October 2014 Board Minutes – Sept 29, 2014

Meeting: Rocky Mountain Road Runners Board Meeting

Date & Time: Monday, September 29, 2014; 6:30pm

Location: BRC in Cherry Creek

Secretary: Anne Gross

In Attendance: Dave Cunningham

Deb Cunningham

Michael & Maria Lepage

David Rothenburger

Stephanie Struble

Lisa Wilson

Eric Greene

Bob Basse


1. Treasurer’s Report (copied from last meeting)

Email from Leslie Mitchell: “Hi everyone – once again, I am out of town and will miss the board meeting. I’ve attached the current financials. Of note:

Our income is down substantially from YTD 2013. Membership revenue is down by $1,700, primarily in the amount of dues paid by check. Does anyone have any checks that members have given them for renewal?

Trophy Series revenue is down as well. This is a bit of a catch-all account. Anytime there is excess cash in the cash box, it gets deposited to this account (I don’t know where else to put it). So this account tends to have big swings in it, but usually by this time in the year it has evened out. Is there excess cash in the cash box?

Expenses are in line with last year. As a reminder, we had a big purchase of Trophy Series award ribbons last year. If you take that expense out (roughly $1,000) our expenses are in line.

So overall, I am concerned about membership revenue. I went to the post office last week and collected checks from Dave Cunningham, so I think everything has been deposited that I am aware of.

Let me know if you have any questions. I am available by email, phone, or text.”


2. Trophy Race September


Needed to reroute – turned out well

Attendance lower than normal


3. Trophy Race October


Race Director: Bob & Eric

Stephanie working on volunteers, sent out email today

Eric has previewed the course; there are 2 porta-potties (not sure if they are unlocked) at Safeway,

Need 2 water stops manned (5k turnaround, 2.5 mile), 1 unmanned (mile 5 turnaround)

Stephanie will get in touch with Eric about volunteers

Bob has permits for Parker

We are on the Cottonwood HOA calendar of events!

Eric will pick up food ($100) and mark the course on Friday


4. Marathon Series


55 people on Sunday

Briefcase was missing, general organization issues with bins, pens, etc.

But we had everything we needed

MTS in general was smaller this year than normal

Was big when it was at the Goodson Rec Center and when we had Fast Forward attend

Also big when we partnered with the Colfax Marathon

Do we want to do anything to up the attendance?

-can we do one without concrete? ie one near Dick’s Sporting Goods, Arsenal or Dekoevend

-potentially a trail route? ie Bear Creek Lake Park

-posters up in stores?

-link it to existing marathons

**Deb will ask Bonnie about permitting for Dekoevend and/or other dirt options

**Rick checking out things at Rocky Mountain Arsenal


5. Volunteer of the Month September


Rob Sanchez & Harley

Scott Hogg was on top of it, always willing to help out



Cheryl Riley


Vote 4 for Scott, 1 for Cheryl


6. November Race – Rocky Mountain Arsenal


Issues with closing off areas in the arsenal because of the triathlon

Rick is checking on all of this


7. Water Stop at Denver Half Marathon


Only 8 volunteers signed up at this time

Need people showing up at 6, on until 11:00am or so

Dave needs to go out and check to see if there is power


8. Membership


Applications in all stores

If you’re in a store, check to see if you can find them

Can we make sure we are on the blackboards or events calendars of stores


9. End of the Series Gift and Trophy Series


Beer glasses coming in


Volunteer Gifts

Dave checking on these, 30 jackets – should know more in the next couple of days


Race director

Duffle bags


10. Marketing, Website, etc.


Lisa is now in charge of marketing

Dave, Lisa and Pete had a meeting to hand off previous marketing

Ideas for getting registration up in January


New website updates happening in the next couple of weeks

Add member profiles

Course records information of the upcoming race

Pull out some good information for the news ticker tape


If you have other ideas for things on the website, please email Dave


Lisa will be working on the Facebook presence


9. Track


Will talk at the next practice about whether it would be at 6:00 or 6:15

Only 4 more left, then shifts to David’s Long Runs at

River Point Shopping Center

6:00pm starting after track

Are we going to try and support slower runners?

Put it on Meetup?

Would need someone else involved if we want to have it more available for slower runners


Other weekly options?

Encourage members to post on Facebook what runs they are doing personally to grow a community sense


11. Race Schedule


Joining Trailhead Park Sept race with MTS Sun training run?

October is on Saturday because of Race for the Cure, we could probably move it to Sunday

**Proposed by Stephanie, seconded and passed to move Oct race from Sat to Sun

Sat Apr 25, last MTS, keeping it on Saturday? Cherry Creek Sneak conflicts

Rocky Mountain Road Runners Marathon?????


12. Anything Else?


Run the Rocks person coming, Carolina

Kids coming because their cross country team can’t race!