Board Minutes 26Sept 2016

RMRR Board Meeting
September 26, 2016

In Attendance: Jim M., Scott Newman, Dave R., Mike Blanchette, Dave C., Deb C.

Treasures Report- Leslie Mitchell was not in attendance, but she sent the board an email which stated: As I have mentioned before, I have had numerous difficulties preparing RMRR financial reports. It was a perfect storm of the 1) credit union changing its Bill Pay program, 2) I switched from a PC to a Mac, which lead to 3) having to convert from Quicken for PC to Quicken for Mac. I have finally been able to convert all of our records, so the data is now accurate; however, the formatting of the reports is not working out. I have since learned that Quicken for Mac isn’t well regarded and I understand why. I’ve attached a balance sheet, as well as YTD income statements for this year and last. I am unable to prepare one report with both year’s data for easy comparison. The reports are cumbersome. We continue to keep around $23,000 in our bank accounts. YTD gross income is up $1,100, due to Membership (+$900), and Coaching (+245). We have received almost all of the Living Social revenue (they hold back for refunds) and should get the last few dollars in October
YTD expenses are lower than last year by $3,100, with the biggest difference in Membership Benefits. Overall, we have a YTD “profit” of $1,200 compared to a YTD “loss” last year of $3,000.
A few reminders: If you need a bill paid or to be reimbursed, just send me an email. You can either scan the documentation and email it to me, or mail it to me. I will order a check asap. Deb Cunningham has the checkbook and is an authorized signer if you need a check immediately. If you have any checks for the club, please get them to me as soon as possible. I am unable to attend most of the board meetings and events, so it’s best if you either drop them off at my house or mail them to me. We had a situation last month where a check to the club was returned by their bank because it was older than 3 months when I finally got it and deposited it. We incurred a fee of $33 from our bank (ouch) for the return. Please don’t hold onto checks and plan on giving them to me at a meeting or an event.

September Trophy Series Race at Trailhead Park- There were only 50-people in attendance, which was not good attendance. Mike reported that Colorado Masters only had 39-runners at their September event. Dave C. suggested Lisa W. look at better ways to market the run and determine, especially with new runners, what will get them to the races? Jim M. asked if the club had done a “new membership table” at a local running store during one of their major events as a way of getting new members. Dave C. said it has not been successful in the past. There was also discussion of a membership table at Runners Roost when they host a pancake event on October 22 leading up to the Colfax Marathon. Mike B. will talk to the Colfax Marathon organizers tomorrow night to see if there are any conflicts with other groups. Dave R. said membership and participation is a matter of getting the word out, which we have not done a good job at.

There was long discussion about keeping racers around after the races, which has been difficult lately. We have 500 runners and only 50 showed up for the September race. Why is that? There is concern that after the long races people tend to leave due to runners being spread out over the course and coming in later. There are so many races now in Denver which creates competition for RMRR events, especially if our races fall on the same day as popular local organized runs. Question: Do we want to keep the longer races, or go with races of 10K or less? Scott N. and Dave R. like the longer races and there is always the 5K option. Deb C. suggested a 5K Trophy Series Event, or possibly a series of 4 or 6 bundled races, where your best times are scored for a prize. Scott N. said the concept of a series of runs was not attractive to him. What about doing away with the handicapped starts and starting all runners together? Deb C. had the numbers for all races going back to 2005 and will send the numbers to board members for discussion at next months meeting, with an attempt to identify solutions. Bottom line is, how do we attract more runners to the club?

October Trophy Series Race- October 2, 2016 at 8 a.m., Carpenter Park 108th & Colorado- This will be a 4.5-mile loop run twice for a total of 9-miles. There is also a 5k option. Dave R. provided a map of the course and gave an overview of the event. There will be two water stops and a course marshall. There are no street crossings, with the course completely within the park boundaries. Dave R. will coordinate with Lisa W. to create a Face Book event for the run. Mike B. re-stated the importance of forwarding the Face Book event to friends to get them to the races.

Marathon Training Series- 26 runners attended the last run, with some runners travelling long distances to get to the races. Two runners came from as far away as Pueblo.

Volunteer of the Month- David Kahn donated a PC to the club which will be used for scoring.

November Race- Rocky Mountain Arsenal, Sunday November 6th 09:00 start.

End of Year Awards- Volunteers and Race Directors- Dave R. had looked into beer growlers but we would have to buy a minimum of 72. The price of about $500 from Discount Mugs and Gifts For You include a single etched logo and shipping. Mike B. will contact a woman he knows from the Cherry Creek Chamber of Commerce that has a business and may be able to help us out with promotional items. Dave C. will check with Stephanie to determine if she purchased stadium seats yet. Dave R. suggested the possibility of polo shits with embroidered RMRR logo. The polo shirts seemed to be well received by the board members. He will look into this option too. Quantity would be 25-30 and around $25 or under per item. Mike will also check into shirts and hoodies.

Track- ends in October.

Anything Else?- Dave C. provided training for the new scorers. The training went well. The agreement with them is that they will not start until the new year. The website and membership training did not take place because Dave C. was about to blow a gasket for some unknown reason. This will be rescheduled.

Next Meeting- Tuesday November 1, 2016 6:30 p.m.