March 2019 RMRR Board mtg minutes


Attendees:  Leslie Mitchell, David Rothenburger, Scott Newman, Lisa Wilson, Ang Hamel, Travis Mark, Deb Cunningham, Greg Asplund, Dave Cunningham, Cassi Satizan, Rick Edrich, Michael Abbott.

Cassi – please give each person 2.5 hrs of volunteer time.


  1. Race Committee
    1. Feb Race Recap
      1. Positives – course was good.  Race Committee will revisit the course to see if out & back is possible.
      1. Opportunities – lack of volunteers.   Continuing problem.
      1. Lessons Learned
      1. Board member injured at the Feb race by the van rolling into him.  Form from the liability insurance company needs to be filled out by an eyewitness. 
        1. Insurance will cover this because the driver wasn’t specifically excluded.
        1. Travis talked with board member
        1. Leslie will talk with automotive insurance agent.  Lisa sent Leslie Michael’s contact information.
        1. Deb C send Leslie contact info for liability insurance.
        1. Leslie has the list of who is authorized to drive the van.  Attached to the end of the minutes.
    1. March Race
      1. Course
      1. RDs:  Lisa & Chin
      1. Vols – In better shape, but need more than two vols at finish line.  Contingency plan for finish.  If we have too few vols the day before, need someone to run at 0:00.
      1. Ang – board members should be able to do the finish line jobs so they can train others.
      1. Gear Swap – postponed because of poor predicted weather.
      1. Potential for 0:00 start for all given conditions are going to be poor – snow & single digit temps.  Decide on race morning.
      1. Need to update FB and email posts for possible 0:00 start – Greg.
      1. Dave C – We have updated forms for the increase in dues.  Also have more 5k tags.
    1. List of RDs for 2019 – David R
      1. 2 RDs/race – Missing someone for MTS in August 24 & September first race.
        1. David R agrees that MTS is a good opportunity for a RD to train.
        1. March 24th MTS is the 20 mile RRCA Colorado State Championship.  We get age group medals from RRCA.   This race is 3 weeks before Boston.  Greg will promote.
      1. April Race – Deb & Dave will direct this one.  Need a RD for December.
    1. RD Responsibilities – Michael H
      1. List is just about finished.
      1. Quarterly report on permits, courses,
    1. October Race Course – Rick E
      1. Haven’t been happy with Carpenter Park course – confusing
      1. Potential course at Aurora Sports Complex.  Can use the Beck rec center and park 40 cars in the lot.  Rental is $300, but we think it includes bathrooms.  $300 is reasonable compared to other venues.
      1. Scott Newman potential race director, Travis and Adam previewing the course in the coming weeks in March
    1. Scoring Updates
      1. Programing- Adam continues to build live scoring program Scott, Travis and Dave R have previewed. Plan to pilot at March TS race as secondary to usual scoring system
      1. RunSignUp-Tabled
    1. Volunteer Updates
      1. VOM—Ric Robinette and Ken Applegate
      1. Volunteer Check In—Point volunteers to Cassi on Race Day. For Vol Check in. Travis or I will make a sign and I’ll be available to connect volunteers with their posts (most likely if they are new). If someone is unsure where to go, we’re going to figure out something that is easy to see so anyone can point them towards me. I’ll have my phone to check them in as present!
    1. Financial Report
      1. YTD loss of $1800.  About the same as 2018.
  2. Scoring Updates
    1. Programming
    1. RunSignUp hosting – Dave C
  3. Volunteer Updates
    1. Vom – Cassi
    1. Volunteer Check in – Cassi
  4. Financial Report – Leslie
    1. YTD loss of $1800 – about the same as 2018.

Existing Business

  • Emergency Plan
    • Red Binder
    • Board / RD Contact Info
  • Track
    • Proposal
    • Club voted to use Wheat Ridge HS’s dirt track.  This is free.  Rick will let Wheat Ridge know.  Dave will update the website.  Greg will promote it.
  • Recognition – Travis

New Business

  1. Executive Committee
    1. Nominations & Vote
    1. Rick Edrich will be on the executive committee in addition to Leslie/Treasurer, Deb/Secretary, Travis/President, Ang/VP.
  2. Potential partnerships:
    1. Board is in favor of exploring what each of these could look like.  For example, could include staffing the water stop at our race.
    1. Roost Relationship – Michael B
      1. Stapleton Roost is interested in a mutually beneficial relationship with us.
    1. Team RWB Discounted Membership – Travis will ask Blanchette who is our member.
      1. Red/White/Blue – veteran’s group. 
    1. Rev Run Partnership – Dave
      1. Interested in exploring a partnership w/ RevRun?  Don’t know what this would look like. 
    1. Snooze Run – Adam Feerst knows Snooze owner. Used to be a club member.  Adam could approach him to see what they have in mind.
  3. Ideas for 60th Anniversary
    1. Shirts/Gear – Lisa will put together some designs & sent out to board.
  4. Volunteer – Alyssa – Cassi.  This is a potential volunteer who is not running right now. Reach out one more time
  5. StretchLab
    1. Haven’t opened yet, but would like to talk to us about memberships.
    1. Interest in speaking to club at a race.  Travis will talk to him about coming out to the April race.
    1. $129 / month provides 4×1/2 hr stretches.
  6. Deferred to next meeting:
    1. Long Run
    1. Predict Run
    1. General Club Swag/Merch
    1. Ideas for 60th Anniversary
      1. Party/Celebration

December 2018 Board Mtg 12/17/18

  1. Attendees:  
    1. 2.25 hrs of time:  Deb Cunningham, Travis Mark, Dave Cunningham, David Kahn, Ang Hamel, Lisa Wilson, Greg, David Rothenburger, Greg Asplund
    1. .75hrs: Michael Hopkins
    1. 1.75 hrs  Cassi Satizan
    1. .5 hrs.  Leslie Mitchell, Adam Feerst
  2. Approval of December meeting minutes – No objections to prior minutes.  Approved.
  3. Race Committee Updates (Committee = David R, Rick Edrich, Michael Hopkins)
    1. January Race
      1. Course Realignment – Start at Trailhead Park & go west on clear creek path south west of Twin Lakes.  This is race committee’s recommendation.  Approve.
      1. RDs:  Ric Robinette, Jeff Olson, Michael Hopkins.  Michael will be out of town.
      1. Vols – 3 so far.
      1. Portapotty has been ordered ?
    1. List of RDs for 2019
      1. David does not have the list for 2019 yet.  First few are set up.  David will get the full list for the year by the next meeting.
      1. Quarterly Updates:  Travis would like to work a quarter in advance to have RDs identified, permits in place, confirm that the course is not under construction. There will be last minute changes, but let’s plan for what we can.  Michael Hopkins volunteered to take this on.
      1. Invite RDs to board meeting.  Travis will invite them.
      1. RD Responsibilities List – Race Committee will update.
    1. October Course Options  (Race Committee bring back a recommendation in March)
      1. Ralston Creek – Adam – Proposal to use the 3W course from Apex. 1/3 of a mile in Beech street road crossing.  Course is out/back.  Requires a lot of course marking.  There are also places where runners can cut the course.  Long Lake start would avoid the road crossing.  Travis talked to Arvada about using this course.  No fee to apply, but we can’t find out if our date is available until we apply.  3W uses Apex’s bathrooms and has a volunteer who is not a cop at Beech street.
      1. 8 miler from wheat ridge rec center – Kipling start & run west.  Clear Creek has lots of bikers.  David expressed a concern that the course curves that limit sight distance.
      1. Cherry creek path from Arapahoe road.  This is closer to town than Cottonwood Park.  4 miles out & back.
      1. Waterton Canyon – Rick Edrich’s email update:  Good news I think. I got an encouraging response form Ben Mezger, the Canyon Ranger. My inquiry to the contact Deb had provided was forwarded to him, he responded immediately, and is willing to take a request up with his management staff for a Sunday morning event in what amounts to their “shoulder season”.  That is real progress compared to the absolute NO we have been hearing for all weekend events. The summer and fall are out because of the visitor volume and the Bighorn Sheep rutt season.  We could possibly do a January 10k in the canyon in 2020. Although we have a fairly reliable venue for January, I think that Waterton would be a real treat for our members and is worth pursuing.   Travis will contact Rick to proceeds with Waterton.
  4. Scoring Updates
    1. Programming Update – Adam committed to writing code in excel to do race day scoring & ready the file for the web.  The key point is getting the times out of the timers.  Adam will have this done by the end of the month.  Needs David Rothenburger to get the times into excel.
    1. Dec/Year End issues – Dave Cunningham: The year end scoring has taken 3 weeks, which is too long.  For RMRR to buy a chip timing system, we need the club to grow.  Until that happens, doesn’t make sense to purchase a chip system.  Need to get the race day part working.
    1. RunSignUp hosting results  – Dave C have an update for the Feb board meeting.
  5. Banquet  . 
    1. Food – Mexican – Dave.  Mexican is approved.  Dave Cunningham will check on the beans & rice – if no lard and no chicken broth in the beans, that would work. 
    1. FB Event – Greg.  Cost is probably $10, but Dave C needs to check.  Sun, Jan 27th.  6pm. Wrigleys in Golden.  Greg will put a save the date post out to FB.
    1. We can bring our own desert in.
    1. Also need to identify RSVP date.
  6. Awards Order Status – Deb. 
    1. Buff alternatives.  These were $30.  Lisa will ask if Brand Evo has a buff alternative.
  7. Financial Report – Leslie
    1. Club has $19,000. 
    1. YTD loss is $2100.   We don’t have coaching income and paid more for the track.  Space age volunteer memberships are down.
  8. Dues Increase Proposal
    1. Include processing fee in total price.  Today, pay $35+ pay the fee to runsignup.  Proposal is to raise the fee to $45 and include the runsignup fee in the cost.  Raise family to $55. Leave student and volunteer membership costs unchanged.   Dues increase was approved.  Will go into effect on 2/1/19.   People can renew ahead of 2/1 even if they’re not up to lock in the lower price.
    1. Monthly subscription not available through RunSignUp.  Monthly subscription does not work. 
  9. Volunteer Hours – Dave / Cassi
    1. Final Hours for 2018 – tonight’s meeting counts towards 2018 hrs.  Deb send hours to Dave C.
    1. Cutoffs for 2018 rewards:
      1. Banquet = 12 hrs+
      1. Vol awards. Sunglasses 21+
      1. Membership 50+
    1. Vol of the Month – Janet Fairs
    1. Vol of the Year
      1. Nominees: 
        1. David Rothenburger was involved in nearly every race.
        1. Sharyl, Rosalie, Tom, Ed for their service at every race.
        1. Olga Hnizdil for volunteering at many races
        1. Rick Edrich for summer suds, permits, race committee
        1. Janet Fairs for permits
        1. Lisa Wilson has recused herself from consideration.
        1. Lisa will organize the vote & compile the results.
  10. Mini-Series
    1. Idea is to have a shorter series. 
      1. Summer is the June, July & Aug.  The long series is Sept, Oct & Nov.  These are geared more to our existing members.
      1. Idea is to increase participation
      1. Give people who may not have the ability to do all of the races.
      1. 5k series Goal is to make the 5k more a part of what we do. 
    1. Board would like to try one of these ideas – 5k.
      1. Have to be a member
      1. Get raffle tickets based on participation.
      1. David Kahn will write up a draft of the rules
  11. Emergency Plan – Dave C will ask Ray Sibley to draft up a plan for us.  The board agrees that we should have a plan.  We’ll have a plan for the Feb board mtg.   Leslie Mitchell will look at Girls on The Run website to see if they have a plan.
  12. The following items were deferred to the Feb Board meeting.
    1. Ideas for 60th Anniversary
      1. Shirts/gear
      1. Party/Celebration
    1. Feb race is on Saturday, 2/9
      1. Actively post & announce at Jan race and banquet
    1. New Business
      1. StretchLab
    1. Next meeting January 21st
      1. Create Banquet Agenda & Responsibilities
      1. Race Committee to Cover Feb, Mar, Apr Races
      1. Survey

2018 July Board Meeting Minutes

7/2/18, 6-8pm, Leslie Mitchell residence.

Attendees:  Ang Hamel, Leslie Mitchell, Dave Cunningham, David Rothenburger, Lisa Wilson, Rick Edrich, Deb Cunningham

July Race:  RDs = David R & Scott Kukel.  Volunteers – short of non-running. Yes to the new course that avoids running on the bike path.  WRT bring a friend to the race, we want to collect email addresses so can market to these folks.  We’ll have a 2nd table for registration and use the waiver form to collect email addresses.  Guests can also provide an email address.

June race recap:  Portapotty was late.  Want Janet Fairs to call company to see if we can get a refund.  WRT bathrooms in park, the park EEs had no clue we would be there & unlocked on their normal schedule.  In the future, we need to ask the permit person to get the bathrooms unlocked.   Griddle had two of the three burners broken.  Still could cook pancakes, but it was slower.   David R will investigate purchasing a griddle.

Volunteer of the Month – Stacy Hogge for cooking the pancakes.

Treasurer’s Report:  Net loss of $1400.  That’s not uncommon for this time of the year.  $200 worse than last year.  Big expense vs last year = track permit.

Dave C and Dave Kahn’s mtg w/ Adam Feerst on scorring program hasn’t happened yet.  Adam has the info, but mtg not schedule yet.  Dave C & Scott Newman did resolve issues w/ syncing databases, so tags s/b correct this time.

August Race – it’s a go to combine w/ masters.  Scott Newman, RMRR RD has been talking to Jennifer Forker, CMRA RD.  THis race will be a mass start.

Sept race will be 10 milers + MTS.  Start times:  7am – 20 mile MTS.  8am: 10 mile MTS, 10 mile RMRR TS, and 5k.

Westword Best Run Club plaque:  Board loves that plaque.  Worried it will get scratched or broken.  Leslie will look into an inexpensive frame.  Lisa can donate her easel to display the award.

Summer suds:  Low turnout, but is still building camaraderie.    Held every other week on Tuesdays.  Last time – 4 runners and 6-7 beer drinkers.

2019 Board:  Returning members:  Leslie as treasurer, David R as RD, Ang at Small or possible VP, At small – Rick, Scoring – Scott, Secretary Deb if Travis wants to be President, Social Media = Lisa.   Membership = Sandra LaBlanc.   Open positions:  President and VP.

Loyalty program.  Ang & Lisa raised the idea that Belmar uses to award shirts and other merchandise for participation.   Any tracking is responsibility of the runner.  Board liked it.  Lisa & Ang to think about it more & board will decide in September.

Next meeting 7/30.  Location undecided.

30 April 2018 RMRR Board Minutes

Present: Lisa, Dave C, Ang, Travis, Michael H, Michael B, David R, David K and Rick.

May Race:

  • Race Directors are David K & Michael Blanchard. David K will bring all of the rolls and master list for checkin.
  • Need to coordinate with Mike on who is bringing what.
  • Have giveaways from Dave C and Lisa
  • Volunteers are Rosalie, Alex Navarro, And and one other

April Race Recap:

  • Good weather. Mile markers were off slightly, will remeasure for next year. Ang got good pictures.

Volunteer of the Month:

  • Ang- Always helps with registration each month and filled in and did photos for last month’s race.

Spring MTS Race Recaps:

  • First race had 40-60 runners
  • 20-22 for 2nd & 3rd races
  • 3rd MTS was same day as Cherry Creek Sneak, also 4 weeks out from Colfax instead of 3.
  • How to publicize more?
    • We have an ad in Colorado Runner Mag in color
    • Post on Facebook and email blast
    • We (the board) need to be more active in sharing Facebook event posts


  • 21 participants last week. Fewer the first few weeks.
  • Waiver
    • Need to have people sign and get name & contacts #/email
    • Lisa will bring these
  • Dave C & Lisa have the Square for plastic payment. Dave C stated that we have a PayPal account for the club as well.

Race Directors:

  • June – Bible Park
    • RD – Scott Hogg (can help & do pancakes) but still need someone to set up course
      • Michael Blanchette and Michael Hopkins volunteered to set up course
    • David indicated that we need to be sure to sweep by the swing set at the turnaround for the safety of runners
  • July – Stonehouse
    • RDs – Scott Kukel, Dave C, Mike Blanchette
    • Bring-A-Friend for free
  • August – DeKoevend Park
    • Combined with Colorado Masters
    • RDs – Scott McFarland, Scott Newman & Jennifer Corker from Masters
    • 150-200 total racers, will do mass start waterfall
    • Score straight up for Masters
    • Mike B suggested we recognize the President of each club and allow them to speak about the club and promote sign up.
    • David K suggested we have a dedicated volunteer just for new sign ups at this race
  • September – Trophy Series and Marathon Training combined
    • RDs – Tim Gentry and Bob Basse
    • 7am start for MTS 20 miler
    • 8am start for MTS 10 miler and Trophy Series 10 mile & 5k
    • 20 miler racers will have ability to also compete in 10M TS by having a tag to rip off after first 10 miles of 20 mile race. Anyone competing in both the 20 miler and TS will need to have their handicap time added and scored separately
    • Likely think we will have different bibs for the separate races, and a way to remove tag for 10 TS from MTS runners
  • Good for remainder of year

Summer Suds Series:

  • Rick would like to continue to serve the club with some type of coaching. Last month we agreed on the Summer Suds Series, which would be a tempo run and a short 10-20 minute seminar.
  • Starting at Landlock Ales brewery in Lakewood.
  • 3225 S Wadsworth Blvd Lakewood, CO 80227
  • Discussed meeting Tuesdays at 6pm every other week beginning 5/15 through August
  • Landlock inquired with Rick about sponsoring. We did not pursue this at this time, but Lisa suggested we ask them about providing us with Happy Hour pricing
  • No food trucks currently on Tuesdays
  • Lisa asked Rick to provide a route map and a calendar to schedule Facebook events
  • Travis asked about having a waiver at this event as well. Dave C will update the waiver form to include contact info of participants.
  • Currently planning for members only as we feel out attendance


  • Ang talked with Paul from Roost, he would be willing to come talk with us
  • Roost would cost $1000/race to provide timing services
  • Dave C gave Adam a list of needs and asked Adam if he would be interested in helping on the project. Adam gave a maybe, but not a specific commitment.
  • AGEE Timing is the vendor we are considering, but programming continues to be the issue
  • David R is looking into staggered starts with Bolder Boulder, and asked David K for a list of the start times for the 10k to do further research.
  • Tabled to next meeting


  • Report from Leslie
    • Income is up slightly ($600) from last year, despite not having any of Rick’s coaching income. This is due to a little bit from the Awards Dinner, as well increased revenue from the MTS and the Trophy Series.
    • Expenses are down slight ($300) from last year, mostly due to Race Expenses; however, I did just pay $285 for port-a-potties, so we are really tracking almost identical to last year.
    • We have a YTD loss of $1,062, but again, this is normal. We have a lot of big expenses early in the year.  I expect things will start to balance out soon.
  • Westminster Update from Rick – If we keep our date, we will be assured to get it at no cost.


  • Lisa asked Mike B to talk about Colfax/Charities at next race
  • Water Stop – We currently have 18 volunteers. Looks like Dave C will be running and he reported the Snug is happy.

Other Business:

  • Michael H asked about 2019 races, specifically the January race, which he help to direct this year. The plan is to keep the race up there in Westminster, seemed to go well this year and received positive response.
  • Travis owes David K one beer.

Next Meeting: May 21st – Travis set up space for us at Barfly at Alamo Drafthouse on Colfax at