Denver Marathon Water Stop – Volunteer Now!

Friends, RMRR once again will host an aid station for the Denver Marathon!  The race is on Sunday, October 17, and we’re responsible for the 21.5 mile station at 1st and Logan.  We’ll need lots of volunteers–the DM team says we need 35 people!  5000 marathoners are signed up, so it will be busy.  We’ll be working between roughly 7a and 12p. 

One rule I’m aware of:  Parents, your kids can join us if they’re at least 10, and helpers 10 – 14 years old MUST have their parents fill out the online form and sign the waiver that will come in the mail/email.  

If you are ready to join the fun, click here: 
and you will be registered for our specific water stop.  If you have questions, send an email to  We’ll add more details to this page as we learn them!

Current Volunteers

Melissa Field – WS Director
Dave Cunningham – WS Assistant
Deb Cunningham
Tom Mates
Hilarie Ryals
Becky Mackay
Sharyl Riley
Stefan Kazmierski
Janet Fairs
Ray Sibley
Dan Shaw
Lu Shaw
Todd Doherty
Paul Doherty
Rosalie Richter
Liz Shepard
Adam Lee
Sara Foster
Jim Chow
Steve Fisher
Tricia Cole
Susan Hickey
William Berg
Scott Berg
Olga Hnizdil

RMRR / Denver Marathon

RMRR was well-represented at the Denver Marathon, Half Marathon and at the 22.5 mile Aid Station.  Special congratulations go to Tristan Mitchell for his 6th place overall finish in the marathon (2:45)  Whew!!  And, David Rothenburger placed third in his age group (3:03).  Also, Scott Kukel finished 28 of men, David Rothenburger 32th and Dave Cook 57th.  Results.

The marathon runners give a big Thank You to our aid station volunteers:  Rosalie Richter, Olga Hnizdil, Rhiannon Fadeyibi, Luke Jeter, Janice O’Grady, Tom O’Connell, Lis Shepard, Tom Mates, Larry Mundron, Jerry Greenwald, Brian Bergevin, Stephanie Struble, and Karen Voss.

Denver Marathon water stop

An Honorable Run Book tour coming to Denver

Author Matt McCue, a CU Buff runner,  be speaking at Runner’s Roost in Lakewood at 6 pm on Monday, Oct. 19.  Matt’s story is two stories wrapped into one, the first is of a young man who chases his dream of leaving small school Iowa to walk on to the Colorado Buffalo cross country team. The second is the importance of the coaches who influence him along his journey. I am the young man and my coaches were Coach Wetmore and the lesser known Coach Brown from Iowa City Regina. It’s a story of chasing dreams, overcoming obstacles, not giving up,and the importance of mentors.

An Honorable Run has been covered by both Sports Illustrated and Runner’s World. Coach Jay Johnson gave it a great bump on his site. An excerpt of it was posted on Dye Stat.  Or, read the review from The Armory Track in New York.

For more information, see Matt’s website.

Pat Wojciechowski

Patricia (Pat) Wojciechowski

Pat Wojceichowski

The Denver running community lost a dear friend with the passing of Pat Wojciechowski in late June. Pat was an active member of the Rocky Mountain Road Runners up to a few years ago when she began experiencing serious health problems. During the 80s and 90s Pat was a stalwart member of the group that started the Tuesday night run tradition in Washington Park. Others in that somewhat irregular group, several still running, were Dick Van Wagenen, Carl Steinhauser, Linda Lee, Adam Feerst, Scott Deming, Amy Hudson, John and Ann Ray, Ann Button, Chris and Mike Vanoni, and Regina Girvan. The same group often got together for a run on Saturday morning followed by breakfast. Pat, Carl Steinhauser and I trained long and hard to run the Twin Cities Marathon in October, 1989. We all performed awesomely and had a great time. I think that was the last marathon for the three of us. Shortly after that, Pat married Reilly Cunningham, an amiable and fun Irishman who quickly became our friend. On Sunday morning, June 28, many from the old group joined Reilly and Pat’s family to scatter her ashes along the High Line canal trail near Quincy and Dahlia, per her wishes. What a fitting conclusion to a life well lived! We’ll miss you Pat.

Lee Bengston