March 2012 Board Meeting Minutes

March 2012 Board Meeting

February 27
Leslie, Eric, Deb, David, Ken, Mike, Hilarie
Treasurer’s Report
  • about $800 from same time last year.
  • Up some from new memberships
  • SpaceAge FCU – think they owe us some $$; held up by database changes there
February Race
  • good turnout
  • nice to have post-race at the bar
  • concern that we’re intruding into Carson park proper, so we’ll see if we can use the course next year.
  • Leslie noted that having the 5k go an opposite direction is good – lets 5k runners go without being sad about people going the entire TS distance.
March Race
  • Ken and Janet ready to go
  • Short on volunteers for finish
  • have 3 entries for different races for the raffle
  • —>Dave C – call Ed Riegert for certs
Volunteer of the Month     –     Link Lubken
  • David will do March 25
  • open – April 15
  • Ken and Deb – April 28
  • all up on Active now.
  • Colfax shirts – Deb will provide proofs to Leslie who will get Andrea’s ok.  We’ll ask for links on the Colfax site to the shirts and to our MTS.  leslie will work with Andrea on that.
Fathers Day Mile
  • David and Mike ran a few different courses around the Pavilion.  Trying to keep start and finish close.
  • Start and finish will be slighly west of the pavilion.  Can’t get them much closer together.
  • Need people to help with sponsorships.  Who can do this?  Not having much success with sponsors so far – 
  • up and running
Strategic Plan
  • need to scale back
  • need a list of tasks that one person can take on
  • Monthly events
    • make one month a track workout
    • one month a long run at Bear Creek
    • Columbines/Masters invite to TS run?
  • starts in April 4 – first Wednesday
  • will have a scaled back workout for slower runners
  • workout at North High
  • wants to invite Columbines to one of our races.  Invite them to a race with a 5k and longer version.  Board agreed to this, Leslie to talk with Katie and see what would work best.
New Member Program
  • Want to make people feel welcome
  • giveaways – magnet and keychains
  • listing next races on new member letter
  • Getting people to greet people after the race
  • Want a new member page with membership
Eric – Membership
  • Eric needs a new printer.  Board authorized up to $200 for printer and supplies.
  • Ask Adam Lee – how long do “membership expired” tags show up?  can we extend that?
  • work on the email list on website issues