25 April 216 RMRR Board Minutes


April 25, 2016

Present:  Dave, Deb, Jim Mair, Lisa, Scott Newman, Dave R., Rick E., Janet, Leslie, Stephanie

  1. Account Balances- Leslie provided a cash flow comparison as of 4/23/2016. The news is good, with a new category called ‘coaching’ that is bringing in some capital.  Rick E. said he had 3 people contact him for training.  Run Sign Up has also been very successful and is simple to use, along with Living Social, although they take a 50% cut of dues.  Overall, the financial total is up +$370 over last year.
  1. City Park Race March ‘16 – Discussion held about the race start time. It was posted as 8:00 a.m. but one RMRR site listed it as 9:00. There was discussion to move it back to 9:00 a.m. due to it being cold at that time of year.  In the in the past it has started at 9:00.  Current thought is that the race times change with the start of daylight savings time.  Some board members liked the earlier start time.  No decision was made at this time to change the start time.
  1. Marathon Training Series- Dave R. reported that they held the 3rd training series at Twin Lakes Park. 34 runners attended, mostly 10-mile runners with a few 20-milers.  There was a road closure issue due to construction, but last minute adjustments worked things out. IMPORTANT:  Parking off of 70th Ave is a potential problem at ‘Twin Lakes Park’ for the January race.
  1. Mike Blanchard and Sara Foster are race directors for the May race at Stapleton Central Park. Volunteers should be referred to them.  There will be a 5K run.
  2. Dave R. is working on a sturdier sign holder which should be available for the May race.
  3. The use of the video camera at the finish line seemed to work, however there may not be a need for it since there has not been timing issues in quite awhile. It is probably better utilized at the shorter runs since the finish line is not as cluttered on the longer races.
  4. Volunteer of the Month- Bob Bassett has opted out of running the last couple of runs but has shown up as a volunteer. 2nd by Dave C.
  5. Marketing- Lisa- the RMRR Face Book page reach was over 3,000 the week following the race- up 190%. This week’s reach was 645 (not a race week). RMRR will use the big board at race sign up’s to announce to members to like us on FB.
  6. Club Volunteers- Dave C. had 7-8 people that responded to an email urging members to volunteer with club events. He will reach out to them this week to determine the interests they might have.  It is important to get new people on board that want to contribute to the club at a higher level.
  7. North High School Track Workouts- (6:15 pm) 20-participants the 1st week, 18 last week. There were some non-club members who said they were not members.  Dave R. said the workouts are a good public outreach and the non-members are gently encouraged to join the club.
  8. Colfax Marathon- We will be doing a RMRR tent at the. We will try and get somebody to staff the tent during the race.  Security isn’t a huge concern, but it would be good to have somebody there at around 6:30 a.m.
  9. White Elephant for April Run?- Yes!, the race earlier this year was a big success.  Members are encouraged to bring a new running related item. Lisa will post it on FB this week.
  10. Permits- Rick E.- Denver is taken care of except for Wash Park, which will be worked out. Unknown on Stone House run at this time.  Rick E. will contact the City of Lakewood and make sure the permit is taken care of.  Leslie said there should be an old receipt for the City of Lakewood and she will check her records to determine if it has been paid yet.  Rick E. will take care of the South Suburban DeKoevend Park run.