December Board Meeting Minutes

Present: Lisa, Felix, Mike Q, Dave Cook, Eric, Doug, Bonnie, Deb, Jeff, Scott, Dave C, Leslie, Bob B, Karen V, Mike Vanoni, Dave R, Stephanie, Aurora

Absent: Ric, Holly, Kevin, Heather

2009 RMRR – Board Meeting Agenda

Successes: (5 mins)

•112 runners at November race. 40 non members

North High runners, lots of others. Wonder if we get people here because of location – farther north than usual

•YTD total at TS = 1193, best total in 5 yrs

what’s a good goal for next year

Guest Presentation (10 mins)

•Vanonis Chip Timing alongside RMRR: Mike Vanoni. Mike just wants to try his system during a club race and see how it works, what we can do with it.

IPICO – RRCA system special $5500, doesn’t include the chips ($3 each). Ends up being around $9-10k to purchase. The board held some discussion about buying this for our needs.

Scoring – Felix

•Scoring is working fine. Felix is working out with Doug and Eric when they can do database updates.

Membership (10 mins) Eric.

•Eric is getting started. Has a new printer from Ray Sibley – thanks, Ray! Nothing fancy, but fine for what we need.

•Program to contact new members & renewing members – Bob/Micol. Bob would like someone to take over calling new members. Doug and Eric will provide names to Dave C.

•AIR for 2010

oProposal – they run for free at MTS & TS in exchange for providing some volunteers. We didn’t get many volunteers this year. Nick was somewhat frustrated that guys weren’t helping as much. He plans to make it part of his requirements for the coming year. We will ask for 2 volunteers for each race; see how it goes from there. Karen follow-up w/ Nick.

oTreat AIR group as members or as guests?

Nick’s changing the program a bit. People don’t get shoes now until they make a commitment. 3 main incentive packages to keep guys involved. We think the regular guys should be members, but up to Nick to decide parameters.

Question: when will we know who will be members? Karen will email Nick to find out.

o 12/8 and 12/9 recruiting evenings in Denver 6:30pm at Riverfront Apartments Community Room, 3440 Park Ave. West, 2nd Floor. Aurora can help – Wednesday the 9th. Deb and Dave will go on the 8th.

oAIR also needs shoes and winter clothing. Kevin to send eblast.

oNick is doing something called “Rescue Runner” – runners can get a package of $ coupons spendable at various supporting orgs. Deb’s idea – what if we give them MTS discounts? Karen will talk to Nick about it.

Marketing and PR (10 mins)

•PR Plan -– Aurora

Focus on 4 proactive campaigns per year. For 2010:

Dec – Mar: 1) focus on New Years resolutions; 2) winter running guide

Apr – Aug 1) Marathon training; 2) Down economy = time to run (Competitor Sports seeing big growth in running numbers, especially in ½ marathons. Also focus on getting awards from 5280, Westword

Aurora will drive, needs help with social media piece, articles,

Getting people to write articles – remind Karen about her Running Well stuff; Scott talked about massage article; Deb has running with kids article.  Idea for Aurora to scan last 3 years of newsletters.  Do we have newsletters online?  No.

•Update website – Kevin.  Dave needs to talk with Kevin

•Keeper deadline = 12/18/09 for free race listings – Kevin

Logistics (40 mins)

•Trophies – pint glasses – Bonnie will get a proof before ordering.

•RD &Vol awards

a.Caps for RDs – red w/ gray piping. Qty = 48. Working w/ Leroy. Will see a proof.

b.Arm warmers for RDs – black w/ silver reflective. Silkscreen, not embroidery.

c.Anorak pullover for Vols – $26.75/unit + $40-50 set up charge. Everyone will have red. Embroider “2009 Volunteer” in white on left chest area. RMRR logo embroidered on back.


a.Vol of the month = Luke Jeter for help at last 3 races.

b.Volunteer of the year. Need to select vol of yr. Prez is not eligible because of separate president gift tradition.

c.Make sure everyone gets their volunteer hours in! Holly needs to; Kevin send note to everyone about this.

•Race Committee (Adam Feerst, Heather Reddy, David Rothenburger, Bob Basse)


i.February at Platte River Bar & Grill? (Adam prefers to run here in Sept, but Doug/Bonnie – ck w/ Platte)

ii.Location for Sept race – Redstone Park or Writers Vista Park (both on the Highline Canal. Another option is Stone House and go right (west)out to the paved Bear Creek bike path? No road crossings. Race committee will resolve this via Dave Cook, Mike Quispe, Scott Kukel check out courses, make recommendation.

b.MTS Dave, Eric, Doug

Sun August 15 (day after Georgetown)potential 10 miler.

Sun August 29

Sat Sept 11 – Note Trophy Series on 11/12

Sun Sept 26 (3 weeks ahead of Denver)

Commit to three dates for Keeper Issue. Decide on 8/15 as a 10 miler.

•December Trophy Series:

a.Adam and Lisa meeting tomorrow to make sure

b.Need to update the start point on the website. It’s on the east side of the park on the diagonal road.

since this is the first time for this course, need to make sure we tell people what to do, where to start, etc.

volunteers in decent shape.- Stephanie sent out eblast about non-runners, but should get there.

c.Need to write down the instructions sheet – Deb and Dave will do this.

d.Bob will help Lisa load the van on Friday

e.Need non-running vols. Stephanie has an eblast out.

f. Pub on Pearl (Craig Jones) will open for us after the race. Order off regular menu. Deb confirm w/ Craig

•Treasurer’s Report – Leslie

Bad news: PC crash, but saved the data.

Need to have Lisa place new insurance in van.

Lots of people NOT on van insurance – need to give Leslie drivers license and other info..


a.Brake fluid/other vandalism– Ric.

b.Paint from Maaco – Board agreed yes, we’d get the low end paint job? What if we also had logo done? Change color (might be more expensive)? Dave Cook said he would do this.

•Banquet: Sunday, Jan 31 at Fox Hollow – Stephanie

a.$18 per person cost. Charge = $15 if <15 hrs?

b.Beef & veggie lasagna

c.Can bring our own cake

d.Planning for 50 people, need final count 3 days ahead.

Stephanie will bring signup to TS race.

•Colfax Marathon – if you sign up before Dec4, ½ price!!! Kevin send out eblast

•Also – Platte River half – register now, get $5 off.

November President’s Letter

I’m excited about the direction of our club.   We had 37 new runners join the regular RMRR crew for the 9 mile race on the Big Dry Creek Trail.   Those 37 brought our total to 112 runners for the day.  When you add the November race on to our full year total, we have 1,193 runners racing with us.  This total is the best total in 5 years and we still have the December race coming up.

When you add our non-running volunteers, we had 1300 people participating in our Trophy Series.  Whoo hoo!

Our 5oth anniversary celebration this summer genereated local interest and our great group of volunteers kept up the momentum.   See what all the buzz is about by joining us for the last race of 2009.  We’ll go 4.5 miles at Wash Park on Sunday, 12/6.

RMRR / Denver Marathon

RMRR was well-represented at the Denver Marathon, Half Marathon and at the 22.5 mile Aid Station.  Special congratulations go to Tristan Mitchell for his 6th place overall finish in the marathon (2:45)  Whew!!  And, David Rothenburger placed third in his age group (3:03).  Also, Scott Kukel finished 28 of men, David Rothenburger 32th and Dave Cook 57th.  Results.

The marathon runners give a big Thank You to our aid station volunteers:  Rosalie Richter, Olga Hnizdil, Rhiannon Fadeyibi, Luke Jeter, Janice O’Grady, Tom O’Connell, Lis Shepard, Tom Mates, Larry Mundron, Jerry Greenwald, Brian Bergevin, Stephanie Struble, and Karen Voss.

Denver Marathon water stop

Minutes of the November 2 RMRR Board meeting

Logistics (40 mins)

Trophies – agreed on pint glasses – Bonnie will order. No price quote yet – sent company the logo.

•RD &Vol awards

a.Caps for volunteers. Bonnie will order red with gray piping, quantity 48. Those not needed for vols will be used for raffle.

b.Arm warmers for RDs black, with and logo and silver reflective trim.

•Nov TS

a.RDs= Bob Basse, Ric, Stephanie, Brian

b. Ric will set up the course. He scouted it yesterday and it’s fine. He’s taking mile markers, aid station stuff, etc. Stephanie, Brian, and Holly are going to help; Deb and Dave are backup
c.Vols – good shape.

a.Vol of the month. Larry Mudron: volunteered for the Denver Marathon, September & October TS races.

•Raffle – unclaimed RD and Vol gifts? Can we put these into the raffle? Yes.
•Race Committee (Adam Feerst, Heather Reddy, David Rothenburger, Bob Basse)

i.preliminary dates posted online.Some people are complaining about Saturday dates.

Adam changed some dates:

– moved May 1 to May 2

– July: move Sun 11 to Saturday? no.

– September: move from Sun 12 to Sat 11? no

ii.February not at Cherry Creek Reservoir because fees too high. Ric called state parks – they will charge a minimum of roughly $350, and they base final cost on your advertising, etc. Shakedown city. We don’t want to do this.


– Bear Creek Lake park: good, paved, but hilly & has a per-car charge.

– Stone house west and back – Course to be looked at if cost is an issue at CC.

-concluded we’ll use Platte River path or Bear Creek Lake Park.

iii.Adam wants help on the race committee since he has other commitments. Ideas he’s looking for help with:

-Better documentation about courses, etc.

-Written down policies, instructions, etc.


i.Dave, Eric, Doug will work to update instructions for MTS RD’s for next year.

ii.April 20 mile MTS before Ft Collins marathon? Decided no for now. Focus on fall MTS.


Sun August 15

Sun August 29

Sat Sept 11 – Note Trophy Race on the Sunday the 12th Sun Sept 26

Adam will have masters schedule after this weekend.

Dave should talk with Doug, Eric soon – want to have decisions on dates, plans by February. Aurora willing to help with PR

•Scoring – Felix

a.Ken Shimada 2nd place in jeopardy after guiding Kerry Kuck. Discussion was about giving Ken the average score because he aided Kerry. Do we give any guide an average or middle of pack amount of points?

There is historical precedent – use to be that RDs got this type of benefit.

Decision-no benefit. Ken’s results stand as published.

b.Proposal – race directors who do not run their own race get an average number of TS points – 60 points. No scratch points. Seconded and approved.

c.New members – day of race

Problem knowing if members are really members. Want to make sure during registration that people are really registered. Adam used to look at the new members list after the race; if someone wasn’t on that list or on the existing members list, they weren’t considered members. Motion – if you don’t get an ok from the RD or people handling scoring before the start to reset your start time, then tough – no rescoring. If you tell us that day before you run, and everyone oks, then fine. Needs to be marked on their tag by Felix, and he will keep a list.

e. Felix dis purchase a new laser printer


a.Treasurer’s Report – Leslie.

$34,671 in account – wow!

MTS net is up, so this year we made $1280 more.

Race expenses (permits) getting higher – watch for.

Overall – income this year is a bit higher than Leslie forecast – great.

After we pay insurance, we’ll be about $2k ahead.

b.Cash box reconciliation – Deb. Leslie commented that we shouldn’t take cash out because they don’t get included in the actual portion of the budget. Expenses should come to Leslie so she can write a check instead.

•Van – No Whole Foods starting 11/15/09. Park at old Hops Brewery in Cherry Creek North courtesy of Leslie Mitchell. This will work through August.

•Ric has a tire for the van on his rim. Need to get the tire replaced, then give Ric his rim back.

•December TS – Yes, to Pub on Pearl for after race brunch. Craig Jones

•Banquet: Sunday, Jan 31 at Fox Hollow – Stephanie will coordinate w/ Fox Hollow.<

•Office keys – Stephanie has extras. Given to board members w/o keys.

Membership (5 mins)

•Eric taking over from Laurie.

•New member runs – Agreed we would not host new member runs for the time being.

•Canon City Inmate inquiry – Deb should respond.

•Felix will send a list of new member emails to Eric. Eric wants to add

•Email management – bounce backs. Laurie doesn’t get a lot of them

Marketing and PR (10 mins)

•PR w/ Aurora – next event to publicize – MTS???

Aurora – building PR plan, ready to present more in December

want to focus on MTS, club; what else?

looking for people to write articles to position RMRR as a thought leader.


oInclude reference to 50th anniversary shirts – $12 or free for 10 races.

•General marketing – Kevin/Dave

Kevin would like to update the website—hopes to meet with Dave and Aurora soon to discuss.