December 2010 Board and General Meeting-11/29/10

December Board and General meeting  11/29/10

Absent:   Holly Whelan, Ray Sibley, Stephanie Struble

 In attendance:  Jeff Olson, Dave Cook, Scott Kukel., David Rothenburger, Leslie Mitchell, Eric Greene, Deb Cunningham, Kevin Downing,  Ken Shimada, Lisa Champeau, Hilarie Ryals,  Adam Lee  & Bob Bassie.

Guest:  John Perez.

  RMRR Dec 2010 Minutes:

  • This is Deb C’s last board meeting as President.
  • The board members have been confirmed for 2011. Doug Smith, Heather Ready, & Aurora do not want to be on the board in 2011.
  • Combined calendar w/ Masters .  Needs a revision – David R will follow-up.
  • Sandra Clemons – photographer – Leslie said that she will see Sandra on Wednesday to confirm if Sandra will be there on Sunday.


  • Vol & RD awards
    • RD Award:  Doug ordered Asics shirts.  Volunteer awards? Deb will follow-up with Doug/Bonnies to see if the jackets have been ordered.
    • Volunteer of the year Award: Names of potential award nominees were identified.  Deb to coordinate vote
    • Award for the 2010 TS winners: Hillary & Deb will look for some award to get for the TS winners.
    • Volunteer & Awards Banquet, Sunday January 23rd  at 6:00 P.M at the Fox Hollow gulf club house.

2011 Club Goal:

  • Hood to Coast movie.  Club will promote event minimally in our January eblast and on the website or face book page. 
  • Find a Track to use somewhere in Denver.  Deb to follow-up  w/ DPS contact in January.  South HS would be ideal location.
  • 5K races for TS races that are 5 miles or longer. Starting in January since the January race is a 10K. Will use bibs for the 5K race.  Cost will be same as TS.  Free for members, $10.00 for non-members.  Awards for fast Male & Female in the 5K TS Races.  No season points total.  5K results don’t count towards full year TS standings.
  • Father’s day one mile race, on a Friday Night in June. The race committee will find a place to have this race.  Work w/ Ray on logistics.

Logistics (30 mins)

Dec Race: (Lisa Chapeau)  

  1. Ben White/Brown Elementary School – kids will be running again, but will only run 1 lap, 2.3 miles. Cost is $2.00 per kid capped at $30 for the group. The kids will wear bibs.
  2. Vols, may be a few short, but might be able to get by with who is signed up to Volunteer.
  3. Need to buy more pins for the TS race tags! & with the additional races in 2011.  Hilarie will purchase some pins.

Race Committee: (Bob Bessie, David Rothenburger, Dave Cook, & Mike Quispe)

  • 2011 TS schedule:  The September TS race will be Saturday September 10th.
  • 2011 MTS schedule, August 14, & August 28th. Dave R will e-mail any changes to the MTS schedule to Deb C.


  • Training: Wednesday night training run at Riverfront at San Fe & Hampton. Meet at 5:45, start running at 6:00 P.M. 

Membership: – Eric Green

  • Membership is down – 349 families Apr 2010 vs 320 families now.   500 members Apr 2010 vs 462 in October.
  • Board agreed that we will not make phone calls to members. Will suspend calling members.
  • Next board meeting will be January 3rd at the Whole Foods on Colorado Blvd.

2011 Board Confirmed

  • David Rothenburger – Prez
  • Deb Cunningham – VP
  • Kevin Downing – Marketing + running store liaison
  • Jeff Olson – secretary
  • Dave Cook – quartermaster
  • Janet Fairs – permits
  • Dave Cunningham – no to marketing.  Yes to scoring & web upkeep
  • Scott Kukel – committee
  • Lisa Champeau – vols hours
  • Bonnie – permits
  • Leslie – Treasurer
  • Mike Quispe – Race Committee
  • Eric Greene – Membership
  • Ken Shimada –  Assist Stephanie & Lisa as volunteer coordinator
  • Hilarie Ryals – Marketing
  • Adam Lee – scoring, club records
  • Unconfirmed:  Ric R, Karen V, Stephanie, Holly