May 2008 RMRR Board Meeting Minutes

2008 RMRR – May Board Meeting Minutes

Attendees:  Deb Cunningham, Mike Robbert, Michelle Evans, Doug Smith, Felix Lopez, Bonnie Keefe, Kevin Downing, Karen Szymanski, Stephanie Struble, David Rothenburger, Mike Quispie (1.5 hrs)

Marketing (1 hr)

  • 50th anniversary logo presentation.  Art Institute of Denver  (Lane Marshall and Melinda McCaw) Felix liked #2, Doug #2, Bonnie #3 with with #4 runner, Mike #2 – #3 the best, Michelle #3, Karen #1, Stephanie #3 for anniversary and #4 for logo, Kevin #4, Deb #4, Mike Q. #4, David #44
  • Show artwork at May race – attendees can select their favorite on raffle tag.  Display designs 1-4.
  • Bowflags – These have arrived.  Look great!  3 flags in to be used at races and other events.
  • Running Divas night @ BRC.  Thursday May 1. Stephanie plans to attend w/ Bob Basse.
  • Participation in Nuggets night?  31 tix sold at start of wk.  Actual attendance.  Think Ray Sibley attended.
  • 250 Race schedule flyers and Application distribution – need to check road runner sports
  • Derek Griffiths – 500 Greenland apps printed & delivered to Derek
  • Website redesign status – work to redesign front page.  Deb follow-up w/ Dave.
  • Yahoo RMRR email list – Kevin/Doug
    • Add new as they join club or renew – add something in letter to opt out on the eblast if desired.  Doug/Laurie add note to letter.  Kevin add names to list.
    • Post card.  Yes, we still want to do this.
  • ·        Water bottles/pint glass (2.00 with ship) or sling bag, towels…
    • Order now or wait for 50th anniversary logo?  Karen to look into sling bags..order now to get us through end of the year (#50)yellow with our logo in black.  We agreed she’d order 50 of them of they’re ~$3 ea.  Karen will email board after talking to her vendor.
  • Postings on Active.  Incomplete info – no start times, etc.  Kevin has made adjustments to listing.  David Rothenberger will proofread.  MTS will start at 7am, prices will remain the same.  Doug update MTS listing.
  • Articles for eNewsletter.  Lots of ideas.  Kevin’s hesitated to ask because website isn’t updated.  Newsletter ideas:  Karen – Kids running America.  Boston – Bonnie, Track – Mike.

Community (45 mins)

  • Laurie Phenix emailing renewing members.  Database availability – Doug
  • Fill in your web profile.  8 you have filled this out as of 4/24
  • Track workouts @ Heritage HS.  Scott/Mike Q.  12 people attended last week.  It’s still early in the season.
  • RMRR teams at various races:  Colfax, Bolder Boulder, Denver Marathon – Bob Basse.  Need rules about #, $ reimbursed, running in RMRR gear, etc.  Bob/Jim/Felix/Heather – No update from Bob Basse.  Mike and David to work on putting together a men’s team.
  • Bolder Boulder volunteers and comp entries –  send eblast to members for those interested.  Stephanie follow-up on clock tuneup and comp entries.
  • Identify new members in e-newsletter.  Doug/Kevin meet to show Kevin how to pull names.           

Logistics (15 mins)

  • Scoring
    • Technical solution for adding new members, race day registrants.  Felix needs more training from Brad.
    • New scoring system IPICO from RRCA partnership (Brad/Felix/Doug)  not pursuing now.
  • Anyone need a key to office?  Karen Voss.  Deb bring to race.
  • May TS – Michelle to send eblast regarding race and 8am start time
    • Vols – eblast for more
    • Free Range Coffee (yes, they’ll be there per email)
    • Attune bars
  • Other race:  Linda Olson Operation Restoration 9/13 5k in Arvada.  Day before 20 Mile MTS.
  • Vol of the month – Nick Sterner for bringing new members from AIR.   .
  • Prospective Budget – We think Bowflags are in the number.  Deb ck w/ Leslie and ask about prospective budget.
  • Authorized van drivers – RDs email Leslie name, DrivLicense#,  DOB to get on list.  Need info for Lisa Champeau and Ray Sibley.
  • System for renewing comped memberships in database – Doug can handle this.
  • Succession Planning – who else on board – your replacement?
    • Eric Greene after June Tri
    • Lis Shepard?

Other – Karen Voss is doing Kids Running America. Starts in August.  Kids run 25 miles cumulative prior to Denver Marathon & run their last mile on race day.