March 2009 Board Meeting Minutes

February 23, 2009 meeting at Boulder Running Company.

Present: Ric Robinette, Dave Cunningham, Ray Sibley, Kevin Downing, Leslie Mitchell, Holly Whelan, Felix Lopez,  Deb Cunningham, Doug Smith, Bonnie Keefe, Karen Voss, Brock Quimby, Eric Greene, David Rothenburger, Scott Kukel


  • Club membership up to 506 people. Low was 468 in Nov 2006. Keep up the good work on the meet & greet front!
  • 109 runners at Feb TS compared to 122. Although we didn’t better last year’s mark, we had a good turnout given several people who usually attend were out.

BRC (Brock Quimby/Dave Cunningham)
Discussed how BRC can work with RMRR.  We differentiated our club from marathon training programs for Brock.   They have many people coming into the store looking to get into running – either starting from scratch, looking to run a 5k or train for a marathon.  Our niche is for the person looking for a good value and a supportive environment.  We’re not the club for a marathon training program.  We talked about a training program.  After discussion, agreed this doesn’t make sense now.

Brock is looking for the club to refer our members to his store.  He is not looking for an exclusive arrangement with us because he supports many clubs.  We’ll continue our partnerships with other stores.  He said that in the past few years, he’s seen a reduction in the number of people showing their RMRR membership cards. 

We talked about a joint promotion to market the club and get people out to the store.  Ideas include a kick off event and something for the predict run during our 50th anniversary week.

RMRR talked about giving Brock complimentary memberships for people who purchase a specific amount of merchandise.

Marketing – Kevin & Dave

  • 50th anniversary Dave’s planning – Dave passed out planning sheets for the week of the 50th.   Dave asked people to have a rough draft for their evening’s events.  Want more detailed plan by mid March and fully developed plan by the end of March.
  • Next ad in Colorado Runner – March/April – our 50th anniversary ad.  For May/June  an ad for MTS with a potential article on the value of our club – Kevin is lead on this.
  • Idea: Contact John Meier re article for 50th anniversary (Denver Post).  Yes, on our list of media contacts.
  • Runners Roost in Lakewood moving – Karen will ck w/ Sonja about an event or kick off run
  • Belinda Frazier of Scott Carpenter Middle School – club w/ 8 middle schoolers running April and May TS races.  Board Decision = Free entry for the kids to run those races
  • Sample blanket from Apex Textilgraphics.  We liked the blanket.  Ideas about using it ranged from yr end awards to ordering a quantity if people want to buy.  Holly
  • Healthy Coffee – Kristin McFerro (who said she’s been at a club race or two) would like to sell her product after our TS.  Pricing = $3-$3.50 for mocha & lattes. Okay w/ her doing so? (858)-752-3950. Board agreed it’s okay to do so, but must get own permit.


  • Race committee recommendations – Course changes were discussed.  Will likely have new courses at Bible Park, City Park.  Potentially changes from Chatfield if we have to pay $6/car permit fee.  This is what Colorado State Parks is starting to charge for access.  That’s too much for us – prohibitive.  Bonnie check w/ Chatfield and deKoevend.
  • Speeding up scoring – too long on race day, too much of a delay posting on line, database not updated for new members.  Tjhe board agreed we wouls score top 15, fast male/female and walkers only at race.
  • Membership database needs to be revamped to correct the problems.  No solution because don’t have the expertise on the board.  Specific problems cropping up- members scored as non members, new members defaulting to new each race.   
  • Scott Kukel will get the Track workouts put together so we can post to the website sometimeduring March.
  • Vol of the month – defer until next mo.
  •  Treasurer’s Report – prospective budget including 50th anniversary – Leslie.  On an apples to apples basis, the club will lose $2,000 this year.  This amount is the cost of the promotion for the 50th anniversary. Board agreed this was okay.
  • AIR Foundation selling their van for ~$4500.  Board agreed we should look at it as a potential replacement for our aging van.  Deb get VIN, make, model from Nick.
  • Mike Robbert stepping down from the board Member-at-large position for now. Replaced by Scott Kukel.


  • Qwest Grant of $500. AIR Memberships = 22 members x $30ea = $660. RMRR will use the $500 for their members, they must pay the remaining $160.   Deb and Karen talk to Nick at Sunday’s race.
  • New member run results- Felix.  Good results with three new runners. 
  • After TS brunch results good. Didn’t discuss, but will continue – Stephanie, Eric 
  • Text in renewal letter was changed to direct to RMRR site instead of Active- Laurie/Doug
  • Eric Green’s  Name Each Event – Reviewed names for Cherry Creek race:  Chilly Cherry Creek, Chilly Cherry, Cherry Creek Chill, Cherry Creek Chiller, Cold Cherry, Cherry Chiller, CC Cold, Cherry Creek Crawler, Cherry Creek Xing, Happy Feet at Cherry Creek.  With the issues with the venue ($6/head), we deferred a decision.
  •  Bill O’Dell idea – Christmas gift memberships – Ray Sibley presented his Certificate.  It looks great – Board agreed we can use it.