O’Reilly, Jeff

Name:  Jeff O’Reilly
Age: 48
Born: Norman, OK
Occupation: Business Tech End-User Support
Family:Scott (son)
Favorite restaurant: Chipotle
Favorite movie: The English Patient, Joy Luck Club (but don’t let that fool you – I like movie where things blow up and bullets fly, like the Bourne movies)
Favorite tv show: Heroes – but I don’t own a TV
Favorite book: To Kill a Mockingbird (but don’t let that fool you – I lke books where things blow up and bullets fly, like Robert Ludlum’s Bourne books) (Get the theme?)
Why did you start running/walking: Cross-training when I was taking Chinese Boxing (Pa-Kua) in High School. Then when I re-started running a few years ago, it was because my self-education for a couple of years for a career-change robbed me of time for socializing and exercise. After that, I couldn’t even hold a normal conversation. So I decided to join some running groups.
Running/walking since: 1977-1982, then barely at all until 2000 when I logged 365 miles a year until 2005 when I got serious about ultra running. It’s a mid-life crisis and cheaper than a red Ferrari (almost as fun).
RMRR member since: 2005
How did you learn about the RMRR:  Google
Weekly mileage:  
Favorite place to run/walk: Summer @ Matthews-Winters, Dinosaur Ridge, Red Rocks (7-mile loop). Winters @ South Table Mountain or Apex Park
Favorite workout: Torreys and Grays (14’ers) from the chimney at the Bakerville exit (14.9 miles). PR is 3:56.
Most satisfying performance: Leadville Marathon 2007 in 5:10 – 45th out of 328 starters, Steamboat Springs Marathon 2007 in 3:42. I’m not an elite runner, but both races were executed flawlessly and Steamboat is my marathon PR.
Favorite RMRR event:  Tuesday evening Washington Park runs. There’s the regulars and there’s quite a few people that run and never show up again, and there’s visiting out-of-towners. So there’s a great mix that keeps the chemistry and dynamics moving.
What do you like about RMRR?  The nicest people in Colorado, and the member discounts at Runners Roost!
Other: I’ve done several 50K and 50 mile races, but as of Feb. 2008, I haven’t yet finished a 100 mile race. My priorities in life are my son, my health, my job, and my happiness. Ultra-running gets everything that’s left over. Eventually, I hope to finish all of Colorado’s 100-mile races, and to participate in the Leadville Trail 100 every year until my body fails me