January 2008 RMRR Board Meeting Minutes

January 2008 RMRR – Board Meeting Minutes

Attendees:  Kevin Downing, Bob Basse, Scott Kukel, Felix Lopez, Deb Cunningham, Holly Whelan, Bob Reilly, Stephanie Struble, Karen Voss, Doug Smith, Bonnie Keefe, Jim Chow, Brad LaBarry, Betsy and John Lyle, Mike Robbert, Janet Fairs 

Reviewed Board Positions
* Who needs keys?  Kevin/John to make a few more keys.
* Need someone to take minutes – club secretary.
Prez:  Deb Cunningham (confirmed)
VP:  Bob Basse  (confirmed)
Marketing:  Kevin Downing (confirmed)
Volunteers:  Stephanie Struble  (confirmed)
Phone rep:  Holly Whelan (confirmed).
Website:  Jim Chow (confirmed)
Track:  Scott Kukel (confirmed)
Treasurer:  Leslie Mitchell (Confirmed)
Quartermaster: John Lyle (emailed 12/8)
Running store liaison + process applications from races:  Doug Smith (confirmed)
RD:  Ric Robinette (confirmed) 
Permits:  Bonnie Keefe (confirmed + help where needed)
Permits:  Janet Fairs (confirmed)
Member at Large:  Betsy Lyle  (emailed 12/8)
Member at Large:  Mike Robbert (Confirmed)
Member at Large/liaison to vol organizations:  Karen Voss (confirmed)
Email blasts: Michelle Evans (emailed 12/8)
Membership/Renewal letters/Active.com updates:  Laurie Phenix (confirmed)
Scoring:  Brad LaBarry (emailed 12/8) and Felix Lopez (confirmed)
Lisa Champeau (track vol hrs.  Vol at a race or two)
Other potential board members:  Mike Quispe (confirmed he’ll assist w/ training).
Not on board:  Bob Reilly (he’ll help where needed)
Logistics (15 mins)
1. Jan TS
a. Permit w/ Janet
b. Fees for AIR Foundation 20-30 runners?  Try to get some of these people to volunteer.  Suggested a discounted membership for this group.  They will run for free in Jan.
c. BRC will continue to provide gift certificates.  Doug to follow up with Runners Roost Runners Wild.  Stephanie to check with Road Runner Sports.
2. January banquet  1/27 at Fox Hollow. 
a. Info updated on website.  Jim to post map on website.   Those with volunteer  and/or race director award will be emailed and asked to RSVP with # of people attending and food preference.
b. Volunteer of the Year nominees:  Doug Smith, Stephanie Struble, Brad LaBarry, Jim Chow.  Deb to email the Board to vote.
c. Betsy on food for $16/head.  Spaghetti or Beef Stroganoff.
d. Doug/Bonnie on Awards
e. RD and vol awards – Karen.  How we doing on counts & ordering?  Sling bag for volunteer and duffle bag for race director.
f. Do the slide show of pix again.  (Jim Chow) Deb to contact Ric to see if he can bring equipment.
g. Stephanie to MC
3. Attendance at January Banquet. Deb email those eligible to RSVP. 
4. Jim’s Qwest grant – what to apply it to?  Apply to AIR Foundation memberships.  Karen to contact Nick to coordinate and to get Qwest some press.
5. Sonya’s promotional event + 5% off – Mike Robbert  Sonya pleased with turn-out throughout the day.  Roughly 10-15 people took advantage of discount.
6. Printing poster- at office.  Where to distribute?   BRC, Runner’s Wild, Runners Roost, New Balance, Road Runner Sports, etc.
7. Vol of the month.  Tom Mates
8. Treasurer’s report (will do at February mtg)
9. Colfax doesn’t want to work w/ us for spring MTS. 
a. They’re content if we don’t do anything or if we do it all – all risk, all profit.  They’ll link from their website.
b. Board elected to not do anything in Feb. and March.  Maybe do something in April.
10. Scoring
a. Conclusion was that it’s something new each time causing problems.  Best bet is to make sure pullers & spikers get trained before race.
11. April race is has been changed to City Park and May to Stapleton.  Accurate schedule on website.

Goal for 2008:

Ideas- want to get ready for 50th anniversary in 2009.
* The board discussed several goals including increasing membership and increasing participation.
* 2008 goal is to increase active participation – meaning increase participation by members in key events.

Membership statistics:
Oct 2007 DB:
42% F, 58% M.  483 total members.  Avg Age = 43.  (Women 40, Men 44)

Nov 2006 DB:
42% F, 58% M.  468 total members.  Avg Age = 42.  (Women 39, Men 44)

Changes in roles:
All – Need to talk to members at TS races/RMRR events.  What brings them out,  what did they like/dislike about the event, what would make it better, etc.  Assignment for all board members = talk to new racer at Jan TS.

Newsletter Recommendations

Discussion – Kevin reviewed purpose of current format.  Kevin also gave examples of what other clubs do.  RMRR’s current format is incongruent w/ our goals.  Need to create permanent record/archive for club, but do something different to generate interest.  Separately, create a marketing piece to market. 

More on newsletter at next mtg.  Direction for newsletter:
* We agreed that the newsletter will be online only and will change formats.
* Agreed that it’ll be published less frequently – quarterly?
* Format will change to avoid reformatting of info already on the website.
* Focus on articles to build community & create interest.