September 2008 RMRR Board Meeting Minutes

Attendees:  Deb Cunningham, Kevin Downing, Holly Whelan, Jim Chow, Doug Smith, Bob Basse, Bonnie Keefe, Ric Robinette, Stephanie Struble – 2 hrs vol time

Wins on community front:

  • August TS – 94 in 2008, 79 in 2007, so more people are attending our events.
  • Georgetown bowflag – 20 people stopped by.  Good use of the bowflag at a non-RMRR event.
  • MTS – Low turnout, but still made $850 – advertising in 2009 to get numbers up?  Need 20 more participants over the course of the series to make back the cost.  Add this to the agenda for Keeper issue discussion.

Marketing (1 hr)

  • We’ve missed you letter sent? – Felix has not sent yet. He needs info from Doug to access non-renewing members.  Deb follow-up w/ Felix.
  • Denver Marathon aid station at the 10/19 race.  We will be a later aid station that should not need too many volunteers…DM to contact us at a later date with the details.  Stephanie will follow-up.  Deb will make an announcement at the next trophy series for volunteers.
  • Website – Redesign is moving ahead.  Not sure of launch date. Kevin reviewed page layout, content migration plans and ideas to give access to content contributors.  Board liked the new design and is happy we’re getting closer to launch.  Good job by Kristen Healy, Dave Cunningham, Kevin and Jim.

50th anniversary committees

  • Events – Doug Smith w/ Mike Quispe, Jim Chow, Scott Kukel, Bonnie Keefe, John/Betsy Lyle, Deb Cunningham.
    • Week’s worth of events in June or July with our staple events (Tues. Wash Park, Wed. Track and so on) and add variety to them to make them more fun.  Need to debate ideas over next few months and then set schedule in time to promote.  Next step – Doug Smith set next meeting
    • Themes – post events potlucks, ice cream socials, etc.  Discuss more during next call
    • Possible dates – Deb could not find a good race calendar for summer 2009.  Get rough ideas from this year’s calendar.  Also, check keeper issue for possible 2009 schedule.
  • Promo items – Holly Whelan w/ Stephanie Struble, Leslie Mitchell, Bob Basse, Deb C
    • Hold off on ordering small give away items until we have the events for 2009 sorted out.  Holly to order tote bags and look into ordering license plate holders. We want to order 2 of the 3 items so we have raffle prizes.  Quantities will be 100 items or more, depending on break points.
    • Short sleeve t-shirt selection –  Deb to talk with BRC regarding colors and sizes.  These will be free to those running 10 races (5/5) and can be purchased by others at cost.   Estimate cost to be ~$15.
  • Marketing – Kevin Downing w/ Karen Voss, Ric Robinette, Michelle Evans, Dave Cunningham, Deb Cunningham
    • Wait for event.  Have list of potential groups to work with, below.  Will need to match groups with each ‘event’.

Community (30 mins)

  • Adding Ric’s summary to 50th anniversary history info on website – done
  • Website write-up on RMRR teams rules- done
  • CMRA  – Ken Simons – CMRA storing equipment at RMRR office.  RMRR board needs more info to make a decision.  Need square footage needed.  Need to know how many keys are needed and who will have them.  Discussed rent as pro-rata portion of our own rent.  Note that RMRR may need to clean up the office and discard items we don’t use to make room.
  • Post race active stretching – Karen is a no for September
  • Fill in your web profile.  12 of us online now.

Logistics (15 mins)
1. Future meetings via CJ Whelan’s conference calling company?  October meeting will be in-person.  Will re-evaluate next month.
2. Chris Vanoni’s RRCA state meeting.  Who attend from RMRR?  Need date – Deb will email board.
3. Sept TS – Bob Basse & John Bullock
a. Vols – We are short…we need more.
4. Sept 13 – TS and Linda Olson’s run -coordinate van loading between Linda, TS w/ J Bullock/B Basse
5. Sept 14 MTS – Ric Robinette to direct
6. Vol of the month – Scott Newman for work volunteering at MTS races.
7. Scoring – no problems.  Questions and comments from Mike Knipps about scoring for full year.  Board discussed Mike’s comments briefly, but conjecture on who might win is just that – conjecture.
8. Fixing TimeTec timer vs purchasing a new Time Machine (white) – Doug/John Lyle.  No update.  Deb follow-up with John.
9. Database – Does Brad need Access & MS Project for the club laptop or Access only?  Resoved.
10. Van – possible replacement or rebuild engine
a. Cost to rebuild – Doug/Ken Applegate.  Too expensive to rebuild.  Short run solution = additive to seal engine.  Long run, will need replacement.
b. Donation of a newer model – eBlast was sent, but no activity.
11. Authorized van drivers –  Bob Basse & John Bullock?  Ok for Sept.
12. Succession Planning – who else on board – Eric Greene 2009
13. Assessor likes our valuation.  We’re exempt from Business property tax filing and can close this item.
50th Ideas:  Groups to market to/through
Training groups
1. Runner’s edge of the Rockies – David & Julie
2. Fast Forword sports – Mike Robbert, Steve & Jamie Walker
3. Denver Fit
4. Maureen Roben Track
5. Colorado Columbines – Carmen Kitts
6. Phidippides – Jeff Olson
7. CMRA – Ken Simons, Scott McFarlane, Dan Shaw, Lee Bengston
8. Denver Trail Runners – Adam Feerst
9. RMRR past presidents – promote Denver Runner’s email alias or LinkedIn RMRR group?
10. RMRR past members
11. John Meier
12. Ed Sardella
13. Ellen Hart
14. Matt Carpenter
15. Rocky Mountain Sports
16. Colorado Runner
17. Bolder Boulder
18. BRC
19. Runner’s Roost
20. Running Wild
21. Road Runner Sports
22. New Balance
Fitness Centers
23. Wash Park Rec Center
24. deKoevend Y