March President’s Letter

Happy March, Road Runners,

We set a modern day record for attendance at the March three mile race with 140 (count ’em) participants. The great weather and short distance was a irresitable combination.  Speaking of great weather, I’m getting in the mood for summer running.  After joining Felix Lopez and our new members on Highline this past weekend wearing only shorts and a t-shirt, I’m ready!

Track practice starts on April 1.  Scott Kukel and Mike Quispe have a set of workouts to prime you for your summer racing season.  One of the highlights of the track season will be our 50th anniversary work out on Wed, June 3.  Led by former RMRR member and local celebrity Maureen Roben, the workout will feature members of most of Denver’s running groups (Masters, Phidippides, Columbines).  I’m looking forward to that one.

We’ve also reserved the griddle for our pancake pacer 2 miler on Sunday, May 31.  Depending on how many of you make it out to Bible Park, we may need that second griddle!

Summer is my favorite time to run.  Although I run year-round, my best RMRR memories are from the summer – hanging out with all of you after the cookout in August, long runs on the Highline with some buddies,  track workouts as the sun sets over the mountains.  

This summer is a time to celebrate those memories and create new ones.  Throughout our club’s 50 years, we have seen so much – newbie runners completing their first 5k, celebrity athletes joining us for a race, members of foundations like Achilles Track and AIR coming out to run with us, school kids training for a marathon mile, and finally some of our older members hanging up their running shoes.  I’m proud of our history.  Throughout the years, we have provided a low cost events for everyone.  Our all ages/abilities message is more than a message.  It’s the way we run RMRR. 

I invite you to be a part of our celebration this year.  No matter how fast or slow your are, we’ve got something for you!