26February2017 Board Minutes

RMRR Board for March 2017
26 Feb 2017   5:30pm
Janet F, Mike Blanchette, David, Rick E, Leslie, Dave, Deb, Scott
discussed problems with registration, need for better training for vols at back of chute.  Had people that didn’t show up.  
Deb – follow up with Ken S to get volunteer hours
Dave – get volunteers for March
VOM – Jeff Hesse
Are we going to keep giving these certs?  Board votes yes unanimously
>> Dave C mail the certificate to Jeff
plan  – Lisa give out at the start from April forward
March – all set
April – have permit for the race, all set
RDs –
>> David will send the list to Dave C to update the website and ask for volunteers
fixed, ready to go
MTS – some concern that there will be course issues for Fall  – construction.
not all permits in – 
Track – no final answer.  Deb following up.
Waiting for workouts to post.  David reviewing and will send to Dave C.
Leslie concerned about cash flow.  We’re spending more money early in the year, like always, but the cash to bring it up isn’t happening quite like it did.
Race permits are getting more expensive.  We spent a lot on the van transmission.
–>  how is our membership doing
–> what happened with LS members? should we send them a letter reminding them and asking them to renew?
Leslie will provide another review at the Board meeting prior to the July meeting.  We will review things then and decide if we need to do something then.  MTS revenue will be in, permits all in, etc.
September Race – front range walkers want to join us and run with our race.  It’s unclear what they really want, and Janet will find out more. Sounds like something Mike B wants and is pushing.
5k series – idea of top 5 or 10?  scoring not so difficult.
How do we make them feel included?  could start later, but that adds complexity.  David mentioned the idea of starting at 60 handicap point. Others mention that people will hang around if they want to.  We will think about this, but no decision.
Dave C thinks we need to split the timers.  This is a scoring decision.  Do we need to do something to make 5k runners more visible.
Plan – 11 points for winner, then 10, 9, etc. down to 1, and everyone else gets 1 point for running.
Do we need to do anything about making the 5k people more visible?  
>> Dave talk to Sharyl and Rosalie – see how this will work.
Next board meeting – somewhere in Stapleton.
>> Scott to find a place for us.  5:30p March 26.
runsignup – Dave C turn Leslie off for notifications.