2019 April Board Meeting Minutes


Attendees:  Leslie Mitchell, David Rothenburger, Travis Mark, Deb Cunningham, Greg Asplund, Dave Cunningham, Janet Fairs, Michael Abbott.

Cassi – please give each person 2.0 hrs of volunteer time.


  1. Race Committee
    1. Mar Race Recap
      1. Positives
      1. Opportunities
        1. Two people got lost on the course
        1. Several people went to the south side of the park and couldn’t find the start.  Discussion:  better directions, but no name change.
    1. April Race
      1. Course – David will email the course directions to Dave C.
      1. RDs:   Deb & Dave.
      1. Vols – Cassie will work the finish line.  David Kahn will help w/ setup.  Stretch lab = water station
      1. Stretch Lab – they’ll do water station.  Dave to let them in to set up.
      1. Colfax Ambassadors – there to raffle swag and could take pictures.
      1. Gear Swap – postponed to May race.
      1. Porta-potty ordered.
    1. Spring MTS
      1. MTS #1
        1. 50 people finished the first race. 
        1. Three memberships
        1. Colorado state 20 mile championship.  A few people came out because of that, but winners were primarily RMRR members.
      1. MTS #2 & #3
        1. MTS #2 is this weekend.   Only have 2 or 3 signed up for the series.  David will talk to them on Sunday.
        1. April 21st MTS moved to Saturday. 
    1. October Courses – Beck rec center, then the Sand Creek trail.  Permit is approved.  Just need to pay for it
    1. Track – all set for Wheat Ridge HS.   Greg will do the social media post.
    1. Quarterly Update – Michael has done a good job keeping on top of this.  April, May July courses look good.
    1. Scoring Updates
      1. RunSignUp-this doesn’t do what we need for the website.  
        1. Dave C wants to switch to PDF from excel files in tables b/c takes 1.5 hrs to get the results up.
        1. Maybe new program will resolve this for us.
        1. No way to text runners their results.
      1. April race testing of Program – Travis will touch base with Adam.
    1. Volunteer Updates
      1. VOM—Lisa Wilson
      1. Volunteers for May – camp Gladiator.  If they want to come out, they do a demo & some form of volunteering.   Give Paul Serafini a heads-up. 
      1. Publicize – announce after gladiators & eventual FB post.
    1. Financial Report – Income is up $1000.  Race income is up, space age is down.  Loss YTD is 400 vs a loss of $2400 YTD in 2018.   Board decided to move to quarterly review of financial statements – next review in July with June month end.

Existing Business

  • Insurance Claim – We haven’t heard much. 
  • Ideas for 60th Anniversary
    • Lisa did a design that we all liked. 
    • July race = party date.  Cake with Lisa’s design.  Birthday party.  Something cheap that we’d pay for with this design.  50s theme?
  • Emergency Plan
    • Red Binder
    • Board / RD Contact Info
  • Track
    • Proposal
    • Club voted to use Wheat Ridge HS’s dirt track.  This is free.  Rick will let Wheat Ridge know.  Dave will update the website.  Greg will promote it.
  • General Club Swag – Cassi’s idea.  Deferred
  • Rev Run – drop this. Deb didn’t talk to Rev Run and doesn’t see what they would gain from this.
  • Team RWB – nothing further.
  • Snooze – have heard nothing back.

New Business

  1. Predict Run – idea was to do this as a fun event.  Board wondered what the purpose was.  Idea was to do either this or the July race as the 60th anniversary event.  Or, maybe do a longer TS race as a predict run w/o your watch.
  2. Long run – should the club put on a long run?  In the past, these have been poorly attended.  Greg’s current response is to send them to the Colfax affiliated list.
  3. Club email addresses.  Yes, you can respond to RMRR email through the RMRR.org account.  You can set it up in gmail.  Dave put together instructions for Travis.

Next meeting Monday, April 29 at Bardo Coffee