How to Win the Trophy Series…in 10 Easy Steps!

Thanks to Adam Lee, lead scoring expert, for these tips.  Follow these and you, too, can be a Trophy Series winner!

  1. Run all 12 races
  2. If you can’t make all 12, then run at least 10.
  3. As long as you haven’t missed more than 2 races, look at your average points per race to gauge your progress rather than the total points. If you miss a race early in the year, your points will be low and won’t reflect your real placement.
  4. Pass more runners than pass you.
  5. Don’t blow out your handicap by going too fast at any of the races. Remember if you run too fast during the short summer races, you might have problems once the long fall races roll around.
  6. Gradually improve your handicap throughout the year.
  7. Run hard at the bad weather races. When it is icy or cold out, most people won’t beat their handicaps, so you don’t have to either to place in the race.
  8. Try to finish in the top half of every race.
  9. Try not to have more than 2 bad races, since you can drop the two lowest.
  10. Start at your scheduled start time; you’ll get to run with your peers and they’ll push you to hold your pace.

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