28 March 2016 Board Meeting Minutes!

Monday March 28, 2016 6:30pm
Cunningham’s House 5th and Humboldt

Mike Blanchette, Deb, Dave C, Jim Mair, David, Rick E.

Treasure Report
– Good situation, more new members, no significant issues.
Trophy Race  – March
-Results – Trophy Race
-Comments about the race
Scoring was a problem.  People changed chutes and the spindles got mixed up.  Chutes weren’t complete – no flagging between last two posts.  Fortunately Dave could figure it out with lots of time and photos of all the finishers.  Need to make sure that we train the finish line people for every race and not assume they have the process down.
> David is going to bring a video camera for next race to try it.  Also good to have a person doing photography at the finish.
We also had people arriving late to sign up, and that kept registration volunteers from warming up.
Trophy Race – Sun April 3, 2016  4 mile City Park
        – Volunteers
        – Race course – same one
        – Other race issues
Timers at the office, David has cashbox.  Stephanie has keys from Dave C.  Dave and Stephanie to discuss how best to manage emails.
Volunteer of the Month – March
Lisa Wilson – Marketing and Start/Finish for February
Marathon training Series First one March 26, 2016
        – Results
30-35 people
plenty of volunteers
Next one:  Sunday April 11 – Stephanie and Sharyl Riley – Race directors
Last one is Sat April 23 — David R and Rich Coleman  – Race directors
Dave C – Membership / Race scoring
scoring ok, painful for March.  We’ve got the database process figured out and should have no missing people for April’s race.  We’ve also decided to keep using Mail Chimp as our mailing tool.  Dave has updated the MC database with our membership list from RunSignup, so all should get the race emails!
Marketing – Lisa
continuing to push on Facebook and other channels.  Good results!
Water Bottles – Don’t forget they are only $5

Volunteers for needed take on activity and board roles – Dave C send email this week.  What’s needed:

> secretary – Jim Mair will do this!
email responses
sponsor work, especially with RR
Track starts on April 6  Wed nights, – North High 6:00pm
> Lisa do Facebook?
> Dave C place on website
Colfax Marathon – Tent
David will set up the tent beforehand
Stone House – David:  no update
Rick Edrich – now a certified RRCA Coach, willing to coach for the club.  Ideas
– members only
– could do something at track, perhaps fall MTS
– could do some individual programs
– $10-20
> Rick will put together a proposal and send to board
Next Meeting April 25 at Cunninghams