Board Minutes – 5July2016

In Attendance:  Dave Rothenburger, Michael Blanchett, Jim Mair, Lisa Wilson, Rick E.,

  1. Treasurers Report- Leslie M. was not in attendance, so no report was provided.  She had sent an email asking if any of the board members had picked up any checks from the post office, however nobody had.
  2. June 4k Bible Park Race- Everything seemed to go well.  No reports of problems with scoring or issues at the finish line.  The White Elephant raffle went well with a lot of prizes for give-aways.
  3. July Stonehouse Trophy Series Race- Dave R and Michael B will be at the race early to set up.   The course will be the same as the last 4-years.  Two course marshalls are needed as per the permit.  It seems that the City of Lakewood is becoming more demanding on requirements for organizations holding races.  Dave R will get the announcement signs up.  We need somebody to take pic’s of the race since Deb C. will be out of town.  Michael B will ask Jeff Hesse to cover that.  What about registration?  Dave and Deb usually handle this.  Lisa W. is out of town.  We will have to get things figured out Sunday morning, but Dave R. and other regular volunteers should be able to get things worked out.  The only concern is new runners that signed up on Living Social.  
  4. August Trophy Series Race- this is the summer BBQ pot-luck.  Lisa W. will advertise this as a pot-luck on Face Book.  The club will provide meat; members will bring sides dishes so we will have to figure who brings what but it will probably be based on last names.  Permits are all set, so we are good to go there.  This year we have the big pavilion.  There was discussion about the start/finish line and if it should be at the same place  Last year we started at one pavilion and ended at another.  Dave R. noted that the mile markers are usually off for this race, so he will ensure the markers are more accurate this time.  He gave a short presentation on certifying courses and all that is involved in ensuring accuracy.  
  5. Volunteer of the Month- Bill & Jan Newman for the excellent job they did cooking pancakes.  Rick E. nominated; 2nd by Lisa W.
  6. Marketing- Lisa W. reported that the Face Book response from the Slacker ½-marathon generated a lot of interest.  The track workouts generated interest too.  Photos always boost the posts, so keep coming up with good pic’s.  The sooner they are posted after a race, the better the interest.
  7. Fall Marathon Series- These are early 7:00 a.m. starts due to the heat. Dave R. needs race directors for August 28, September 11, and September 25.  Lisa W. and Jim M. will co-direct (tentatively) the September 11 run.  Setting up the course, gathering supplies, food and drinks, photos, timing the course, and getting the results to Dave C. are the main responsibilities of the race director.  Dave R. will check on the parking problems and course concerns that were raised at the April 25 board meeting.
  8. October Race- This will likely be a 10-miler and may be held at White Ranch.  Some of the Masters don’t like the trail running aspects and it could be a tough run at White Ranch.  Dave R. is also looking at a location in Westminster.  3W Races are not hosting an event that will conflict with a RMRR run.  
  9. Wednesday Night Track- attendance has been good.  Rick E. has had 8-runners showing up consistently for coaching.  Rick said there has been some tremendous results from the runners and excitement is high.    
  10. End of Year Gifts- Are we still looking at beer for Trophy Series winners?  Discussion was had about using a local brewery, buying growlers and adding RMRR labels.  Dave R.- Did we ever decide on a 6-pack, ½-case or a growler?  What about a bottle of wine for non-beer drinkers?  Jim M. will call local brewers and find out what they can do for us.  In the past the cap has been $15/per item. What about non-drinkers or under 21?  Lisa suggested kombucha in a growler.  For race directors, discussion was about a polo shirt.  Dave R. asked for other ideas, but the board was stumped.  $20-$30 cost for race directors.  Lisa W. suggested a coffee table book from Shutter Fly with pic’s from this years runs.  Movie tickets and gift cards were discussed, however Dave R. said we generally give out something tangible that they can have in-hand.  There was discussion about the benefit of movie tickets and other gift certificates, but no resolution was reached.  Suggestions were made to ask the regular volunteers what they would like as a gift.  
  11. Anything Else? – Lisa W. and Dave C. did a phone conference with ‘Runners World’ discussing the RMRR club, the local running scene, favorite local running store, runners hang outs, Washington Park, and Denver running clubs.  It is not known at this time if this interview will make it into a future magazine article.   
  12. Next Meeting- Monday August 1, 2016.