Relay and Team Running

Another way to get out there and RUN is to form or join a Rocky Mountain Road Runners team. Have you ever wanted to run a marathon but were deterred by all those race miles and all the miles required of a training regimen that’s just a little bit beyond you?  Well, consider running a marathon as part of a relay team and reap the benefits and bragging rights of accomplishment without all the pain and suffering. 

If you want to run with or get to know other club members, talk it up on your training run or at the Trophy Series Races and pull together a team for the social experience. Or, if you have that competitive urge to stand on the podium with your super-star pre-Olympic training partners, sign them up as members and/or round up the Club’s fastest and make RMRR proud!

There are several relay/team events in our Denver area each year, each having multiple age and gender categories.  Check race websites for information.

To encourage you to get out there and run in our membership area with your fellow members, the Club has a policy of offering RMRR-identified teams (RMRR in team name and with Club attire of some form) a stipend of $10/runner (think of it as gas money to get you there!) and volunteer hours for the team organizer.  See or contact, for additional encouragement or details.