Board Minutes – 31May2016

Present:  Dave C., Deb C., Rick E., Dave R., Jim Mair, Scott Newman, Lisa Wilson.

  1. May Trophy Series Race– there were some problems at the finish line with the 5k race. Three (3) separate sets of instructions were provided to the volunteers about the 5k which added to the confusion.  The problem seemed to be that some of the 0.0 start time 5-milers finished the race before the 5K runners, and some Trophy Series runners started earlier than they should have.  Due to the bibs being identical for 5k and 5-mile runners it was difficult to distinguish between the two.  Dave C. has purchased separate identification tags to distinguish the 5K runners from the Trophy Series runners.  Other suggestions included a separate registration table.  Scott Newman and Dave C. will continue to work on this issue.
  2. Bible Park Race– reservations are in place for the June race. Dave and Deb C. will pick up the propane pancake griddle. Scott N. will pick up the food from Cost Co.  We need to check on utensils, napkins, plates, etc.  Dave R. has some raffle prizes which he will donate.  Scott N’s parents will cook again this year (Yeah!).
  3. White Elephant Donations– discussion about the benefits of holding a White Elephant   The consensus was that the pay-off is good for the participants but we should not do one every month, maybe just on months when there are not other after-race events such as the pancake breakfast or the pot luck dinner.  We will do a White Elephant raffle this month.  Lisa W. will post it on Face Book.
  4. July Stone House Park Run– there was a Face Book request from a non-member requesting RMRR Club assistance with a friend recovering from an injury. The request was for RMRR to map out a 2.62-mile course and have club members on-hand to cheer at the finish line.  The vote was ‘No’ since this was not a RMRR Club function.  Lisa W. suggested that the requesting person may be able to find a 5K and participate in a portion of the run.
  5. August Pot-Luck Run– DeKoevend Park Shelter C is reserved, which will possibly necessitate a course change. Discussion was held about the new course.  Arapahoe County fees added up to $169 for the 5k, which Rick E. covered and was re-imbursed.
  6. Volunteer of the Month– A big ‘Thank You’ to RMRR member Nicole Shaklee for volunteering at several events, then giving a good showing at the races. As always, the efforts of all volunteers are greatly appreciated.
  7. Face Book Update– Lisa W. gave a presentation on the best ‘reach’ times for the RMRR site. The best response continues to be following the posting of race pictures, followed by the early morning and evening hours.  Dave R. suggested ‘sharing’ the posts with running friends as a way of reaching more Face Book followers and attracting more runners.
  8. Wednesday Nite Track– attendance has been great with about 25-runners showing up regularly. The group warm-up has been really effective.  The follow-on pace groups vary in times from 5:10/min up to 12:00/min.  There was lots of discussion of various splits.  Rick E. had some inquiries as to whether new runners could still sign up.  Dave C. checked the RMRR site and determined that new runners could not sign up.  Dave C. activated the sign up link which will allow new sign ups.
  9. Volunteer Gratuities– race directors and volunteers in excess of 30-hours qualify for a nice ‘thank you’ item at the end of the year. Shirts, jackets, and fleece pants were discussed, along with beer mugs, wine glasses, stadium chairs, and picture frames.  Deb C. suggested asking the volunteers what they would like, however there is not always a lot of feedback when asked.  Rick E. suggested a bottle of wine with a Club label, or possibly a growler of beer.  Dave C. will contact Ray Sibley and see if he has any suggestions on local breweries.
  10. Kids Race– Deb C. reported we are in need of more prizes for the kids runs which follow the three short summer runs.  Lisa C. checked her car and determined there were some good prizes.  Scott will pick up more toys.