April Board Meeting Minutes – March 26, 2012

Stephanie, Hilarie, Deb, David, Eric, Mike, Ken, Scott K, Dave C

March Race
– Good, but need to have race director at the start to help with issues (like the falling-down start line) 

Volunteer of the Month Nominees
– Tina Akin – helped a lot over time, but never recognized.  Winner.
– Pete Szymanski – has been helping at finish line a lot since he’s not running
– Scott Dailey – lots of help, gets his daughter to join in
– Rob Sanchez – want to encourage his spirit and drive!  Waterton run was great.
Marathon Training
37 10M,
37 20M
82 signups. 
3 memberships
Had to delay start because of bathroom line.  Get another portapottie?  at least $100, and starting late not such a big deal…or is it?
We need to have more gels available at all stops, keep 10M runners from taking them home
Also good to have water and gels on separate tables so faster runners can grab easily.
Still – all agree it was a well-run race, good day.  Nice job David R!
Fathers Day Mile
– sponsor can’t support full $1500, only $750.  Do we do shirts?  Club would lose roughly $500 if we had 200 entrants.  Board agrees yet.
– light blue shirt.  Plan is to get 15-20 to stock at RR Denver for registration;
– David has marked the course and is working on certification.
– Might Rob want to look for sponsors?  Dave C talk to him.
– Dave plans to engage Rob to help with event calendar
– work on sponsors
– editorial calendar is ok – extra $200 alright
– need help with sponsors – Rob have interest?
Colfax Marathon – what will we do at the tent?  just a gear stop…but why not have club info, have registration stuff for FDMile?  Need to have someone work on this
Mike Knipps donation of $100 – how to use it?
– credit card reader?  Scott will look into what this would cost to buy and use
– sponsor track workouts for the year?  $100 is our cost for the year, and this is a nice thing to honor Mike for.
Club clock problems – what do we know about the battery?  Are we supposed to leave it plugged in?  See if I can find something online.  Stephanie to check for manual and see if it says anything.