October 2011 Board Meeting

Whole Foods on Colorado Blvd – 26 September 2011  7pm
Members present:  David Rothenburger, Eric Greene, Jeff Olson, Bob Basse, Lisa Champeau, Hilarie Ryals, Mike Quispe, Dave Cunningham

Treasurer:  No report – our treasurer is gallivanting around the world.  We just hope she’s not using the club accounts to fund it.

Trophy Series – September Race
Race was good, but attendance was poor.  Not clear why that’s the case.  Had the 20M MTS the next day; was that a problem?  Also Labor Day weekend.  Something to consider for next year.

October Trophy Series
October 1 at the Cherry Creek Trail, Cottonwood Park in Parker.  Bob Basse and Eric Greene are directing.  They need to connect with Stephanie about the van; think the van and timers are still at Stephanie’s house.  Bob will work with David to get the van and get everything set.  Volunteers:  not sure where we stand. but David and Bob will check with Stephanie.

Marathon Training Series
Last one on Sunday Sept 25.  Stephanie and Cheryl Riley managed the race.  Relatively good turnout, good mix of 10 and 20M runners.

November Trophy Series
On the MTS course in Westminster – 9 miles and a 5k.  We moved the date to Sunday Nov 13 because of the NY marathon the week before.
Race director – Jeff Olson willing to be a codirector, but needs someone else to help.

Volunteer of the Month – Mick Vollmar for marking the MTS courses.  That’s a big help for the directors!

Social Activities / Marketing

– Wed Long Runs – still going on, decent turnout.

– Track Workouts –  Thurs at 6:15 at Lincoln High.  Oscar Ponce has been helpful – perhaps way to do more with him next year?

– Denver Marathon Water station.  Have about 25 people signed up, need 40-45.  Dave is sending more email and pushing people to register.  Reminder:  we’d like to get any extra cups and energy powder if we can.   Dave will ask Alan Culpepper what might be available.

-Other group Runs?  Eric gets email from people who want to run with groups.  Something for us to work on for next year?

Shirt Designs
David has 4 designs for the front, use the regular design on the back.  Want to know who’s coming from a distance.  Lisa Wilson did these.  Wondering if there are other treatments that might be neat.

Club Focus for 2012
Dave C talked about agreeing on a set of goals and 3-4 main focus areas for the club in 2012.  We discussed our feelings of waning excitement and involvement in the club and how there are so many ways people can do running things with others today (Irish Snug, for-pay coaching clubs, etc.).  Want to have a few things to focus on with people leading each one and responsible for the outcome.  Examples of possible focus areas:  Father’s Day Mile; new member involvement; overall marketing; club races; group activities.

We generally agreed that having focus like this would be good.  Dave will write up some ideas and send out to the board in the next two weeks, and then we’ll decide when we want to discuss.  Maybe next board meeting?

Race Schedule 2012
David’s race schedule for 2012 is firming up, but some things still TBD.  Do we want to do a Stone House run again?  Also heard that Denver Marathon may move to September next year – that will impact us and the fall MTS.

Next Meeting:  tentatively Tuesday November 1, 2011


Marathon Training Series – Fall 2011 Race #3

Thanks to everyone who came out on a warm day for our final Fall 2011 Marathon Training Series races.

And…thanks to everyone who joined us for one race or the entire series.  These races help the club build up our reserves to keep our time and race management equipment in great shape.

10M Marathon Training Series

1Mike Quispe1:11:54
2Paul DeFelice1:12:23
3Mark Erickson1:13:23
4Kim McConnell1:14:01
5Joy Roe-Pachirat1:17:10
6Matt Lyons1:19:31
7Jennifer Oney1:20:12
8Margie Wheat1:23:41
9John Wright1:26:48
10Paul Johnson1:31:19
11Kelsey Carroll1:32:15
12Scott Watson1:33:23
13Collin McKenna1:40:25
14Allison Newman1:41:16
15Jennifer Lallier1:45:29
16Trenton Thompson1:51:47
17Dawn Mohatt1:54:36


20M Marathon Training Series

1Marc LeBlanc2:06:41
2Tristen Mitchell2:12:13
3Carl Mather2:15:19
4David Rothenburger2:18:37
5Rob Fagan2:20:51
6Scott Dailey2:22:47
7Andrew Demarco2:36:37
8Stella Heffron2:40:46
9Skip Gardner2:42:56
10Adam Lee2:44:08
11Jeff Bryan2:44:58
12Larry Stellar2:45:27
13Tessa Henelsmitl2:52:32
14Rob Carlson2:53:10
15Alyn Park2:53:46
16Bob Weber2:56:56
17Enrigue Maldonalo2:57:09
18Laura Tayman3:00:11
19Teresa Dye3:01:11
20Mick Vollmar3:05:31
21Carla Hammer3:06:02
22David Kahn3:08:33
23David Gillikin3:09:27
24Kirsten Nccay-Smitl3:11:22
25Link Lubkin3:11:29
26Michael Heitz3:14:34
27Robert Reilly3:16:34
28Erin Krubeck3:29:39
29Norine Amato3:53:28
30Christa Dellebovi4:06:20
31Sabrina Dellebovi4:06:21

Cottonwood Park in Parker – 10M Trophy Series Course

Cottonwood Park is easy to get to…but we need your help with Parking.  You MAY park this year at the park’s parking lot (by the “Registration” marker on the map).  We have 50 spaces there.  The Parker Rec District wants the main parking accessible to residents during our race, so we will block off some spaces with cones.  Please do not park in the coned off areas!  If the start area is full, please park on Cottonwood near Parker (by the “Runner Parking” markers) but NOT in the shopping center.  Please help us satisfy those rules and keep our invitation to run here – thanks!

Google Earth image of Cottonwood Park and parking areas nearby


Cottonwood Park is just north of E470 and Parker Road.  From central Denver, your best bet to get there quickly and avoid E470 tolls is to take I25 south to Arapahoe, go east on Arapahoe to Parker Rd, and take Parker Rd south to Cottonwood Dr.  Make a right on Cottonwood Way, then a final left on Snowberry Way.

If you park near the shopping area, to reach the start, walk north up Cottonwood Way past the parking areas, then turn left/west on Snowberry Way.  The park is 2 blocks west of Cottonwood Way.

Marathon Training Series – Fall 2011 Race #2

About 60 runners joined us for a nice morning to run long.  Nice job, friends!

10M Race Results

Dean Ambrosia101:17:00
Carolyn Brug101:19:46
Jennifer Oney101:20:05
Paul Johnson101:29:35
Link Lubkin101:29:44
Margie Wheat101:29:57
Charles Spring101:30:02
Eileen Coleman101:31:54
Scott Watson101:32:12
David Kahn101:32:29
Shannon Nevin101:33:06
Shelly Shadrick101:35:10
Mark Miller101:35:10
Erica Haag101:35:11
Nikki Scott101:35:56
John Ventura101:36:57
Andrea Thompson101:37:30
Grace Dyck101:38:21
Roxanne Sims101:41:25
Kelsey Carroll101:41:27
Shontell Perkins101:44:50
Sabrina Dellebori101:48:33
John Brozinski101:52:31
Lucia Mesta101:52:54
Jennifer Lallier101:53:25
Alexandra Mesta101:56:03

20M Race Results

Tristan Mitchell202:08:47
Eric Greene202:10:10
Tim Gentry202:15:59
Mike Quispe202:18:09
David Rothenberger202:19:59
Scott Dailey202:22:25
Alex Harrp202:28:43
Andy DeMarco202:39:09
Skip Gardner202:43:06
G Anthony202:46:36
Danielle Fagan202:47:08
Chris Ruszkowski202:57:58
David Van Pelt202:58:48
Phil Leto202:59:03
Kim Chriscaden203:00:16
Paul Defelice203:00:58
Phil Pettigrew203:01:11
Terese Dye203:01:44
Holy Radin203:04:54
Tessa Henelsmith203:06:25
Laura Tayman203:06:53
Colleen Tholen203:07:32
Mick Vollmar203:08:21
Michael Heitz203:09:38
Bob Reilly203:14:47
Stewart Layne203:15:13
Sandra Carpenter203:18:58
Joanne Harms203:27:07
Tree Sorrells203:31:46
Jessica Leoncini203:36:15
Earnest Wotnick203:45:09
Bethany Williams204:22:55