do it.  Michael will ask if they want to do the poster.  Lisa will create it.   Lisa suggest B&W.
-Colfax Relay Competition – Discussed and RMRR will not fund a relay team.

Goals for the year
– Increasing Membership.  Started out w/ Living Social.   Invite newbies to your table.  Talk to those who are by themselves.

– Email people who are on the Nov 2014 list and not on the Dec 2015 list.  Dave?

-Can we print a list of those whose membership expires in Feb.
– Increasing numbers at Trophy Races
– Increasing the numbers at the MTS – Can send info to Rev Run.   Promoting to Colfax.  Lisa & Michael will ask Mitch about what’s possible.

Track  Wed  – Done until Next Spring.  Deb fill out application & submit.
Wed night long runs at River Point shopping Center (Hampden and Santa Fe) 6pm.  David has 4-5 people running.
Also look on facebook as people have been posting runs for the next day.

Race Directions-Expo Park

Expo Park


From I-225 North or South:

Take the Alameda exit
Go west on Alameda
Turn south/left on Havana
Turn east/left on Exposition
Expo Park is on your left just past the shopping center

From Denver/West:

East on Alameda or Mississippi. 
If you’re on Alameda, turn south/right on Havana and then east/left on Exposition.
If you’re on Mississippi, turn north/right on Havana, then east/right on Exposition.
The park is on the left side of Exposition as you pass the shopping center.



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