November 26, 2012 Board Meeting

In Attendance:  Jeff O, Deb & Dave C, David R, Hilarie R, Janet F, Mike Q, Ken S, Bob B, Leslie M, Eric G, Lisa C.


Membership dues are up for the year.  RCCA membership needs to be paid for next year.  The club will finish the year in the black instad of in the red.


Trophy Series Race – Westminster City Park

Jeff and Ric R directors – well done.  Good turnout for both the 9 mile and the 5 K race.  Had a new course record set.

Problem with Westminster

Soccer folks were frustrated – access to shed was difficult, people were not nice about it.  Janet – city rep says we can’t use the facility now.  We can’t charge at the site, can’t have food, etc.  Too much conflict with soccer.

–> Angie Williams – Janet to get her phone number, get it to Deb via email.  Not sure if follow-up is going to help, but….


December TS Race – Dec 2, 2012 – Wash Park 4.5 M

Lisa Champeau directing.

  • Volunteers: numbers are low
  • Race course is fine:  the club can use the diagonal to set up the race.  There is no 5k.
  • Food:  we are good on this one.
  • Other race issues, a number of kids are coming to the race.
  • –> Dave C make sure Adam L knows the race is 4.5M for scoring! (done)
  • –> Dave C see if Ed Riegert can supply raffle gifts for race (done)


Volunteer of the Month – November

Stephanie Struble for all her work arranging volunteer assignments!

–>  Everyone make sure volunteer hours are in to Lisa C


Marketing – Dave C

  • Forced to reschedule social media mtg.  Working with Christa Bell, Rob Sanchez, Carole Orsini, Jared Conlin.
  • Working with Jared on website designs
  • Discussed need for running store liaisons.  List and volunteers:
    • Runners Roost Denver – Dave and Deb
    • Runners Roost Lakewood – David
    • Runners Roost Aurora – Eric
    • No volunteers yet for BRC Littleton, BRC DTC, or Road Runner Sports in Westminster
    • –> Dave write up what we’d like each person to do, send out.
  • Dave has ad schedule from Colo Runner and will develop ads for each quarter.  First one due Dec 7
  • Would be nice if we also had plan to get presence in other places like Active, RunColo, Running Guru, Cool Running, RRCA, Racing Underground, etc.  Dave will be considering this as part of 2013 plan.
  • –> Hilarie R says she will update the membership flyer and get copies made.


Discussion of Board Action List

  • Number of tasks in club where we don’t have people to do them.
  • Need someone to manage the list, identify owners, make sure things are happening.  Normally president…but David has hands full managing Race Committee.
  • Idea:  consider a paid manager?  Someone to work 20 or so hours/mo for $20/hr?  How would we find the right person?  General acceptance of idea, need small group to get together to define.
  • –> Dave C, Leslie, Deb, ?? get together to define what this would require.
  • –> Dave C update action list and build a summary that we can share with club – see who might want to fill gaps.


Track and Group Runs

  • Track is over for the year, will start again in April.
  • Wed night long runs at River Point Shopping Center at Hampden and Santa Fe.  Runs start at 6pm; usually only a few people, but David will keep it up.
  • Possible group runs on Sat 7am – at Goodson or Cherry Creek Res. Depends of weather for location.  Bonnie is doing this sometimes, but not well publicized.
  • –> Dave check with Bonnie on plan, put on Facebook.


Year End gifts for Volunteers and Race Directors

  • Jackets or vests for the volunteers.  Picture frames for the TS winners.
  • sweats were NOT flattering – not a good idea
  • vests?  windbreaker vests?  jackets?
  • –> Deb will ask Brand Evolution guys about options they may have.
  • –> David to request Scott talk to Ouray about Jacket and Vest options


Awards Banquet

The Awards Banquet will be on Sunday January 27th at Fox Hollow club house.

–>Dave C put on website.


Next Board Meeting

Monday Jan 7, at 7pm

Note that this is AFTER the January TS Race.

October 2012 RMRR Board Meeting Minutes

In Attendance:  Jeff O. Janet F. Ken S. David R. Bob B. Stephanie S. Jared C.

Trophy Series Race – October – Cherry Creek Trail – Parker, No issues that anyone was aware of.
-Results -Trophy Race
-Comments about the race

November Trophy Series – Nov 4, 2012, 9 A.M. start. Set your clocks back 1 hour.

– Volunteers, Stephanie will get the list to Jeff & Ric.

– Race course, Ric is going to set up the course.
– Food needed, get what you need.  Bring the 4 cases of the furs sports drinks, two 1 gal of Gatorade
– Other race issues

Volunteer of the Month for October:  Stacy Totherow.

Marketing – Dave C, did not attend the meeting.
Dave Update post meeting:

  • Working with Jared to improve website.  Goal:  more usable, more entertaining, easy and quick to update basic info.  More photos up front, etc.  No timeline yet.
  • Meeting with Jared, Rob Sanchez, Jason Worrell, Christa Bell on social media improvements Thursday.  Want to determine best ways to communicate and how to build a channel allowing runners to set up informal runs.
  • Building final list of club/board activities and will send out.  Goal is to identify all key activities and have board assignments for 2013.  Send out with details by 15 Nov, discuss at December meeting.

Partner with

Track – Done until spring 2013.  Good turnout of runners this year!
Until track resumes, plan on Wed night long runs at River Point Shopping Center (Hampden and Santa Fe) 6pm.  Meet in parking lot between Target and smaller stores.  Starts this Wednesday October 31st.

Year End gifts for Volunteers, fleece pants for the Volunteers. Race Directors, Polo Shirts.

Stephanie will be out of the country for the December TS race, and Ken S will be in charge of finding volunteers.

The 2013 TS race schedule has been finalized.  Some of the dates may change if need be.

Next Meeting Monday November 26 7pm

October 2012 Board Minutes

Board Meeting Oct 1
present:  David, Deb, Mike, Stephanie, Hilarie, Dave, Eric, Jeff, Adam, Ken

TS race –  Sat October 6, 9 am Cottonwood Park – Cottonwood and Parker Road/Jordan Road 10 Mile and 5K: Parking is again at the shopping center or along the side streets.
-Race course
– Other race issues

Missing 2 and 8 M markers (the fold up ones), so need to make new ones?

MTS – not as many people. Need to do more to get the word out next year, and make sure we don’t conflict with Jeff’s sister’s race.   The Denver Marathon may have had a lot to do with the low turnout.  Also want to avoid conflict with Platte R half if we can.

Lots of discussion about David’s race schedule. Looks good, MTS balances much better with local and big marathons.

Fathers Day Mile – may try to do it again. Need to get a good permit, perhaps on Friday night. Also need someone in the club to drive it.

Marathon Water Stop – worked great. 20 people, went fine. Got lots of good stuff for the club, too – Gatorade.

Volunteer of the MonthDennis Jouett for all his MTS work.

Memberships – idea of adding T-shirt to app. Lots more work to customize with your name. Even with a simpler approach, it’s a fairly detailed process. Need someone to own this inside the Membership committee…not quite ready.
–is there a way to update the Membership letter with a pointer to the store?

Christa Bell – Facebook? Jason – Facebook?
—> Dave send email to both about how to connect socially. Facebook? Meetup?  Report back for next board meeting

–> Dave send email to Jared – next steps for web improvement?

Email list – Eric is working on it. Multiple lists possible. Limit of x emails before we start paying. We would need to

Sweatpants for volunteers, polo shirts for race directors, picture frames for TS winners.

Next Meeting Monday October 29 7pm

September 2012 Board Minutes

Sept 2012
in attendance:  David, Ken, Eric, Deb, Dave C, Janet

DeKoevend run
Went well, good potluck,

MTS on Sunday – Dave C help set up?
Sept 8 TS Race at Trailhead

Volunteer of Month – Ric R for help in Aug, consistent presence

Membership options
$20 extra for a personalized shirt; family memberships $20 per shirt.
Would the app will be processed within a month? pass out
Need someone to write out the process – concern about the process and overhead
Eric will write that up

Create new ad for next version of Derek’s magazine; check on the schedule and see when it’s due.
See how ads

Check with RNR – water stop? Dave send email to volunteer@competitor

Track workouts going well, will end in October.

David wants to try the Monday night runs at REI; hoping to build some volume there. He thinks this encourages faster runners to join us. Dave C said great, but it’s not focused at the core of the club.

our email list is difficult to work with. Want to use something different. Want to try MailChimp – they let you do up to a certain volume for free, then charge for emails beyond that. Eric is going to start out with the free offering (up to 2k addresses and up to 12k messages a month) and see how it works. Dave C and Steph work with Eric to use this.

Discussion for Next year activities

– membership keeps dropping
– energy on the board is low – people doing too much
– need to have people focused on the key roles
– talk about who should write up the roles

David reflected concerns about marketing frequency and activity – needs to be more consistent, can’t miss ads.

Next month – discuss board roles and who wants to do what.
Dave C send out email asking people to review their roles, write up what they do and how much time they spend, and come to meeting prepared to review and be ready to say if you want to continue or do something different