August 2010 Board Meeting

In attendance: Brian, Mike Q., Deb, Kevin, Jeff, Dave C, Mike B., Bonnie, Doug, Dave R. Adam Lee.


  • Fair turnout for the July 26th fun run & Track Workouts: 15 to 25 attend every Wednesday night.

August TS:

Volunteers needed to cook the food.

  • Stephanie will not be running the TS race so she can help cook.  Yvonne Allmaras can probably help too.
  • Kids run, Deb has prizes for the kids that run the race.
  • Have 124 cans of soda pop donated from a 50k we lent equipment to.


  • Road Runner Sports will help sponsor by donating 3 pr shoes for each race, aid station.  offered to have pacers.
  • Re:  pacers, didn’t commit because unsure of turnout.
  • In return, Road Runners have a group fun run from Road Runners sports store.  Store is south of 36 from Westminster City Park.  The bike path heading southwest goes near the store.
  • Board agreed.  Monday or Tuesday suggested for run. Dave will talk to Nate about setting this up
  • Discussed if we want > 1 store sponsoring MTS.  Board felt we should not because dimishes Road Runner Sports’ contribution.  Dave will ck w/ Nate.
  • Instead of caps, will order steel water bottles.  Get 250, 100 of which used for MTS.  Get a variety of colors.  Use full RMRR logo w/ runner and URL in white.  Words “Marathon Training Series” w/ or w/o year below the logo.
  • Kevin submitted another ad to Colorado Runner.  We’re not sure why our ad for the fall issue didn’t make it in.  We submitted it in time.

Scoring: Dave C will do scoring for 3 months, then Adam will do it after that.

Expense report: The club is doing better than we were doing at this time last year. Had a lot of one time expenses – clock, painting van.  Race income is way up, membership fees are up.  Space Age CU revenue is down.

Race Committee:

  • Lots of discussion about various courses to replace the 10 miler at Waterton.  No decision made.  Race committee needs to decide.  If race is in Denver, Janet Fairs handles permits.
  • Discussed
    • Long Lake in Arvada. Crossing 58 avenues could be an issue.
    • Some said to reverse the 9 & 10 mile race to give more time to find another venue.
    • Run 10 miles at Westminster in October & look for a new 9 mile venue…
    • Writers Vista
    • Cuernavaca
  • Looking for a new course to replace the Stone House course.

Meeting location:

  • Agreed that we will NOT conduct board meetings by phone.  Mainly due to the expense.
  • Too far south for some members.  Agreed we’d look for something more central.  Doug will talk to Whole Foods on CO Blvd about having the board meeting upstairs in their meeting room.  Kevin will talk to Janet Fairs about having the board meeting at the Denver public.

Awards & Trophies

  • Road ID tags as a backup gift for race directors or 30 hr vols.
  • Race director award:  Board chose the Aisics sleeveless tanks.   Doug will talk to Running Wild about ordering.
  • Volunteer award.  Bonnie will look at Fleece.  Call Ouray & Gearin’ Up.  Mike B will also look at some ideas for the volunteer gift.
  • Ideas for a trophy for the trophy series winners:  People want something a little different.  wine glasses were mentioned.  No decisions. 

Giveaway item:

  • Magnets: $2.50 each for 4-color, are too expensive.  Agreed to get cheaper 1 color version at $1.xx each.  Magnets will be black print on white background.  Use the mountain outline w/ “RMRR” underneath.  Kevin will work on artwork.


  • Lisa needs volunteer hours from the July TS race.  David Rothenburger will send to her this week.
  • Volunteer of the month: Adam Lee for help on finish line at July race + future scoring.

Requests of club:

  • Active Endurance – no need to do anything.  This depends on user’s level of access in Active.
  • No to mental health of runners study.
  • No to Martha Stewart fun run.

Succession Planning

  • Adam Lee will do course records.
  • Mike Blanchard = new to board.   Prefers to be a member at large.
  • Reviewed list of potential names for board, split up into who will talk to who.  Idea by Brian Bergevin is to get people  involved by co-directing a race.  Future board members could build from there.