Knipps, Mike

Name: Mike Knipps
Age: 55
Born: El Paso, Texas
Occupation: Water Resources Planning Program Manager
Family: Wife, Joy, 3 kids, 10 grandkids
Favorite restaurant: Pappadeaux’s, Mataam Fez
Favorite movie: Sleuth (movie version with Caine and Olivier)
Favorite tv show: Don’t have one
Favorite book: Unseen Rain – Quatrains of Rumi by Moyne and Barks
Why did you start running/walking: To lose weight and get into shape
Running/walking since: 1979
RMRR member since: During the 80’s, in Montana for 10y, then back in 2000
How did you learn about the RMRR: At a race I ran (1982 Rat Race?)  
Weekly mileage:   Go by time – try for 4:00+ per week running and other aerobic
Favorite place to run/walk: Green Mtn & Red Rocks area locally, San Fran/Golden Gate area
Most satisfying performance: 1:24 Rawhide 1/2M and 3:48 Pikes Ascent (both in the 80’s)
Favorite RMRR event:  Waterton Canyon 10 miler
What do you like about RMRR?  Low-key, easy-going people, great running club
Other: Started running in high school back in the late 60’s, ran 880 and mile. Stopped running until 1979 and have been running since. 80’s were the best years, ran RMRR back then low handicap of 53, best non-RMRR races were 18:12 5K and 37:52 10K. Nowadays I’m a handicap 100 and just happy to be healthy enough to do the RMRR races and run/hike trails near home (Green Mtn/Red Rocks). Waddle on!