October 2012 Board Minutes

Board Meeting Oct 1
present:  David, Deb, Mike, Stephanie, Hilarie, Dave, Eric, Jeff, Adam, Ken

TS race –  Sat October 6, 9 am Cottonwood Park – Cottonwood and Parker Road/Jordan Road 10 Mile and 5K: Parking is again at the shopping center or along the side streets.
-Race course
– Other race issues

Missing 2 and 8 M markers (the fold up ones), so need to make new ones?

MTS – not as many people. Need to do more to get the word out next year, and make sure we don’t conflict with Jeff’s sister’s race.   The Denver Marathon may have had a lot to do with the low turnout.  Also want to avoid conflict with Platte R half if we can.

Lots of discussion about David’s race schedule. Looks good, MTS balances much better with local and big marathons.

Fathers Day Mile – may try to do it again. Need to get a good permit, perhaps on Friday night. Also need someone in the club to drive it.

Marathon Water Stop – worked great. 20 people, went fine. Got lots of good stuff for the club, too – Gatorade.

Volunteer of the MonthDennis Jouett for all his MTS work.

Memberships – idea of adding T-shirt to app. Lots more work to customize with your name. Even with a simpler approach, it’s a fairly detailed process. Need someone to own this inside the Membership committee…not quite ready.
–is there a way to update the Membership letter with a pointer to the store?

Christa Bell – Facebook? Jason – Facebook?
—> Dave send email to both about how to connect socially. Facebook? Meetup?  Report back for next board meeting

–> Dave send email to Jared – next steps for web improvement?

Email list – Eric is working on it. Multiple lists possible. Limit of x emails before we start paying. We would need to

Sweatpants for volunteers, polo shirts for race directors, picture frames for TS winners.

Next Meeting Monday October 29 7pm