29 January 2017 Board Minutes

January 29, 2017

Present: Lisa Wilson, Jim Mair, Dave & Deb Cunningham, Jeff Olson, Dave Rothlinsberger, Mike Blanchette, Stephanie

The February RMRR board meeting was held at the Homestead Golf Course prior to the clubs annual banquet.

February’s Trophy Series Race- February 12 at Platte River Bar & Grill. Race directors are Mike Blanchette and Ken Shimano. Rick will take care of posting the mandatory notification signs. This is one of the clubs more popular races due to the location and the breakfast and time for socializing afterwards.

Steph / Lisa:  make sure email and Facebook include
“ATTENTION RACERS: Please park behind the bar (down the hill) and keep the front parking lot open for customers.”

March RMRR Race- the Crown Hill race at 32nd/Kipling is ready to go as of this time.

LIVING SOCIAL Membership Drive- one new member did not use her membership last year and has asked if she can use it this year. Most of the board was in agreement to let her. Last year we had 75-80 new members sign up for the club via Living Social. Question for the board- If a new member signed up for the club but did not redeem their membership, should we try and make contact with them and invite them to get involved this year? Lisa W. would like to see the list of people that this would apply to and would be willing to reach out to them by email or a personal phone call. Dave R. suggested if we do that we should also consider reaching out to former RMRR members to seek their interest in re-joining the club. Other board members dissented stating it would be an additional burden on the already busy board members.

Permitting Updating- Rick reported that Janet has obtained permitting for all the events in Denver for this year. The only month that has not moved forward is August, which is thru South Suburban. Rick will also inquire about reserving the shelter for the picnic.

RMRR Sunday September 3 (not the 2nd) race- at Carpenter Park in Thornton is in order as of this date. There will be a meeting prior to the race that Lisa W. will take care of.

Westminster City Park Sunday October 1- this is an 8-mile race which is in the works and everything is on track at this time. The City of Westminster wants us to host this race in their city and have been cooperative so far.

Clock and Tripod Stand- are they working? Yes, both are in operating order. Deb inquired if the clock itself is working. Dave R. believes the clock is working.

Club Van Update- the van is back in working order. Jeff Olson did a lot of work especially in cleaning up a significant leak that needed to be cleaned up. Many thanks to Jeff and Rick for all the work in getting the van up and running.

Photo Manager- do we need to add this as another position to the list of volunteers for each race? Yes. Is there somebody currently doing this? Right now Deb is taking the photos with a personal camera then uploading to FaceBook. For now, Lisa W. will continue to look for somebody for this position.

Liability Waivers- is there a process for saving the waivers in the event they are needed at a later date if somebody comes back and files suit against the club? Stephanie said we need to keep the waivers for a minimum of 2-years. The race directors will need to get the waivers back to the storage area and ensure they are filed. Dave R. will work with Jeff Olson to ensure this gets accomplished. Dave will add this to the race director’s list of things that need to get done. Also, remind the race directors and volunteers that the waivers have to be signed. New members sign a waiver at the time they join the club, but it is a good idea to have them sign another at each race and to have non-club racers sign a waiver at each race also.

Volunteer of the Month January- Rick for all of his work on restoring the van.

Open Board Positions- VP

March Meeting- February 26 5:30 pm at Tony P’s.

RMRR can now take registration fee’s thru ‘the square’ although we would encourage new members and returning members, however it is easier to register on-line.

Training for scoring is almost complete. Dave C. will hand off those duties and is willing to take over the ‘Volunteer’ position once scoring work is complete.