Downing, Kevin

Name: Kevin Downing
Age: 43
Birth Place : Gagetown, MI, a town of 350 people. Know how Michigan is shaped like a mitten? Gagetown is in the center of the Thumb.
Occupation: Senior editor at Greenwood Publishing Group (a publisher of reference books)
Family: wife Cindy; son Alex (7); cats Luna, Midnight, and Comet
Favorite Restaurants: any Indian restaurant that has a good lunchtime buffet. Mmm .  . . Chicken Tikka Masala
Favorite Movie: Dr. Strangelove.
Favorite TV Show: The Simpsons, of course.
Favorite Book: My favorite authors are P.G. Wodehouse (the Jeeves and Wooster novels but especially the Blandings Castle stories) and Rex Stout (Nero Wolfe mysteries). I have read the 40+ Nero Wolfe novels, on average, twenty times each. My favorite book however, is probably either Joseph Heller’s Catch-22or James Thurber’s My Life and Hard Times.
Why did you start running/walking:  I was fat and out of shape after a lifetime of lethargy. I decided that I was going to do a triathlon for my 40th birthday. I started walking, then running. I never did the triathlon – swimming is impossible for me – but I got hooked on running.
Running/walking since:  2004
RMRR member since: 2006
How did you learn about the RMRR:  I think I Googled it.  I showed up for the 2006 Waterton canyon race.
Average Weekly Mileage: 20 to 30 per week.  
Favorite Place to run/walk:  I run a lot on the Highline Canal, but my favorite place to run is Waterton Canyon.
Favorite Workout: Any run during which I have someone to chat with. Ipods are fine, but they’re terrible conversationalists.
Most satisfying performance: The 2007 20k Volkslaufe in Frankenmuth, Michigan. My first race at sea level since I took up running. I finished the 20k in about 1:36, which is a great time for me. An announcer was calling out the names and hometowns of the runners as they finished, but they neglected to include the state, since the vast majority of runners were from Michigan. The announcer called out “Kevin Downing from Highlands Ranch, uh, . . . “ and I got to yell “Colorado!!” as I crossed the finish line.
Favorite RMRR event: I like the track workouts. I think they help me get faster. There’s always people about my level that help me push myself, and I get the chance to watch the faster runners to see what they do differently than I do. Apparently, their legs move faster than mine.  
What do you like about RMRR? That people exist to whom I can say something like “I ran a good 15 miles today” without given me a look of bewilderment.