Depakakibo, Dennis

Name: Dennis Depakakibo
Age: 38
Birth Place : Quezon City, Philippines
Occupation: IT Director
Family:My kids Kyler and Maddy
Favorite Restaurants: None in particular. I do love Thai, Japanese and Indian
Favorite Movie:The Matrix
Favorite TV Show:Most HGTV shows, Heroes
Favorite Book: The Five People You Meet in Heaven
Why did you start running/walking: I wanted to lose weight and get fit.
Running/walking since: 2006
RMRR member since: 2006
How did you learn about the RMRR: Internet
Average Weekly Mileage: 25
Favorite Place to run/walk: Big Dry Creek Trail
Favorite Workout: When I can attend – RMRR Track Workouts
Most satisfying performance: Denver Marathon – 2006
Favorite RMRR event: Fall Marathon Training Series
What do you like about RMRR: The people are great. When I first joined, there were several members who were very welcoming and easy going.