Dicke, Ben

Name: Ben Dicke
Age: 30
Birth Place : Wichita, KS
Occupation: Actor, Director, Teacher
Family: Mom, Dad, 2 Sisters, Two Bro-in-laws, 3 Nephews
Favorite Restaurants: Jerusalem Cafe, Any place new!
Favorite Movie:Coen Brothers, Tarantino, Lean Films
Favorite TV Show: The Office, Arrested Development, 30 Rock
Favorite Book: Salinger, Tom Robbins, Tolkien
Why did you start running/walking: College XC got me started. Then I trained for a marathon my first year after grad school.
Running/walking since: 08/20/1998
RMRR member since: 01/10/2010
How did you learn about the RMRR: Ran with Joe Bearss in a RMRR 5K last winter.
Average Weekly Mileage: 35
Favorite Place to run/walk: Trails, Chicago Lakefront
Favorite Workout: Track workout
Most satisfying performance: Chicago Lakefront 50 miler
What do you like about RMRR: Running with a bunch of great folks out having fun every month!