RMRR Board of Directors

What the Board Does

The RMRR Board of Directors handles planning and managing club operations.  The board consists of a five member Executive Committee of consisting of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Marketing Director and Secretary. There are 10 additional board members: Volunteer Coordinator, Sponsor Liaison, Webmaster, Quartermaster, Scoring, and at-large activities. Finally, there are several volunteers in critical functional roles who regularly attend meetings.

You can see the Open roles below…we would love to fill them!  Talk to Lisa or any board member if you’re interested.

Where we meet

Board meetings are held on the Monday before each Trophy Series race at various locations.  Meetings usually begin at 600p.

2018 Board Members

Executive Committee

  • President:  Lisa Wilson.   Lisa is responsible for the overall operation of the club.
  • Vice President:  Mike Blanchette.  Mike is responsible for executing key club activities and strategies for the year.
  • Treasurer:  Leslie Mitchell.  Leslie is responsible for RMRR finances.
    We’re looking for an assistant to learn the ropes and be able to fill in for Leslie when she’s on one of her many fun trips.  Let Dave C know if you’re interested!
  • Secretary:  Open!  This person takes the minutes at our board meetings and makes sure people are doing what they said they would!
    We’d love to find someone to take this on.
  • Marketing:  Lisa Wilson.  Lisa designs the club marketing strategy for the year and leads marketing activities.


  • Scoring:  Scott Newman (board lead) with David Kahn and Dave Cunningham.  This team has smoothed out the scoring process and made it easier for us to track our runners.
  • Race Committee:  David Rothenburger (board lead) with Deb Cunningham.
    David develops the race schedule for the year, designs new courses, and helps us deal with all race-related issues.  They also determine where we race, developing new courses and updates to existing courses.
  • Volunteer Coordinator:  Open! – Dave Cunningham interim
    This person lines up volunteers for all of our club events and maintains reported volunteer hours in our tracking spreadsheet.
  • Sponsor Liaison:  Open!  This person builds a list of sponsor liaisons who report sponsor updates, gather raffle prizes, and make sure RMRR forms are in stock in local running stores.  Jimmy also initiates relationships with new sponsors.
  • Quartermaster:  Open!  The quartermaster keeps our equipment in great shape by fixing  what breaks.
  • Membership Database Coordinator:  Sandra LeBlanc.  Sandra manages membership activities through our RunSignup database.
  • Website Manager:  Dave Cunningham and Nate Lyons.  Dave is responsible for overall site content and structure (what pages show up where).  Volunteer Nate Lyons keeps up the monthly results posting and race info.
  • At Large Members – Cori Diekmeier, Ang Hamel, Rick Edrich:   These are board members without specific responsibilities.  They participate in board meetings and get involved in key club projects.
  • Permits:  Janet Fairs (board) and Bonnie Keefe.  Bonnie is a veteran at securing permits for our events and assisting with course mapping.  Janet secures permits for many of our trophy series and MTS venues.

Non-Board Key Volunteer Roles

  • Track Workouts:  David Rothenburger   David puts together the track workouts and leads the group at our Wednesday track sessions.
  • Special Events:  open.  These people organize special events like the annual banquet and the Denver Marathon water station.

Click here to view the minutes from the board’s monthly meetings.

Become a Board Member

We are always looking for members interested in participating on the board–we need you!  For more information or to join the RMRR board, please email Dave Cunningham or call Dave at three oh three 550 5848.