February 2018: Platte River Bar and Grill – Trophy Series 7M and 5k

Come join us for one of our most fun race days!  Our February 7M and 5k races happen on February 11 at the Platte River Bar and Grill on S Santa Fe.  This is a club favorite because we can stay warm inside before the race, run on a nice course, then come back to great food and drink at PRBG.  And this year there’s more – a great raffle to follow the race.  RDs Jeff Hesse and Michael Blanchette are planning quite the day!

Our course goes north on the South Platte bike path, then turns around and comes back on the opposite side of the river.  It’s a nice fast course that’s easy to follow and well-marked.

After the race we’ll have awards and some club-sponsored food and drink inside the bar.  That’s where the raffle will happen as well, so stick around after you run to get a chance to win something.  You can also get a beer and your lunch –great way to finish up the morning and thank our hosts at the Platte River.

Race Day Details

Date:   Sunday February 11.
Time:   9am start.  Show up at least 45 minutes early to get your tag and warm up.  Don’t make the volunteers wait for you – they want to run, too!
Course:  race runs on the South Platte concrete bike paths.
Location:  Platte River Bar and Grill in Littleton on Santa Fe south of Bowles.
You’ll find registration and bathrooms inside, race start west of the parking lot
in back of the bar.
Google Link: https://goo.gl/maps/Gv86Xshgh542

We’re always looking for running and non-running volunteers, so please help out if you can!


RMRR Board Jan 14, 2018

RMRR Board 2018
January 14
Infinite Monkey Theorem
Lisa, Ang, Deb, Rick, Scott, David K, Dave C, Mike B
Decision:  eggplant for veggie, meatballs for meat
Award Presentations
Lisa – overall MC
TS – Deb and Ang
>> Deb will write up some comments for each winner
Scott – Resolute Runner
Records – Dave C
Scratch Women – Lisa
Scratch Men – Dave K
Racewalkers – ??
Volunteer of the Year – Dave C
>> Deb will email people who will win and have NOT RSVP’d for the banquet
Spero’s – big room with a bar.  People can start wine tasting once they arrive.  Bigger pours at dinner.
Volunteer of the Year
determined, announced at banquet
Jan Race
Race went well, course well marked.  Many liked the idea of two distances (5k and 10k) starting in different diorections.  Still lots of people starting at 0:00, not sure how we should handle that.
Need more volunteers – chronically short.
VOM January
Jesus for coming when hurt and running the finish line.
Feb Race
Jeff and Mike lots of raffle stuff:  race entries, running books, Jeff H getting more, gift cards.  should be great.  Jason R can’t come speak, but is donating a book.
>> Dave C send Frankie info to Michael Blanchette
>> Michael set up signs on course one week prior
March Race
March – gear swap?
Agreed to move to April for better weather.  Encourage everyone to bring something
income flat, fairly good shape
Year End awards
  • glasses coming  for volunteers – Deb and Dave will bring
  • towels coming for RDs – Deb and Dave will bring
  • shirts ordered for TS winners – Lisa will pick them up
$250 from Pearson courtesy of David K for local clubs – way to go David!
Lisa – Marketing
MailChimp – volunteer and mailchimp emails set for the year
Co Runner – all entered
Facebook – race and other updated created for the year
Encourage sign in each race into new book
Scoring –
>> Dave and Dave and Scott will meet and discuss how to manage better
>> Rick R will send what he’s done in Excel
>> Dave C will send Adam the Dec DB and ask him to determine how to fix YE results.
Agreed to say no to club glasses as raffle prizes – too expensive, 1 color is no good.  Maybe look for another source?

December 2017 Board meeting

Leslie Mitchell, Deb Cunningham, Lisa Wilson, Ang Hamell, Michael Blanchette, Rick Edrich
Sunday Dec 17  4pm
Leslie – financials
roughly flat for 2017
more race expenses, but more membership $$ make up for it
surprised that we were this close to a balanced year.
Homestead harder to work with this year, but Deb is figuring it out.  Banquet will be on Sunday Jan 28.
Mugs for TS – decided.  Deb will manage this.
Volunteers – Pint Glasses.  Deb will order, and we will decide later what to put inside them…$10 Amazon or Target cert?
RDs – want to try backpacks
What about…Orange Mud towels?
Leslie will check with Orange Mud to see if we could get a big discount.
Deb said the glasses would be good for general giveaway or purchase.  Plan is to get 24 glasses for volunteers, 24 without engraving for raffle prizes through the year.
January – Trailhead park, location change
>> Create web page with this info and publish.
foulup in the chutes and scoring.  Resolved, but took lots of time.
frustration about people volunteering but standing around talking
need to have more instruction to volunteers
Dave frustrated trying to do this and lots of other stuff.  Not enough people volunteering time.
Things that could help
Make 0:00 starters help at the finish or some other way.
Set up longer chutes – agreed
Lisa will manage volunteers for now
need to send email two weeks ahead…Dave’s been sending out too close to the race.
Calendar – update on the web with this info.
Race Locations
  • Sept move to Carpenter Park?  No – PR Trailhead on same day as MTS, 1oM
Sept / october
Sept – Westy, 10M
Oct – Thornton, 8M
VOY award
  • Ken – where is trophy?
    • could be in office or at trophy company.  Deb/Dave check the office, Lisa will call Crown Trophy.
  • nominees
    • Ed Gussie –
    • David – lots of work, MTS
    • Rick E – coaching
      Lisa will manage voting
VOM for December – Jeff Hesse
Sandra Pirano – ask Ric to call her
Referrals – Dave update the membership form on RunSignup to add a referral coupon.  We can then announce how this will work.
Problems with current system – year end results not coming out.  Dave C has sent email to Adam Feerst asking for any knowledge of how to help.  2017 year end all done manually by Dave.
Banquet – Jan 28, Deb managing

2017 RMRR Year End Results!

2017 was a great running year for RMRR…and now our final results are in!

We have 4 running and racewalking categories, and we also have the Ric Robinette Resolute Runner award for the member who has scored the most points over the past 4 years.   Over the years many fine area runners’ names have topped these lists…and now some of yours are there, too!

We had some scoring system difficulties this year, so the results will look a little different than in years’ past.  All tables are in winning order, and you can review the appropriate “top 10” column on the right for the final scores.  That represents the sum of the best 10 races for that runner for the year.  We discard the lowest 2 races, so your best 10 are what you’ll see.  This is true for both the Trophy Series (ability-adjusted) and Scratch results.

This year’s race for the Trophy Series running crown was REALLY close!  Deb Cunningham wins this time by less than 3 points over Rob Sanchez.  Rick Edrich came in third 5 points back.

In the Racewalk category we have a new champion!  Jan Hill wins the category, followed by Michael Blanchard and Janet Fairs.

The Scratch category awards those consistently running the fastest in our races.  For the women, Deb Cunningham wins the Fastest Female title, with Sabine Preisinger and Cori Diekmeier coming in second and third.  For the men, Eric Greene once more finishes first, followed by David Rothenburger and Scott Dailey.

Finally, for the Resolute Runner award…we shift the order of last year’s top three.  David Rothenburger outpoints Scott Newman for first, and Eric Greene came in third.  These are the most consistent runners in RMRR for the last 4 years, and you can bet they have done a lot of running to get there!

Thanks to all of you for your running and support of RMRR.  We can’t continue without your support and your help bringing new people to the club.  Please tell all your friends and let’s boost our numbers and participation next year.  We want more runners!

TS Runners 2017

NAMETS PlaceTotal TSTS Top 10Total ScratchScratch Top 10
Cunningham, Deb1883.914775.2581150.609971.215
Sanchez, Robert2870.559772.61683.823582.395
Edrich, Rick3820.662767.389674.945593.915
Rothenburger, David4813.876725.6071060.489977.632
Robinette, Ric5723.542701.154441.786420.357
Greene, Eric6781.699681.9861198.9331000
Rodgers, Bill7671.628671.628641.39641.39
Dailey, Scott8716.384664.5391015.554928.578
Browning, Jeff9685.685653.745754.02706.327
Newman, Scott10723.995639.738910.094778.865
Serafini, Paul11638.663638.663557.015557.015
Cunningham, Dave12629.407629.407668.172668.172
Preisinger, Sabine13629.303629.303966.876966.876
Maurer, Kortney14638.397616.067498.257472.542
Pilkington, Joshua15614.9614.9897.965897.965
Hopkins, Michael16598.983598.983798.943798.943
Shea, John17587.438587.438370.668370.668
Olson, Matt18610.278577.143905.621837.05
Basse, Bob19567.713567.713718.675718.675
Olson, Jeffrey20620.534556.798424.314368.858
Torrez, Richard21555.522555.522184.792184.792
Tripp, Charles22520.219520.219425.824425.824
Brand, Matthew23517.301517.301598.985598.985
Finch, Emily24517.234517.234458.146458.146
Diekmeier, Cori25534.713508.743771.399724.733
Koster, Maranke26498.289498.289665.277665.277
Kanieski, Robert27482.51482.51516.275516.275
Smith, John28479.162479.162397.225397.225
Rockwood, Brandon29459.735459.735651.413651.413
Applegate, Ken30456.523456.523438.671438.671
Finch, Jack31448.539448.539302.024302.024
Reilly, Robert32440.744440.744261.314261.314
Preisinger, Sebastian33438.482438.482546.9546.9
Daniels, John34431.108431.108436.213436.213
Lam, Chewey35430.302430.302345.166345.166
Stevens, Cheryl36416.356416.356431.54431.54
Shaw, Dan37413.147413.147377.977377.977
Gunzner, Andrew38411.991411.991421.018421.018
Scott, Nikki39407.931407.931569.265569.265
Scheibe, Charles40407.349407.349264.473264.473
Duran, Tom41392.303392.303215.639215.639
Beebe, Kerry42385.535385.535382.804382.804
Kuck, Kerry43380.638380.638336.89336.89
Lyons, Grace44377.508377.508280.602280.602
Wiltse, Jennifer45372.538372.538379.264379.264
McCush, Jackie46370.163370.163452.387452.387
Dugas, Benjamin47366.712366.712365.864365.864
Lyons, Nathan48365.994365.994249.038249.038
Mather, Carl49365.603365.603482.865482.865
Labarry, Brad50361.13361.13432.38432.38
Finch, Janice51360.604360.604164.26164.26
Ramos, Johnny52358.26358.26404.087404.087
Hasseman, Mark53353.262353.262255.517255.517
Petersen, Dale54352.385352.385308.069308.069
Kitts, Carmen55348.433348.433257.587257.587
Tibert, Robyn56347.528347.528489.938489.938
Turbyfill, Ryan57344.949344.949477.936477.936
Nguyen, Ha58341.498341.498407.088407.088
Kahn, David59338.764338.764292.893292.893
Marshall, Katie60334.846334.846354.642354.642
Blanchette, Michael61330.462330.462411.465411.465
Bengston, Lee62329.028329.028192.096192.096
Shimada, Ken63328.281328.281258.593258.593
Mott, Kristin64358.41326.76381.466323.371
Mitchell, Joe65324.304324.304258.171258.171
Hunt, Steve66323.314323.314179.242179.242
Walker, Ariel67322.328322.328254.245254.245
Gentry, Tim68307.549307.549372.422372.422
Look, Harley69305.395305.395305.643305.643
Allendorf, Brett70304.166304.166344.994344.994
Walker, Rebecca71302.158302.158217.808217.808
Cecere, Matthew72302.151302.151549.012549.012
Hill, David73300.64300.64333.571333.571
Cecere, Christa74300.369300.369341.532341.532
Fleischhacker, Ken75299.906299.906202.824202.824
Cosper, Michael76291.421291.421291.514291.514
Ross, Beth77287.096287.096376.923376.923
Quispe, Michael78276.199276.199508.47508.47
Kukel, Scott79272.846272.846391.425391.425
Braun, George80267.591267.591325.458325.458
Mudron, Larry81264.582264.582161.954161.954
McCush, Vince82262.488262.488125.027125.027
Williams, Laurie83262.153262.153331.266331.266
Dugas, Bennett84258.431258.43169.08169.081
Diaz, Matt85253.957253.957234.396234.396
Hess, Dean86253.507253.50797.06997.069
Batz, Dylan87249.222249.222203.405203.405
King, Ed88242.206242.206310.491310.491
Martinez, Ethan89242.191242.191287.322287.322
Look, Susan90241.003241.003303.17303.17
Hnizdil, Olga91239.918239.918184.635184.635
Maurer, Joe92239.112239.112253.081253.081
Flynn, Erin93227.548227.548290290
Asplund, Gregory94226.365226.36585.6885.68
Hamel, Angela95225.759225.759160.717160.717
Kelling, Patrick96225.63225.63176.171176.171
Ross, Jeff97225.626225.626337.401337.401
Fier, Kaitlin98221.129221.129231.178231.178
Dunning, Ryan99216.857216.857257.959257.959
Greenwald, Jerry100211.594211.594232.479232.479
Dunning, Todd101208.382208.38292.32792.327
Daily, Todd102208.14208.14152.709152.709
Olson, Leanne103207.738207.738244.312244.312
Hogg, Scott104207.378207.378317.761317.761
Brindle, Jayme105205.538205.538284.615284.615
Luhrs, Pamela106196.892196.892119.456119.456
Finch, Eric107196.157196.157248.038248.038
Gedala, Rebecca108196.078196.078236.41236.41
Bullock Jr., John H.109195.866195.866216.652216.652
Diaz De Leon, Kevin110193.171193.171155.99155.99
Drechsel, Randy111193.006193.006121.568121.568
McFarlane, Scott112187.413187.413131.988131.988
Duenas, Llanira113185.663185.663328.19328.19
Downing, Kevin114184.914184.914146.071146.071
Henderson, Lynn115184.032184.032172.94172.94
Wilson, Linda116182.244182.24489.77889.778
Debs, Jody117181.999181.99988.31988.319
Sager, Michael 118175.592175.592267.162267.162
Wiegler, Steven119173.23173.23157.312157.312
Dill, James120172.06172.06140.565140.565
Jouett, Dennis121165.707165.70770.69670.696
Dugas, Jessica12215915949.54449.544
Rodgers, Elinor123158.919158.91961.92661.926
Drechsel, Kimberly124158.534158.534247.912247.912
Piccarreto, Tim125158.161158.161116.762116.762
Batz, Dylan126157.989157.989132.205132.205
Mark, Travis127156.078156.078160.245160.245
Asplund, Gregory128155.385155.38558.21358.213
Aguiniga, Jessica129155.033155.033161.039161.039
Gray, Rob130154.473154.473157.684157.684
Lee, Adam131152.336152.336163.183163.183
Heslinga, Tina132151.326151.326125.128125.128
Dugas, Reyna13315115184.0784.07
Corrington, Lance134149149171.797171.797
Navarro, Alex135148.997148.997205.782205.782
Blanchette, Michael136148.286148.286148.571148.571
Lynn, John Calvin137147.707147.70787.00487.004
Bergevin, Brian138145.838145.838129.451129.451
Robbins, Thomas139142.745142.745198.14198.14
Wilson, Bruce140139.034139.03489.11589.115
Feerst, Adam141138.226138.226175.333175.333
Hayen, Lisa142137.406137.406151.282151.282
Novak, Louis143136.155136.155101.231101.231
Serafini, Ruth144135.55135.55226.185226.185
Ross, Becky145133.963133.96396.1496.14
Spree, Ed146133.638133.638180.185180.185
Rodgers, Sara147132.75132.75209.664209.664
Tillis, Ken148127.02127.0288.4388.43
Lake, Courtney149126.531126.531149.414149.414
Labarry, Steve150124.324124.324167.787167.787
Shaklee, Nicole151123.017123.01775.38575.385
McCush, Nam152121.585121.58545.72845.728
DeFelice, Paul153117.757117.757118.596118.596
Wiltse, Gabriel154117.546117.546132.811132.811
Kumpf, Howard155117.157117.15762.92862.928
Mitchell, Krista156115.449115.449241.11241.11
Litman, Michael157113.808113.80891.30291.302
Keyes, Michael158112.342112.34299.48199.481
Roberts, Sherry159112.173112.17382.42482.424
Cole, Hallie160109.804109.804137.641137.641
Radner, Hannah161100100100100
MacLean, Abby16110010089.09189.091
Turbyfill, Angie16110010052.82152.821
Linares, Nuria16499.21699.21632.30832.308
LeBlanc, Sandra16598.80698.80627.27327.273
Baca, Peggy Sue16698.72398.723181.882181.882
O'Farrell, Jitka16796.92396.92386.66786.667
Walker, John16896.89396.89352.43252.432
Kepros, Laurie16996.11796.11771.42971.429
Harvey, Maureen17096.07896.078158.074158.074
Alexander, Bryce17195.63295.63253.98253.982
Reddy, Heather17295.1295.12114.952114.952
Hopkins, Liam17394.63494.63466.93866.938
Phillips, Jeremy17492.94192.94166.93366.933
Eiler, John17591.94591.94560.14760.147
Champeau, Andre17691.37391.37328.53328.533
Serafini, Nicholas17790.84690.846106.484106.484
Gallant-Pierce, Sharon17890.58890.588100100
Talley, Charles17987.45187.45180.880.8
Goerke, Leigh18086.27586.275155.692155.692
Mitchell, Leslie18185.94685.9468080
Alexander, Kristin18285.51785.51787.51987.519
Westley, C. Ross18385.11585.11550.87650.876
Dugas, Hazel184858564.84264.842
Wilson, Lisa18584.19584.195130.883130.883
Juarez, Deserae18678.50778.50785.45585.455
Coleman, Rich18776.7876.7893.25293.252
Dailey, Paige18871.99771.99759.63459.634
Turbyfill, Noah189717184.56184.561
Perez, John19070.57570.5754848
Pierce, Andy19170.19670.19658.458.4
Quintanilla, William19267.76167.76171.42971.429
Dailey, Pam19361.11661.11655.67855.678
Borealis, Pamela194606095.89795.897
Glass, Daniel194606094.66794.667
Resman, Mike194606092.55892.558
Johnson, Kacey194606091.11191.111
Fester, Lindsay194606090.76990.769
Kuker, Jenni19460608888
Gaffaney, Michelle194606085.45585.455
Hasseman, Ben194606080.35180.351
Mann, Felicia194606079.04879.048
Briggs, LeRoy194606077.14377.143
Diaz, Emily194606076.66776.667
Phillips, Finn194606074.474.4
Pinchuk, Bryan194606069.33369.333
Curci, Bob194606068.64968.649
Tobin, Alison194606068.42168.421
Sears, Sarah194606063.63663.636
Phillips, Jamie194606061.661.6
McAvery, Shermon194606057.33357.333
Eigenberger, Paul19460605656
Sandberg, Debra194606054.66754.667
Borealis, Jacob194606054.13354.133
Kline, Paul194606053.68453.684
Dean, Paula194606053.33353.333
Wiltse, Orlena194606052.59352.593
Pelo, Jenny194606050.76950.769
Newman, Rebecca194606049.6349.63
Undercoboer, Lisa194606046.66746.667
Smith, Brittany194606045.26345.263
Hunt, Samantha194606044.76244.762
DeFelice, Jaime19460604444
Groen, Gina194606043.15843.158
Christopherson, Pam194606041.33341.333
Pelo, Lawrence194606040.26740.267
Forsberg, Anna19460604040
Kramer, Deborah194606039.04839.048
Phillips, Max194606038.13338.133
Kostner, Barbara194606036.4136.41
DeFelice, Emelia19460603636
Ingram, Emily194606034.54534.545
Undercoboer, Eli194606033.86733.867
Undercoboer, Scott194606032.832.8
Cutter, Carrie194606032.30832.308
Allen, Robert194606029.7329.73
Simpson, Tanner194606028.57128.571
Lind, Nicolette194606027.27327.273
Farmer, Sara194606026.66726.667
Dedios, CJ194606024.28624.286
Christopherson, Jim194606024.21124.211
Rodgers, Matthew194606022.58122.581
Sibley, Ray24359.38659.38660.74960.749
Peoples, Allen24454.95154.95194.59594.595
Janecek, Wade24554.62754.62787.69287.692
Halverson, Andrew24653.43353.43396.92396.923
Champeau, Lisa24746.66746.66754.87254.872
Haller, Katheryn24844.31444.31487.69287.692
Ryals, Hilarie249404038.66738.667
Iguchi, Steve25039.41739.41749.18949.189
Shaklee, Todd25136.92336.92338.60538.605
Abbott, Michael25235.52235.52244.61544.615
Struble, Stephanie25335.38535.38546.66746.667
Kazmierski, Stefan254353563.50963.509
Mair, James25533.20433.20438.37838.378
Thurman, Patti25633336868
Stone, Chris25732.12132.12137.14337.143
Knipps, Mike25831.70731.70723.87123.871
Iguchi, Cece25930.87430.87461.90561.905
Bengston, Carole26028.62728.62722.05122.051
Lyons, Philip26127.76727.76725.40525.405
Defelice, Shyla262262662.66762.667
Bennett, Steve26323.58223.58222.85722.857
Shaw, Shannon26423.10723.10723.8123.81


TS Racewalkers 2017

PlaceNAMERacesTotal TS
1Jan Hill10920
2Michael Blanchard9620
3Janet Fairs5320
4Ed Gussie5300
5Richard Ellis140


Women Scratch Runners 2017

NAMEF ScratchTotal TSTS Top 10Total ScratchScratch Top 10
Cunningham, Deb1883.91775.261150.61971.21
Preisinger, Sabine2629.3629.3966.88966.88
Diekmeier, Cori3534.71508.74771.4724.73
Koster, Maranke4498.29498.29665.28665.28
Scott, Nikki5407.93407.93569.27569.27
Tibert, Robyn6347.53347.53489.94489.94
Maurer, Kortney7638.4616.07498.26472.54
Finch, Emily8517.23517.23458.15458.15
Stevens, Cheryl9416.36416.36431.54431.54
Nguyen, Ha10341.5341.5407.09407.09
Beebe, Kerry11385.54385.54382.8382.8
Wiltse, Jennifer12372.54372.54379.26379.26
Ross, Beth13287.1287.1376.92376.92
Marshall, Katie14334.85334.85354.64354.64
Cecere, Christa15300.37300.37341.53341.53
Williams, Laurie16262.15262.15331.27331.27
Duenas, Llanira17185.66185.66328.19328.19
Mott, Kristin18358.41326.76381.47323.37
Look, Susan19241241303.17303.17
Flynn, Erin20227.55227.55290290
Brindle, Jayme21205.54205.54284.62284.62
Lyons, Grace22377.51377.51280.6280.6
Kitts, Carmen23348.43348.43257.59257.59
Walker, Ariel24322.33322.33254.25254.25
Drechsel, Kimberly25158.53158.53247.91247.91
Olson, Leanne26207.74207.74244.31244.31
Mitchell, Krista27115.45115.45241.11241.11
Gedala, Rebecca28196.08196.08236.41236.41
Fier, Kaitlin29221.13221.13231.18231.18
Serafini, Ruth30135.55135.55226.18226.18


Men Scratch Runners 2017

NAMEM ScratchTotal TSTS Top 10Total ScratchScratch Top 10
Greene, Eric1781.7681.991198.931000
Rothenburger, David2813.88725.611060.49977.63
Dailey, Scott3716.38664.541015.55928.58
Pilkington, Joshua4614.9614.9897.97897.97
Olson, Matt5610.28577.14905.62837.05
Hopkins, Michael6598.98598.98798.94798.94
Newman, Scott7724639.74910.09778.86
Basse, Bob8567.71567.71718.67718.67
Browning, Jeff9685.69653.74754.02706.33
Cunningham, Dave10629.41629.41668.17668.17
Rockwood, Brandon11459.73459.73651.41651.41
Rodgers, Bill12671.63671.63641.39641.39
Brand, Matthew13517.3517.3598.98598.98
Edrich, Rick14820.66767.39674.94593.92
Sanchez, Robert15870.56772.61683.82582.39
Serafini, Paul16638.66638.66557.02557.02
Cecere, Matthew17302.15302.15549.01549.01
Preisinger, Sebastian18438.48438.48546.9546.9
Kanieski, Robert19482.51482.51516.27516.27
Quispe, Michael20276.2276.2508.47508.47
Mather, Carl21365.6365.6482.86482.86
Turbyfill, Ryan22344.95344.95477.94477.94
McCush, Jackie23370.16370.16452.39452.39
Applegate, Ken24456.52456.52438.67438.67
Daniels, John25431.11431.11436.21436.21
Labarry, Brad26361.13361.13432.38432.38
Tripp, Charles27520.22520.22425.82425.82
Gunzner, Andrew28411.99411.99421.02421.02
Robinette, Ric29723.54701.15441.79420.36
Blanchette, Michael30330.46330.46411.46411.46


Ric Robinette Resolute Runner Award for 2017

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