Reddy, Heather

Name: Heather Reddy
Age: 39
Birth Place : Buffalo, NY
Occupation: Chemical Engineer
Favorite Restaurants: Anything with a patio
Why did you start running/walking: Inspired by RMRR member Rick Edrich
Running/walking since: 2003
RMRR member since: 2004
How did you learn about the RMRR: Rick Edrich
Average Weekly Mileage: 12
Favorite Place to run/walk: Wash Park or Green Mountain
Favorite Workout: Hills at Red Rocks
Most satisfying performance: Running 5k at sea level and beating my Denver p.r. by 2 minutes
What do you like about RMRR: Great people and fun monthly races. It’s nice to see improvement reflected in a change in predicted time for a given race.