August 2012 Board Meeting Minutes

In Attendance:  Jeff O, David R, Deb & Dave C, Ken S, Leslie M, Scott K, Eric Green, Hillarie R, Mike Q, Bob Basse.

Treasurer’s Report

Overall the club is in good financial shape.

  • good numbers for membership $$ and credit union memberships
  • MTS:  About $400 more for spring this year – good!
  • do we want to combine all of the MTS categories into just one?  or MTS–Spring, MTS–Fall?  Make it easier?  Decided yes — one category.

Trophy Race, July 8 Stone House:

One of the more attended race & overall, positive feedback from the runners

August TS Race – Aug 3 6:30 pm – DeKoevend Park 5k and potluck.  Directed by Dave C, Ric R and Ken S

Volunteers: Dave said that we have 4 to 5 non running volunteers, & that we are in good shape with overall volunteers.

  • Race course: The start line will need to be moved because of the construction around the restroom.  Not sure of actual distance, but it’s close.  Bonnie says 3.14M
  • Columbines should have several people coming.  Yay!
  • Make sure we get grill grates


Marathon Training Series

Sun Aug 12: Race Director is Tim Gentry

Sun Aug 26: Race Director(s)??

Sun Sept 9: Dave & Deb C are possible, but not confirmed.

Volunteer of the Month

for July: Tom Mates, Rosalie Richter, Sharyl Riley.  They’ve been our start and finish line for a long time!  Dave C will get gift certificates for them.


Dave C: Nothing new. Dave said more needed to get new runners to join the club.

Running Activities

Track Wednesday   – North High 6:15pm 32nd and Federal

Mondays at 5:45 at REI: Dave R would like to start a group that would meet at the REI & would run south on the Platt River trail, or run North on the Cherry Creek Trail.

Water Station at Denver Rock and Roll Marathon

The club is going to do this, but no word from organizers yet.  Dave C call Alan Culpepper and see what’s up.

Credit Card reader

– ready to use…but need someone to – forward cc email address to Eric and Leslie– do we have someone that wants to try to use it?  Friday?  MTS?

Anything else:

  • Should start looking for board members for next year
  • David – at announcements on Friday mention race ettiquette, handicap structure, etc.

Next Meeting Tuesday Sept 4, 2012