EVERYONE’S Race – The Trophy Series

Everyone – slow, fast, or in-between –  can win  at RMRR Trophy Series races.  With our handicap scoring system, we predict YOUR finish time based on recent running results, giving you a great goal to shoot for whatever your speed.  Just show up an hour before the start and we’ll get you ready for your race.  It’s an easy and inexpensive way to race with some great people.

The Trophy Series is RMRR’s monthly race series featuring a handicap scoring and starting system.  Participants are given different starting times based on ability. In theory, everyone finishes at the same time. Racers of all abilities have an equal chance of winning.  Each race in the series is in a different location in the Denver Metro area, and the distances vary from 2 to 10 miles.

2019 Calendar

2018 TS results!

How to Win the Trophy Series in 10 Easy Steps

The Trophy Series is open to all runners and race-walkers.  The races are free for members, and non-members pay $10 (race-day registration only).  Just come to the race at least 45 minutes early to register–it’s easy.  Or make it even easier…join RMRR today on RunSignup.com!  You’ll have your tag waiting for you at the start.

The Race

At each race, slower runners and race-walkers start first.  Increasingly faster racers are sent off at specific intervals over time.  At the longer races (10 miles), the last runner may start as long as 60 minutes after the first ones.

In theory, everyone will finish at the same time. This makes the finishes fun and exciting as the early starters try to hold on while the later starters try to pass.  After each race, ribbons and great fanfare are given to the top 15 finishing runners, top 3 race-walkers, and the fastest female and male runners.

Handicap System

Each racer is assigned a handicap ranking based on performance at previous Trophy Series races. That ranking is used to determine your start and predicted finish times at the various distances of our races.

Click here to view the Trophy Series Handicap Pace Charts (Excel file).

If you beat your predicted time, your ranking will go down and you’ll start later in the next race. If you go slower than your predict, your ranking goes up.

Keeping Score – the Series

Members earn points in various categories at each race:

  • Trophy Series Runners (using the handicap formula)
  • Trophy Series Race-Walkers
  • Scratch (straight time measurement) Male and Female Runners

The first place racer in each category earns 100 points. The following racers earn lesser points based on their finish, depending on the number of finishers, down to 20 points for the last finisher. Only members are included in the scored results.

You accumulate points at each race throughout the year towards the series titles (runners, walkers, scratch). The series titles are based on your best 10 of 12 races. So, we drop your scores from your worst 2 races, which may include races you miss. After the end of the year, trophies are awarded to the high scorers in each of the above categories — typically the top 20 for the Trophy Series runners, top 3 for race-walkers, and top 5 for each of the scratch categories.

In addition, there is the Ric Robinette Resolute Runner award which goes to the person with the most Trophy Series points accumulated over the previous 4 years.  Ric had his name added to the award because he’s been one of the club’s most active members for many years, and he’s one of the finalists each year!

New Runners

If you haven’t run a Trophy Series race before, just show up on race day. You don’t need to pre-register; just arrive 30-40 minutes early to sign up.  The race fee for non-members is $10.

At your first race, we will assign you a start time based on your recent race pace. Our race starter reads off start times, and when your time comes up, off you go.  Don’t worry if you are faster or slower than your estimate–all first time racers earn the same amount of Trophy Series points in their first race, so you can enjoy experiencing that first race without worrying about scores.

Trophy Series – Lots of Benefits

  • It’s free for members and only $10 for guests!
  • You don’t have to be an elite runner to win a race.
  • Track your improvement over time using the HCP Race in a fun and friendly environment.
  • Meet new friends who like to run like you!