January Board Meeting Minutes

January 2009 Board Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Lisa Champeau, Felix Lopez, Dave Cunningham, Holly Whelan, Bob Basse, Jim Chow, Kevin Downing, Scott Kukel, David Rothenburger, Eric Greene, Deb Cunningham, Doug Smith, Bonnie Keefe, Mike Quispie, John Lyle
Absent: Leslie, Laurie, Heather, Stephanie, Brian

-Maureen Roben is a “yes” – thank you Doug!
-Phidippides is a “yes” – thank you Jeff Olson.
-106 people at Dec ’08 TS vs 90 at Dec ’07 TS

Membership (15 mins)
-New member run results + next event (1/24 – 9am)- one person came to first run, but it was cold and right before Christmas. We’ll try again on Jan 24. Dave C add info to website.
-Link to RMRR renewals on Active. Is this hard to find? – Kevin to check on it
-Renewal issues = 47%. Felix to send out letters once a month and will check his last list to the new list to see who renewed.

Logistics (45 mins)
1. Banquet
-Awards banquet date: 1/25 (Sunday) @ Fox Hollow 6pm – Betsy/Stephanie
25 RSVPs so far. Need to know entre selections. John follow-up w/ Betsy.
-Trophies for awards banquet. – 33 mugs ordered, 2008 race posters for division winners.
-Vol and RD awards – blankets and chairs – Logo only on merchandise                                                            -Agenda: Deb overall MC & introduction of 2008 board + 2009 board & 2009 anniversary events, Ric RD Awards & Resolute Runner, Stephanie Vol Awards & Vol of the year, Brad/Felix – TS Awards, Kevin – Fast Male/Female & Racewalk.
-Joe Arrazola – Lifetime achievement award? (Ric outreach to Joe.)

2. Vol of the month – Kristi Ward

3. Qwest Grant – defer until next meeting. Deb follow-up w/ Kristen Healy because she can also apply.
a. Reporting of AIR Memberships – how many did they have last yr.?
b. Use of next $500 – defer to Feb. mtg.

4. Treasurer’s Report – not discussed

5. IPICO timing system $5500 for all – Not interested as this time

6. Adam’s suggested course revisions – Ric, Heather will review and make decision.

7. FYI: 800 number conference line expense – $18.48 for 264 minutes. Use only if needed.

Marketing (1 hr)
-Give away item for week’s worth of running – 1000 round key chains w/ new logo & URL Holly will order after the yr-end awards are here. Plan is to give out in Feb.
-Relay co-branded give away item – Chapstick from Catalyst Therapies, RMRR. How about Running Wild? Doug will approach running wild. Cost is ~$300 (we think).What do we expect of sponsors for Relay? Doug ask Running Wild about 1) Baton w/ their logo (sticker), 2) co-brand chapstick, 3) provide runners.

Website and metrics – not discussed.

Flyers for 50th w/ TS on back. Heritage not confirmed yet. Columbines no decision yet. Deb needs to confirm w/ Steve Shelton. Once finalized, print out 1000

Rocky Mtn Sports: Ad design for Feb Keeper issue was submitted. Also, article info for March issue to Karen’s contact Rebecca. (Kevin)

Nick Sterner will put promo items out at 30 races his group attends.

Groups to market to – Dave/Kevin will look into marketing plan.