RMRR August 2015 Board Meeting – Minutes

Board Meeting 27July
Deb, Dave, Scott N, David, Leslie, Jimmy, Maria, Michael

Monday July 27, 2015 6:30pm

Treasurers Report
– membership dues are low compared to last year
are we seeing declining renewals?
Race attendance is down

So what, if anything could we do to push attendance?
DO we want to do anything?

Masters – similar situation to RMRR – lowering membership, but hanging in there.
Columbines – one primary race/year; 200 member, same issues

Sponsor Report
Runners Roost – update from Jimmy F, sponsor lead
Barb is interested in an exclusive arrangement with RMRR
– they want access to members and database. In return, we get
– discount to members
– they market our club, push other things…maybe MTS??
board agrees – approach Barb and see what we could do together
– Jimmy, Dave, Lisa; set up meeting in next two weeks.
build a list of what we’d hope for, see what she expects

Trophy Race – July 12 Stone House
-Results – Trophy Race
-Comments about the race

Trophy Race – Friday July 31 6:30 pm – Goodson Rec Center 5K (Dave C, Rick R)
– Volunteers
– Race course
– Food needed
– Other race issues
>> Dave C make sure we announce credit union and how much their sponsorship benefits us.

Marathon Training Series
– Sun Aug 30 – Mike C and Mike LaPage
– Sun Sept 13 – Tim Gentry
– Sun Sep 27 – Scott Daily and Ryan T.
>> Dave C add MTS to Active.com (completed 7.27!)
Volunteer of the Month – July
Bob Basse for helping with July Race

I am A Runner – water bottles

Marketing – Lisa
Facebook slowly growing –
is there a way to increase reach my having pages for each race, or for MTS?
Deb sent email to Lisa asking about this – capture Lisa instructions from email.

Year End Gift Ideas – Deb
Stemless Wine glass popular, also luggage tags and keychain
talked about the cooling towels
Board selected the stemless wine glasses for awards, will wait to see what RR has to say – perhaps they would have a good volunteer award
Track Wed – North High 6:15pm 32nd and Federal
talked about possibility of asking people to join after three visits – turn up the heat

Water Station at Denver Rock and Roll Marathon on Half course
>> Dave will send out a note – get a volunteer to lead or we can’t do it

>> Dave will finish his list of roles, send to board this week