February 8, 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

Attendees:  Michael Blanchette, David Rothenburger, Rick Edrich, Lisa Wilson, Ken Shimada, Deb Cunningham

Treasurer’s Report – no comments

Year End Banquet
– How did it go?   Shorter than prior years.  Weather made people want to leave early.  Those who don’t win an award probably aren’t bored.
– Next year Tentative Sun Jan 29, 2017 –  Homestead.  Don’t need to book it until October 2016.  Rick Edrich – we used to have a race out there.  Masters have a race there.

Trophy Race – Feb 10, 2013 – Platte River Bar and Grill

  • Course is the same as last year except for a construction detour
  • Super bowl Sunday race on the path is the reason we delayed.
  • Ken contacted Pancho and we’re all set.  $120 for food.
  • Volunteer
  • Race Course 7M and 5K

Volunteer of the Month – Brent and Theresa Jockers

Volunteer of the Year for 2015 Leslie Mitchell

Marketing – Lisa
– Living Social – how did work – How many signed up ??

  • 72 new signups.
  • Get print out from Dave C for registration in case they forgot to go to run signup.  Score them as members if in doubt.
  • David will welcome them in the pre-race announcements.

– How can we promote RMRR in other ways

  • David will print race schedules.
  • David will email the word doc race schedule to Rick Edrich & Michael Blanchette

Working with the Colorado Masters
-Joint Poster??  David doesn’t know if they want to do it.  Michael will ask if they want to do the poster.  Lisa will create it.   Lisa suggest B&W.
-Colfax Relay Competition – Discussed and RMRR will not fund a relay team.

Goals for the year
– Increasing Membership.  Started out w/ Living Social.   Invite newbies to your table.  Talk to those who are by themselves.

– Email people who are on the Nov 2014 list and not on the Dec 2015 list.  Dave?

-Can we print a list of those whose membership expires in Feb.
– Increasing numbers at Trophy Races
– Increasing the numbers at the MTS – Can send info to Rev Run.   Promoting to Colfax.  Lisa & Michael will ask Mitch about what’s possible.

Track  Wed  – Done until Next Spring.  Deb fill out application & submit.
Wed night long runs at River Point shopping Center (Hampden and Santa Fe) 6pm.  David has 4-5 people running.
Also look on facebook as people have been posting runs for the next day.