1 January 2017 Board Minutes

Present: Dave Rothenberger, Dave Cunningham, Deb Cunningham, Lisa Wilson, Rick E., Jim Mair

January race at Twin Lakes- the RTD lot is closed and it is not known where we will park, possibly along the road. Jim M. will check the parking situation. The weather is looking good. No other issues anticipated with this event.
Note- the race director needs to check with Janet to determine if a porta-potty was ordered.

February Race at Platte River Bar & Grill- this is a 7-mile and 5k race. Dave C. will contact the management (Poncho) at the bar to be sure we are scheduled and ready to go. The race is permitted and will be signed but we may need to get some holders for the signs. Rick E. will take care of the signs.

Financials- Leslie Mitchell was not in attendance but sent in the following email:
1) Our income increased $1,400 over 2015. This is due to Coaching (+245), Living Social Membership (+971), regular Membership (857), as well as slight increases in the fall and spring MTS and Trophy series income. Once again, our income from the credit union declined (-620).
2) Our expenses decreased by $1,075 over 2015. Main items were Membership Benefits decreased $1,845, but Auto Expenses increased $2,300 (transmission).
3) In 2015, we had a net “loss” of $5,172 and in 2016 we had a net loss of $2,640 – mostly due to the new transmission.

Volunteer of the Year- Rick E., Sharyl Riley, Dave R., Dave C., Ed Gussie, Rosalie Richter were all discussed as candidates. Rosalie, Sharyl and Tom Mates received the award as a team 3-years ago. Rosalie volunteered at every race this last year and Ed volunteered at all but one of the races. Dave C. has done a lot of work this year, including most recently organizing the work on the RMRR van. He received the volunteer of the year award 2-years ago, and Leslie Mitchell won it last year.

RMRR Banquet & Awards- the banquet will be the Sunday January 29 at the same location as last year. We will check with Stephanie to make sure the venue is confirmed. Dave R. will follow up with her. Who gets what awards? Dave R. suggested the fleece pullovers for the volunteers and Deb C added that the volunteers have a need to stay warm at all the events they work and the shirts may not be as beneficial. Dave C. suggested fleece pullovers for everybody (RD’s and volunteers) with a different color to distinguish between the two groups. Vote by the board- fleece pullovers for everybody. The colors will be Royal Blue for Race Directors and Grey (Charcoal) for volunteers. Dave C. will get a list of Race Directors and Volunteers and will send them an email to determine sizes.

Permitting Update- Rick E. reported that we are good with permits through June. Email responses from the membership about changing the Labor Day race was mixed with no general consensus on which day was better. Therefore, it was determined the September race will take place on Sunday September 3, 2017 and the marathon training series will be on Sunday September 10, 2017.

Rick E. brought up concerns with a couple of the races. The September 3 Trail Head Park Race in Thornton is ugly, and there is a lot of concrete to run on. Deb said the same can be said for the Twin Lakes race plus she has had safety concerns when running under some of the viaducts. Several other locations were discussed for the September race. Lisa W. will look into another Thornton location and Rick E. will look into a venue in Westminster. Lisa W. shelved this discussion until next month, but she added that it is good to get this issue discussed early in the year. Deb C. also reminded the board that the race committee can help with this.

The February Race will take place on February 12 due to the super bowl game and another event already scheduled at the Platte River venue. It is usually not permitted to run scheduled races on back-to-back weekends, however an exception was made for our RMRR race.

December Race- there was a minor issue at the end of the race when a chute closed and caused racers to stack up. This will be addressed with volunteers.

Volunteer of the Month (December)- Lisa W. nominated Dave Cunningham for his efforts with the van, which broke down and needed a new transmission. The nomination was seconded. For all he did in getting the van back up and running, Dave C. will be the volunteer of the month.

2017 Race Calendar- the February date will be changed to the 12th and the September date to the 3rd. This is because of a conflict with another scheduled event in February and the Labor Day weekend in September.

New Board Members- Jeff Olson volunteered to be the Quartermaster. He has some scheduling issues with making the meetings, but his position is not essential for input on the board. Dave C. will be hosting a meeting at his house after Sunday’s race to discuss the Marketing, Website, VP, and other open positions. We have two new people getting trained for scoring and will now transition to on the job training.

Charity- Jim M suggested that the RMRR could possibly support a charity that sends running shoes to Africa. RMRR members could donate old shoes, which would be donated to a charity that takes care of shipping the shoes overseas. There was discussion as to how would benefit the club. It was determined that Jim M. will research charity groups to support and bring the information back to the board for further discussion.

Next Meeting- January 29, 2017 at 5:00- 1 hour before the banquet.